Pretty Rhythm news November 2015 KING OF PRISM by PrettyRhythm edition

prad6 kinpri announcement poster

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The thing that hypes me the most on this picture are the skates.

Edit 2 (19 November): They revealed the designs and seiyuus for the Schwartz Rose new characters.

prad6 design Jin

Jin’s new look. Hopefully he’ll also wear the mask again at some point in the movie, maybe it’ll be his stage outfit. Knowing Pretty Rhythm there will surely be an overdramatic hilarious scene with him using that baton. He’ll have some funny gimmick with it for sure. And then like Hiro’s glasses they’ll give out a reason for his obsession with roses, saying his mom would beat him up with roses or whatever. Still voiced by Shinichiro Miki of course.

prad6 design kisaragi louis

Kisaragi Louis

Oh wow so his name is supposed to be Louis. This is more French than Russian, so maybe the thing about him being Russian is wrong. Or maybe Alexander is the Russian one. The earring he wears is a blue pearl like jewel, inside a golden ring.
Louis is voiced by Aoi Shouta, a relatively new seiyuu like most of the new characters. He’s one of the guys in Utapri, and he’s also an actor, he played the MC in the Persona 3 stage plays.

prad6 design yamato alexander

Yamato Alexander 

Gotta admit he doesn’t look bad. It’s not written in the picture itself, but the description on the official site adds that he’s in 1st year of high school, meaning Alexander is younger than Hiro Kazuki and Kouji. I guess it ramps up the chances that he and Louis will be Shin and co rivals, while Jin will be OTR’s rival. Hopefully yes, I want Jin to do a Prism Show.They really did a good job with the new characters designs. Now wait&see for how the actual movie will turn out.
Alexander is voiced by Takeuchi Shunsuke. He’s very new like most of the seiyuus of the new characters, his only main role before that was the producer in Idolxm@s Cinderella Girls,the anime adaptation of the popular wota money mobage milking machine.

Notice that you can see the emblem of Schwartz Rose in the background and on Alec’s uniform:  a black rose with wings and thorns.

prad6 road to over the rainbow dvd cover they're holding hands otr

Cover for the ROAD to Over The Rainbow ~デビュー2周年記念DVD~. Details related to it are in the post. Notice how they’re holding hands. You couldn’t see it in the poster for the movie.

prad6 over the rainbow special fan disc cover hiro kouji kazuki tuxedo roses otr

Cover for the Over The Rainbow Special Fan Disc. Details related to it are in the post. Embarrassed Kazuki is fun.

They also launched a twitter campaign called 【次世代のスターは私だ!プリズム☆フォトコンテスト】 which can be translated as “I’m the next generation’s Prism Star! Prism Photo Contest”. You need to take a picture of the advance tickets for the movie you bought, or other things I think, and post it on twitter using the #キンプリフォト hashtag. The picture needs to “show the feelings of Pretty Rhythm as much as possible”. They’ll choose 3 winning pictures, and the persons who posted them will each get the illustrations used for the tickets in full. (as in like if you got 5 tickets with each of the characters and glued them together)
Campaign starts today the 19th, ends December 20 midnight Japanese time.

They published a new 3m trailer with nothing new except the narration by Hiro. It’s for newcomers who haven’t seen PR before. They summarize the story of the boys in RL, without spoiling much, so it makes you want to watch the show. The joke with Hiro freaking out at the end is how the video is titled “get everything about OTR in 90 seconds”, and Hiro realizes he went well over that time limit.
The official twitter als tweeted the links to buy the PRRL DVDs after that. I think they want to sell as much dvd as they can before they announce the BD boxes.

prad6 shin dengeki girls MY★STAR vol.4 magazine released 19 november 2015 sample

Lastly, the magazine MY★STAR vol.4 released 19 November 2015 has Kinpri stuff in it. The same info for the Schwartz Rose character they published on the main site the 19th, with a bit more details.

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Paris November attacks

I’m ok btw. I’m not too scared even though again it could have happened to me. It’s something different than being insensitive. Of course I’m sad. But I’m not sure if it’s a good thing to be sadder about deaths simply because it happened at 15 minutes by car rather than in another country. I’m as sad as when I hear bad things at the news everyday. Maybe I’m wrong.
I’m not too scared either by how anti muslim sentiments will grow again. I believe everything will go allright in the end and it’s useless worrying. And at least now I can tell myself that’s why I can’t find a job and just play Yoru no Nai Kuni. Just kidding.

This sucks.

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Gundam Iron Blooded Orphans

gundam IBO map

There’s so many hilarious things about this map. First time I see a show with a geopolitics map where not only they just didn’t leave out Africa out of every union, but WE ACTUALLY CONQUERED EUROPE. I remember that one map in Valvrave made me mad because Africa wasn’t left out, but was cut in three between the three superpowers, cut like a cake, like if it was colonialism all over again.

There’s no room for doubt too. USA and South America probably allied themselves since the name is just “Strategic Alliance Union”. Meanwhile all of Africa, most of Europe and the Middle East is called AFRICAN UNION.

African countries joining together, getting over our differences, hand in hand. Free of Total, Areva or Shell. Free of dictators backed by France and others. We niggers finally got our revenge on colonialist scum. We steamrolled everything, including Israel. IBO worlds’ Earth must be the best place ever to live. God bless Sunrise, Okada Mari, and whoever decided on this map.

(I know about how gjalahorn just divided the world, I’m just kidding.)

In case you’re interested, I’m busy these days so can’t finish writing pretty rhythm news stuff for now. You can check yourself for now on the movie’s official site, they published on the 26th the characters’s profiles. There’s only the picture of one new character for now though.

ANN doesn’t know pretty rhythm has always been for both little girls and fujoshis and everyone. Though I guess they never showed the girls naked like that, and stuff like that is definitely part of the pandering system which I don’t like. But then again, it’s fun and over the top so I can manage to not mind it too much.

A few Jp fans on Twitter say this isn’t Pretty Rhythm and are unhappy about the naked boys. Note that I’m talking about people unhappy about the picture, not people who are butthurt about the movie itself. The picture is hilarious but I guess I do agree with them. There was the onsen episode in the show, but the boys were well, at a onsen, so it’s normal they’re naked. While here it’s a promotion picture. So I can see what they mean.

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New FMP anime announced

fmp new anime happy gatou shouji

I’m pretty happy. I think I’m more happy about the fact that it’s happening rather than the anime itself.  Just seeing Gatou Shouji this happy makes me smile. I dunno anything about anime production but it was probably difficult getting an anime of something dead end dead with no source material still ongoing. I guess there’s Another but still.

But yeah I don’t really care about the anime itself. It’s like hearing that a new Haruhi season got announced,  just don’t care anymore. In Haruhi’s case though, it’s that Endless Eight made me so mad it permanently killed my interest in the franchise. And I found the movie disappointing.
For FMP, It’s just that my FMP hype has already been 100% satisfied. I read Sigma a while ago and it’s excellent, and then SRW Z3 happened. I don’t think this anime will top Sousuke calling Ranka a slut and making Gundam jokes and hanging out with Hibiki and using Chirico’s Armor Magnun and etc etc. I’d honestly rather pick a spinoff adaptation or more random fumoffu stuff than a sequel. I don’t think it’ll top Z3 story-wise unless Gatou Shouji completely rewrote the story and made it even better, with Kudan Mira marrying Sousuke at the end. Or add more Ren.

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Aroma and Mikan’s funeral – 55-67

prad5 6708 shion mireille

Mikan and Aroma got shot dead by Israeli police while on their way to Prism Stone in East Jeruparaem. GreenWind got shot as well when her arc ended, which is why she never appears anymore either.

It’s always funny how some medias take the side of Israel and talk about the recent spike in stabbing like if Palestinians are the aggressors. Or how they never say Israel police “killed” a Palestinian man after he attacked/stabbed someone,who didn’t die, and just say they “neutralized” him.

Not even taking into account their occupation of Palestine, and it makes me sick saying this, there’s ton of evil things Israel leaders does. Like how they always treated Ethiopians Jews like trash and sterilize their women. Or that time when they attacked a USA military ship for fun.

Israel makes me so salty I wouldn’t lick notNagisa’s salty eyebrows.

I believe in the end that “Don’t Worry, everything is gonna Happy <3” about Palestine and the world in general  so it’s why I’m not sad/mad and can still watch children cartoons.

PriPara finally got it’s act together after 55+ eps. Most of these episodes were really good. It’s the first time two or more episodes in a row were actually funny.

I was planning to catch up since September, but I also have internet problems since September so it considerably slowed me down.

Enjoy 5000 words of badly written episodic blogging.

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Wow I’m so hyped by this I only noticed two hours later that Accel World finally got an s2 announced. I guess Love Live doesn’t need to die anymore. For now.

Before writing a proper news post about this, I need to catch up on PriPara (15+ episodes behind) to avoid getting spoiled while looking for news in Japanese.

And now that I’m calm enough to actually read some of the trailer, I just noticed that one of the “new” characters for the movie is actually Ito’s little brother Yuu, with his introduction text being “I’ll surpass my sister!!”. Anyway, got stuff to do before writing a proper post.

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Theory about newcomer seiyuus’ popularity

slayers lina milina ねお post


I have a theory for a while now, that game company presidents, and anime company presidents, and Kodansha, Shueisha/whoever are the people ruling on anime and game industry, actually have secret talks, to agree on which newbie seiyuu they’ll decide to push in a short amount of time. To artificially make her/him more poplar. Just like how car/phones/whatever manufacturers make secret agreements to fix prices, and to give their products a fixed lifetime.

The recent example illustrating this is Ichimichi Mao/M.A.O

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