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Palestinian child deaths in Gaza since July 7th 2014

Posted by The Telegraph today. The Telegraph is from UK. In France, the medias will never do this because they’re scared of being called Antisemitic. France is one of the few countries where the fake, old and busted argument that … Continue reading

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Pretty Rhythm All Star Selection guidebook announced

The cover. It was announced a few weeks ago. It gets out the 31th of July. It’s like the Rainbow Live one except for all three seasons, so it should have even more interesting stuff. It’ll have info on all … Continue reading

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PriPara – 03

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PriPara – 02

Smoking PriPara tickets is bad Laala.

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The only reason behind the airstrikes on Gaza

The criminals leading the state of Israel aren’t attacking Gaza because of the rocket launches. The current airstrikes are just another part of their plan to occupy Palestine which has been going on for 70 years. The Israeli government and … Continue reading

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Boy lynched by Israelian police

  At least since he’s American unlike tons of other kids who went through more or less through the same thing, people are actually talking about it. It’s on news sites  and tv channels everywhere.

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PriPara – 01

Was a pretty entertaining first episode.

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Gisèle Alain volume 4

Still a great manga.

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Kaguya Hime no Monogatari

Source I think I’ll keep posting a pic of Sarah for posts on movies. I went to see かぐや姫の物語 yesterday. It’s a really really great movie. Everyone knows about Kaguya Hime’s tale so there’s nothing amazing about the story itself. However … Continue reading

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Mouretsu Pirate’s reairing on Kids Station ends the 24th

I really hope they announce season 2 at the end. Or at the very least the release date for the movie in bluray and dvd. Geh, they didn’t announce anything, how disappointing…

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