KING OF PRISM -Shiny Seven Stars- announced at Rose Party 2018 event

ANN already posted about it so you should read this first for the general info

Preorder tickets for the 1st movie.

Still haven’t finished the english version of my pretty series history thing, but if you read my old posts, you should know producer Nishi, chara designer Matsuura, director Hishida and producer Yoda, initially wanted to do a TV Series for Kinpri, so this announcement isn’t surprising. They finally managed to get what they wanted. But Cheer Screenings are part of Pretty Series DNA, and without movies they can’t release simultaneously/very fast in South Korea, Taiwan, Hong Kong…, so they’re using the TV series’ episodes to make movies as well. Logical. At least the first movie will be out before the TV anime, and then we don’t know yet for the other 3 movies. The movies will also have short movies at the start, like the ones that were in Kinpri and Kinpra, so in a sense the movie versions of Shiny Seven Stars will be the final versions.

Another thing that hinted towards a TV Series is how Director didn’t return to direct Fairilu season 3 starting July 2018, and he already said in the past he can’t direct two TV series at same time. Spring 2019 means Shiny Seven Stars TV anime should start in April 2019. This also means that whatever Pretty All Friends turns out to be, if it’s a TV anime, it won’t air during January->July 2019, as Director will be busy working on Shiny Seven Stars. With the recent reveal that Mion and Rizumu are in Pretty All Friends as well, it pretty much confirms all the female characters will be, so now I hope the male ones will be in too. That way if it’s an anime, we’ll get a new Hishida Pretty Rhythm anime with both male and female characters focus. I guess it’s still possible for PAF to release in 2018, there’s 6 months left. But yeah, whether TV or movie or whatever, even if the copyright says 2018, the most probable answer is release in 2020 for the 10th anniversary of Pretty Rhythm.

Director posted on Instagram the abbreviation for KING OF PRISM -Shiny Seven Stars- is Kinsta or SSS, pronounced sususu, (just  like how Kouji pronounces Hachimitsu Kiss haha. ) The production committee’s name is now “KING OF PRISM SSS Production Committee” too.  Maybe the strange way it’s written on the visual he posted is some kind of hint for the story.

So now we have:

KING OF PRISM by PrettyRhythm is Kinpri
KING OF PRISM -Over the Sunshine- is Butakin
KING OF PRISM -Shiny Seven Stars- is Kinsta
(for the record, Prism Rush Live aka Kinpri mobage is Purirara)

Starting this month, the Kinpri mobage,  KING OF PRISM Prism Rush! LIVE, will do a event story called “Road To Shiny Seven Stars”,written by Director. There will be a new one every month, and it’ll be linked to the new anime. In June, the first event will also have Shin sing Naru’s solo song Heart Iro Tori Dream. Before Kinpra released, I used to think Hiro would sing it at Prism King Cup, so this is funny. I wonder if the others will sing some of the girls’ songs too. What if Alec sings Oto’s song hahaha.

First 3 episodes/first movie will focus on Taiga and Yukisama.
Then Kakeru, Joji and Minato
Then Leo, Yu and Alec
Then Louis, Shin and ???

It’s nice they’re immediately focusing  on the most popular character, Taiga, in the first movie/episodes. And they’re leaving Shin Louis for last.

Interesting points in the video:
Both Alec and Joji’s quotes basically means they’ve changed. Joji’s one especially makes me think he’ll stop using a ghost singer, but I don’t think Sugita will sing, so we’ll see.
I guess the “Unknown” character is you know who, shown in PRIDE the HERO. I don’t think they’ll introduce a new character. Shin’s quotes “I’m so sorry… I’ve done something unforgivable…” and “Who the hell am I” also teases that this new anime will give us non cryptic explanations on the Shin Louis mystery. Before PRIDE the HERO released, Director had already said the movie wouldn’t fully explain it, so I was expecting the next anime project to.

Cast list has Hijiri Jin Rei and Yamada so they’ll appear too. Even before PRIDE the HERO, they’ve been teasing a Yamada Prism Show, so maybe this will happen there. The girls and OTR should appear too. Not listed doesn’t necessarily means no appearance.

Overall I’m super happy about this. Was a predictable announcement but still hyped. We’ll finally get to see more of the Kinpri boys. While they all play an important role or part in PRIDE the HERO, even if you count both movies, some characters like Leo barely have lines in the end. I guess one could be worried about the fact that’s it’s only 1 cour but I’m sure they’ll do fine. I’m also expecting them to use as much as possible all the stories in the mobage and magazines as a sprinboard to make things smoother. While they presented it that way,  I don’t think the series will actually be purely episodic and my guess is each episode will link into each other as much as possible.

CG Director is going to be really busy working on this and Prichan, I hope he’ll be ok. When they make the CG, he handles the ‘finishing touches’ all by himself: making sure the movements of the motion capture actor and the 3D model are well calibrated so there’s no clipping through clothes etc, the movement of the clothes and hair, etc. This means he’ll need to do that for both Prichan and SSS at the same time. At least, he used to do this all by himself when they worked on PRIDE the HERO’s CG, as shown in his interview on NHK World on the documentary they did on Kinpri and Cheer Screenings. Maybe there’s someone on the CG team good enough to help him with that now.

I’m not gonna write much about the Rose Party 2018 event itself because they announced the release of the event on disc on November 23rd 2018. Will be able to buy and watch it then anyway. On the official site, they said it’ll have two discs, 1st one being footage of the event, second one is indisclosed yet(probably backstage footage), but they already announced the bonuses you get depending on which shop you preorder. And Animumo will have a CD of Dramatic LOVE with Edel Rose seiyuu but Takeuchi and Aoi too. Animumo being owned by Avex they always get the “best” bonus.

Here’s a few tidbits of the noon session, the one which was streamed live in cinemas in Japan and South Korea:

They did the talk show first, then the story played live by the seiyuu, and ended with the live part.

The staff on twitter uploaded a video and pics of all the flower stands sent in by fans.

Tidbits translated from the Mantanweb, Natalie, Voice media etc reports and comments from fans on Twitter (be sure to check these reports, there’s a lot of photos)

Terashima said it’s thanks to the Prism Elite they could do all this. One of the producer(I’m guessing Yoda san) also told him a few days ago before the event how they finally managed to accomplish what they initially wanted to do (TV anime) and how it took 3 years since the first Kinpri announcement.

During the talk show part, the seiyuu separated intro 3 groups of 3, and played a game. Each group randomly picked from a box a character’s name and background, and then had to make up something to make it work together. Seems it was really funny.

The story written by Director that the seiyuu played out live “The Kakyouin senior high school section’s entrance ceremony is today!!” was pretty fun apparently. Morikubo Showtaro as Coo made a surprise appearance in the story too. (His part was recorded beforehand) (Remainder Kakyouin is the name of the “normal”school belonging to Edel Rose)

Live part song list:

01 レッドナイトヴァンパイア
02 約束のサジタリウス
03 Starved For You
04 氷上白浪男
05 Surprise Decoration!
06 Sweet Sweet Replies!
07 Sing New Shine!
08 ルナティックDEStiNy
10 ドラマティックLOVE

SSS announcement was a surprise at the end of the live part. Lotof people cried. And all nine seiyuu returned on stage after the announcement video. They also did a message for fans watching in South Korea, and again said how Kinpri has no borders. Shouta Aoi said everyone is shining and the event was tons of fun even if it rained.  Yuuma said “let’s make Kinpri into a legend”.

Still about Yuuma: “when saying goodbye as the event was ending, he said Kinpri continues Pretty Rhythm’s legacy, as expected of the man with two sisters involved in the series”

When Nagatsuka thanked the fans for supporting them and for joining them at the event, everyone answered thank you in unison. At the end they did Dramatic LOVE but with Aoi and Takeuchi too.

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Rain 89, ghosts from the past, 2nd half

Online prepublication

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SRW OGMD clear

This is the second game where this happens now so I guess it’ll become a running gag. I guess Sanger  will actually be the one to sing Gong during the Keisar Ephes fight.

Obviously contain spoilers.

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Rain 89, ghosts from the past, 1st half

Online publication

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La franchise Pretty Rhythm et le phénomène KING OF PRISM

Note: Aux Sama Awards 2018, l’article a remporté le prix de la passion. Merci beaucoup!!

Tout le monde connait Your Name de Shinkai Makoto, mais il existe un autre film entré dans l’histoire en 2016: KING OF PRISM by PrettyRhythm. Pretty Rhythm étant mon anime préféré de cette décennie, il fallait bien que j’y consacre un article en Français un jour. Et quitte à le faire, autant le faire bien et tout expliquer, tout en divulgâchant le moins possible. En espérant un jour une sortie Française ou au moins une projection des films lors d’une convention.

KING OF PRISM by PrettyRhythm (officiellement abrégé en Kinpri), est un film issu de la franchise Pretty Rhythm, sorti au Japon le 10 Janvier 2016 avec une programmation dans 14 cinémas seulement. Bien que la franchise Pretty Rhythm vise pour audience les petites filles, Kinpri cible les personnes plus âgées et les aficionados de BL. Le film n’a pas eu beaucoup de succès à sa sortie, et au bout de 3 semaine il  n’était plus que dans 9 cinémas. Le staff s’attendait au pire. Pourtant, il a fini par vendre plus de 800 million de yen de tickets, en Mai 2016 le film était programmé dans plus de 100 cinémas à travers le Japon, et il est resté dans les salles de cinémas pendant 9 mois. Tout ça grâce au bouche à oreille des fans de Pretty Rhythm extrêmement motivés sur Twitter, et les 応援上映/ouenjouei/Cheer Screenings/Séances à encouragements: des séances où il est possible de venir en cosplay, d’utiliser des glowstick, de chanter ou encore répondre aux répliques des personnages, parfois à certains moments sous-titrés spécialement faits pour. La dernière diffusion dans le cinéma où le film avait fait sa première, le Shinjuku Wald Nine, fut le 2 Septembre 2016, sachant que le film était déjà sorti en disque depuis le 17 juin. Le film est aussi sorti en Corée du Sud le 11 Août 2016,  et a battu le record Sud Coréen du film d’animation resté le plus longtemps programmé au cinéma, record détenu précédemment par le film Love Live! The School Idol Movie!.
Une suite, KING OF PRISM –PRIDE the HERO-(Kinpri2 ou Kinpra) fut annoncé le 11 Septembre 2016 et est sortie au cinéma le 10 Juin 2017, simultanément au Japon et en Corée du Sud.

Tout ça, c’est les uniques infos que l’on peut lire sur Kinpri sur la majorité des sites d’anime, même japonais(MantanWeb, etc). La franchise Pretty Rhythm n’ayant pas eu de grand succès avant Kinpri, la plupart des sites n’ont jamais vraiment suivit son actualité avant ça, à part les grosses annonces du genre l’annonce d’une nouvelle saison. Cependant, le film a un background beaucoup plus complexe qu’il n’y parait, et a connu une production extrêmement difficile. L’audience cible a t’elle réellement changée entre Pretty Rhythm et Kinpri?  Qu’est ce qui s’est passé pour que le film rencontre un tel succès au fil du temps? Y’a des skates sur le visuel, du coup c’est pas juste Yuri on Ice mais avec des idols et des clones de Shinji & Kaworu?

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Kiratto Pri☆chan 3-4

Time goes too fast, we’re already at episode 4. Also I get the feeling I spent too much time on this, will try to make next posts shorter. Need to make choices to do other things too. Like that Pretty Series history thing that I started in September 2017 and still haven’t finished lol. Still haven’t translated anything related to Kinpri 2 too.

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Persona5A 4

Still the same as usual, though a bit less rushed. Like every episode so far, they’re doing a very good job rewriting the story to fit an anime’s pace. Tae’s intro was good. Munehisa’s too though he didn’t even talk for now. They also established the fact their physical abilities and the items they bring get enhanced in the other world. Despite skipping straight to the treasure in episode 3 after just a bit of exploration, they actually showed more of the dungeon this time too.

I think the negotiation scene was the best thing so far they replicated from the game, since it doesn’t need much animation. The Persona getting into Joker’s mask effect was even cooler than the game too, and this is the first time I can say this so far. Fusing during the boss battle didn’t surprise me, as “gameplay changes” like that are very frequent in game to anime adaptation like that. In fact, while they understood they need to take tons of liberties with the story, they don’t take enough with the gameplay elements, hence why the battles look so boring.

Most of the boss fight scene was really bland just like the other fights so far. And with lots of weird stuff like Kamoshida shooting his super attack right near the party instead of right on them. Because obviously it would mean they died if something like that hit them directly, as there’s no HP here. They could have just made them run around or try to seek cover or something, instead of just standing waiting for their turn like if it was a turn based game.

It’s just my own theory but I think the fights are boring because the anime was too soon compared to the game release. The anime staff didn’t get the time to get to know the game better and imagine cool ways to make it into an anime. And I mean before actually working on the anime. Persona 4 isn’t even 5% as cool as Persona 5, and yet the fights in its anime adaptation were fine and cool because the staff had more time for the game to get ingrained in their lives, as the anime happened years after. I think that’s what the problem is, and not whether the animators on P5 are good or not. Obviously though, they had schedule problems as they only finished the OP animation now.

The first half is kinda bland but the second half of it is really cool with stuff like that super cool Sae scene.

The most shocking thing is how they’re bringing out the fact that everything so far is a flashback from some current present with Goro saying he found out about Joker and his pals. Despite how they’ve already established what we see is a flashback during Joker’s interrogation by Sae, like in the game. It feels really weird and overly complicated just to shove in more Goro, which I find hilarious. They’re trying really really hard with the fanservice. Anyone who didn’t play the game would have no idea what the hell that scene. Are we gonna get Goro flashforwards now instead of the Sae Joker interrogation?

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Kiratto Pri☆chan 1-2

It’s the first episodes of a new series so there’s tons of new info and it’s really fun to write about it. Next posts will probably be shorter, unless the series turn out really good and there’s things to write about every week. If it becomes bad or better to watch in batches like PriPara, I’ll try to keep blogging it in batches of episodes.

As you should already know, Prichan is the new thing succeeding Pripara, so you don’t need to have seen Pretty Rhythm or PriPara to watch Prichan.

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Persona5A 3

The story changes are good and make sense but everything happens way too fast. They even skipped the OP. Though I think they might do it like a few anime in the past and only show the OP at the start of an arc to gain as much time as possible. There’s no jikai directly included in the show too except for the pics in the ED.

I could swear they just copypasted part of the game’s cutscene but I’m too lazy to check. Really happy they showed one of the best side characters, Mika. I hope to see her again.

Like, Joker is typing but his hand isn’t moving. I still I think the main problem isn’t that it’s rushed but that’s they’re trying way too hard with the fanservice. Well, this time it wasn’t as much as episode 2.  Goro didn’t show up too, unless I missed him. They try to reproduce the game’s aesthetics, but they didn’t have as much time or whatever, and it never looks as good. The phone looks bad, the fast forward effect looks bad, etc..

EDIT Oh I did miss Goro in the subway, that was a pretty good scene with him.

I used to think in the anime they’d say flat out Kamoshida sexually abused Shiho but they didn’t. The moment when Joker and Ryuji realize it during their confrontation with Kamoshida isn’t in anymore so it’s slightly less obvious for the play/viewer, though it’s still really obvious and there’s other hints now like showing more of Kamoshida’s true colors.

They did a better AOA animation this time, having the good idea to show everyone before and after. The fight still looked just as incredibly boring and weirdly static as in episode 2 though. One of the main problems is they cling too much to the game mechanics and want at all costs to show the enemies getting “down”.

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Pretty Museum, new Pretty All Friends story info

Like I said on Twitter, there’s a Pretty Museum event which started at Tokyo’s anime center on April 21, will last till May 13 2018. It’s a museum like event showing all kinds of things about the Pretty Series. Pretty Rhythm, PriPara, KING OF PRISM, and Kiratto Pri ☆chan. They show non credit OP&ED, making of, storyboards, designs etc.

Most Yakuzas in Tokyo went there the 1st day and put pics on Twitter. Emu san posted lotsof pics. Early design PP pics too, which IIRC some of which were already in a PP book. I love PP but not as much as PR, and I’m not rich so I’m not buying the PP books.
Note that the Pretty Series explanation in the event includes KING OF PRISM in it. I could swear before they would consider it in but implicitly, only saying Pretty Rhythm is part of it, and the KING OF PRISM is part of Pretty Rhythm. Nice they changed that.
They definitely know what Pretty All Friends will be, (either a movie, a tv anime, a game, a drama CD like thing, a novel or even just goods) as that kind of thing is planned long in advance, but seems they still won’t tell us anything. The only thing we know about PAF so far is it’s a very good merchandising way to sell goods of all Pretty Series together. The cosmetics goods they released at thestart of April at Prism Stone shops are pretty popular.

However Pretty Museum also has a Pretty All Friends corner, with a “new” visual. It’s the same as before except they added each girl’s mascot. The mascots have been redesigned.

uruoisan was saying how they don’t like it how Rabichi is actually cute now, made me laugh a lot. The AD mascots  were ugly on purpose after all.

They also published story text for Pretty All Friends.

Pretty All Friends story intro text:

“Prism Stone Shop!! The only shop where every girls’ dreams and latest fashion gathers. When they arrived at Prism Stone one day, its atmosphere seemed different…Turns out it was a special day!! Under the effect of the Rainbow Bridge, multiple worlds’ Prism Stone Shops have merged!!  Multiple girls are guided by the Rainbow Bridge and are brought together: Aira, Mia, Naru, Laala and Yui. Inside the shop, they meet with Akaii Meganee who tells them the following: You girls are the chosen Pretty Friends! Travelling using the Rainbow Bridge, you will do live shows in many different worlds to collect Sparkle and gather your friends. Doing this, I want you girls to revive the All Friends Coord currently sleeping in the country of singing and dancing,  Pretty Prism Paradise. The girls are excited hearing about a legendary coord. Following Aira’s suggestion, they decide to take up the team name  “Pretty All Friends”. Boarding the “NEW Prism Trailer”, they embark on a tour across various worlds to gather the Sparkle and meet new friends. Thus starts the adventure of the legendary dream team.”

“Episode 1 ” text:

“The first place the “Pretty All Friends” team arrived at is the Mascot Graveyard. The mascots there all seemed to be depressed and lifeless…
“What’s going on, these mascots aren’t sparkling at all!”, “They lack dreaminess” Mia and Yui shared their thoughts. Suddenly, they started to recognize familiar figures… Shocked, they realize that their own mascots were in the Mascot Graveyard!! The girls ask them what happened. It seems that the mascots wanted to follow them in their tour, but lost their way and out of all places ended up in the Mascot Graveyard . This place sucks up the Sparkle inside the mascots, so they became unable to leave. In order to make everyone happy again, the All Friends decide to do their first live show of their tour. Needless to say, the song they chose as their first song is  “You May Dream” . Reinvigorated, the mascots decide to travel with the girls, like they always did. Now, let’s go look for the next Sparkle!!”

Impressions: Being the first heroine, Aira is the leader it seems. It’s funny they wrote it in such a childish way (I tried to reflect this in my translation) because another thing we know about PAF so far is it’s aiming the adults and people who were fan of Pretty Rhythm and PriPara who grew up. That’s why they released the cosmetics goods. And if you compare with their anime designs, each heroines look a bit older in the PAF visual. In a sense PAF is what I always dreamed about, and what I thought the PR All Star Selection tv anime would be about when it was announced. Though I want it to include Kinpri and Prichan, basically everyone. And make Akaii Meganee the final boss who actually tricked them.

As you should know, Rainbow Bridge is what you see Rinne on in RL and what they use to travel between worlds. Coo’s trailer in RLKinpri is the “Prism Stone trailer”, so I guess they travel in something similar. And they’ll drive it on the Rainbow Bridge. It’s like Magic Bus. I hope the “you’re gonna meet more friends” part means more characters will appear.

At first it seems it’s going to be a “let’s recover the sparkle” type of story for the nth time, like they did in one of the movies or what they did with the PriPara Switch game’s OG story with Mirai. But then turns out it’s a story on how they all became something similar to the Rinne system. Except they’re not Rinnes. They also seem to be the real characters and not virtual copies like Saints was supposed to be. “Supposed to be”, as you should already know, this isn’t true anymore, Aira Mia Naru appeared in IPP so the Saints did not turn out to be virtual. Like PR director said, that was just his idea and the PP anime did something else than his metaplot in the Pretty Rhythm&PriPara movie .

It’s really well thought too. At first I was wondering why the mascots were in the graveyard since only mascots who failed something end up there. They got lost and ended there unwillingly.

While it’s reusing many lore elements they talked about in Pretty Rhythm (Rainbow Bridge, Mascot’s Graveyard etc) PAF’s background may also turn out to be completely new and unrelated background to past series. Akaii Meganee mentions a world called “Pretty Prism Paradise” which isn’t “Prism World”. Until now despite being multiple parallel universes: ADMF, RLKinpri, PriPara, they were all connected by the same “Prism World”. Anyway it’s too early to tell for now. And they probably won’t elaborate on it much in the end anyway, so while I find it a bit interesting, it’s kinda useless speculating.

It’s really fun though. Even if they just publish the story in text form in events like that. It can also be taken as a meta story with all the past heroines trying to get everything back and get their own new anime or movie or whatever greenlighted at the end.

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