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Jerusalem, edgiest place on earth

The video’s title made me chuckle for obvious reasons. Come to think of it, when I first learned the way the word edgy is used on the net, probably after reading something related to Akame Ga Kill or whatever, one … Continue reading

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Gundam G No Reconguista is airing on Nolife every friday

Stolen gif of the show’s best girl They started airing the show this week. Every Friday at 7:45 PM. This is why I give them 5€ every month. Yet again, Nolife is one of the few things making me proud … Continue reading

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Cross Ange

The show I’m enjoying the most this season with G Reco and Sega Girls. I’m not a Mizuki7fag so I wasn’t planning to watch this. The mechas looked cool but the super tryhard sexual fanservice turned me off. I still … Continue reading

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HisCoool! SeHa Girls

More like “Sega’s great games that are all dead and that will never get sequels”. It was great suddenly seeing Sakura Taisen but it kinda hurts.  They seem to show emblematic games, I wonder if they’ll dare to show stuff … Continue reading

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Moretsu Pirates movie event announced

There’s going to be a Moretsu Pirates event the 14th, two days after the movie’s release on dvd/bd. I really hope they announce a second season. I really hope Madan no Ou is only one cour so the people at … Continue reading

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PriPara – 18

カミーユわ男の名前だ! 俺わ男だ!!!

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PriPara – 15&16&17

Which Shion would you Shion Contrary to what I implied in my previous post I ended up watching PriPara before G Reco

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