Pretty Rhythm Rainbow Live Anime Official Guide Book: Okama, Matsuura Mai, Otobe Yoshihiro interviews

lady oscar アガハリ post

Contain spoilers

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Randomly read Freezing today


With chapter 186, the latest on Batoto. I randomly checked the comments and people were saying the next chapters are really crazy, it made me curious. So I read the next chapters raws. I always though Freezing was just Dragon Ball except a billion times worse and with boobs and imdalyoung sameface. (I’m a DB fan). But I didn’t know it outtelenovela’ed telenovelas. It’s just hilarious.  If you’re bored read chapter 186 to 195 it’ll be very entertaining, you won’t regret it. I’m not sure if I should feel amazed or disgusted that stories like that exist.

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Pretty Rhythm Rainbow Live Anime Official Guide Book: Hishida Masakazu and Tsubota Fumi interview

Late Eid present for everyone

It’s 8 pages long. As much as I like Pretty Rhythm and think it’s the best series of the current decade so far, I don’t want to spend all my summer translating Chinese little girl cartoons. so I summarized it.  There’s some funny parts which I translated word by word though.
Some things were already said on twitter, events etc which I translated. If there’s contradictions with what I translated before ( iirc I don’t think there is), consider what’s in this post as correct. Also, if there’s a point that was in my twitter posts that isn’t here, either it’s in other interviews, either I made it up when translating and I was wrong.

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PriPara – 54

prad5 5438

That Umiko programmer woman that gets introduced in vol2 of New Game! is pretty boring. I’m not a fan of weapons maniacs. Though I do like manga like Sabagebu, it’s more like there’s a good way to portray them and a bad way to portray them. Umiko feels like the kind of Japanese people who’re oblivious to the world outside their islands and thus get attracted to dangerous things because they want thrill in their lives. Plus she’s one of these elitist FPS players. Plus the author made her brown just cuz she’s from Okinawa. Plus I can’t comprehend how she can be Okinawain and still like the american army. It doesn’t make sense. Everything about her background is bad.

Anyway, compared to the rest of the manga which is really funny, it just feels weird to see such a boring character. There’s other cliched characters as well but there wasn’t one as much as her so far.

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Pretty Rhythm Rainbow Live Anime Official Guide Book: Tomatsu Haruka Bell interview

prad3 prad2 sprouts clothes beru rose photoshop ayami reina jae eun

Photoshopped pic I saved long ago forgot where it’s from

Bell is my favorite RL character so I wanted to keep the best for last. Sadly it’s not like Tomatsu Haruka magically says more interesting things than the others. There’s a part where they just talk about instruments, which couldn’t be less boring to me.

I like Tomatsu Haruka’s voice acting, but I think she’s overcasted. It’s not her fault though, she needs to work to get money and live by like anyone. It’s all those evil companies’s fault, who bet more on characters voiced with a popular seiyuu rather than developed characters or story. She’s overcasted but also voicetype casted, or whatever you call it. Back when I started reading Madan no Ou to Vanadis, I thought that Tomatsu Haruka would voice Ellen if they ever did an anime, and she did. Like how everyone knew that if they ever did a Prison School anime, Kamiya Hiroshi would voice that one guy. That’s not deep analysis or anything. These days, if you look around a bit at what kind of characters a seiyuu voiced before and their popularity, you can easily guess who’ll they’ll voice next. It may not always work though as not every single show follows that rule of hiring popular seiyuu for gaining a maximum amount of money. It’s also not the same as when a movie scriptwriter writes a movie with a particular actor in mind since in anime the decision is only driven by money.

Anyway what I wanted to say by repeating these things everyone knows is I wish things weren’t like that so more new seiyuus would get their chance too.

I don’t really know the first time I heard Tomatsu Haruka in anime, but the first time I noticed her voice was her role as Ichinose Yumiko Christina in Yoku Wakaru Gendai Mahou, which was a surprisingly good show for a one cour LN adapation. I even remember the character’s names and story. It also had a French speaking character which made me laugh instead of cringe. Something that didn’t happen since Yakitate Japan or something. Too bad no one is translating the LN.

Tomatsu Haruka’s best role so far is Bell and it’ll probably stay that way.

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PriPara – 53

prad5 5303 prad5 5304

It’s been forever since they showed Non and how she treats Laala how she deserves to be treated for stealing little girl’s dreams and bullying Faruru to death.

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PriPara – 52

prad5 5202prad5 5210

Last week was Japan Expo. I haven’t gone to Japan Expo for like 3-4 years I think. Too pricey and too little to do. Sometimes there’s mangaka I like, like Ken Akamatsu this year, but for getting a sign it’s drawing lot first come first served. Sometimes just to get a chance at the drawing lots you need to buy stuff first. And premium tickets have much more tries than you, and enter the con before you. Most of the panels are boring too, sometimes the people who translate/MC the panel don’t do the job properly or talk too much. I’ll always remember that Haruhiko Mikimoto & Watanabe Takashi panel that was literally nothing.
Anyway Japan Expo isn’t worth it these days. I feel bad for the people coming all the way from other countries going there. Who don’t even know that the entrance fees used to be cheaper. It’s like how I feel about people who only saw PriPara and think it’s a really great show. Or people who only saw Rainbow Live and think it’s the best, but RL is a masterpiece anyway so it’s ok. It’s just that there’s masterpieces more equal than others, like DMF.
I guess it’s still worth going to JE for the live concerts if you’re into that. But even then these days it’s mostly just random idol groups you never heard of before and will never hear of again.

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