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Karen Senki

That show was bad. But I liked it. I think the worst thing about it is how the first three episodes or so feel like a bayformers movie. I’ve never seen one but I bet that’s how they feel. There’s … Continue reading

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Pretty Rhythm Rainbow Live Anime Official Guide Book: Kato Emiri Naru interview

Notes: Not gonna translate the entire book. Not gonna scan the entire book either. This book was released when Rainbow Live was still airing, 21st December 2013, the day episode 39 aired. Q: Naru is an unusual type of main … Continue reading

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Nanana’s buried treasure

I really liked this show. It was really good for a one cour show. It wasn’t perfect like Level E, but it still in the upper bracket of one cour shows. Seeing Sugita bro voice a villain was nice too. … Continue reading

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PriPara – 19-23

TSUKKAME PURAIDO TSUKKAME SAKKUSESS PriPara has yet to grasp it’s pride and success. I’m watching episodes in batch so at least one episode out of them will be interesting. Though I didn’t watch them all in succession. It’s actually been … Continue reading

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Yesterday I was wondering why the CIA and etc controlling USA from the shadows, after seeing the protests in Ferguson, didn’t just decide to forge evidence and pay judges so the chokehold cop goes to jail, to use him as … Continue reading

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SRW Z3.2 live announcement next friday

Yes Aniki my body is ready Oh yeah and if you’re interested I should post about PriPara 19-22 soon.

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Jerusalem, edgiest place on earth

The video’s title made me chuckle for obvious reasons. Come to think of it, when I first learned the way the word edgy is used on the net, probably after reading something related to Akame Ga Kill or whatever, one … Continue reading

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