Full Metal Panic! IV 1

Good French.

It’s always amazing how good Japanese voice actors are and how everyone sounds the same 13 years later. Most of them did voice their characters on these past years’ SRW games etc too, so they surely had the time to get back into it. There was the Very Merry Xmas arc adapted into a Youtube drama CD too. Meaning it’ll get skipped here.

FMP IV is supposed to be 12 episodes, but according to the staff list they revealed, episode 7 will still be in the Namsak arc. They can’t skip the notTchernobyl arc which comes later as it’s way too important and reveals the secrets of FMP. Taking this into account, it’s actually impossible FMP IV adapts till the end. Which is weird as SPOILER: the Invisible Victory subtitle refers to the final battle. Gatou is writing all the scripts so maybe he rewrote the whole story to make it fit but then again I don’t think it’s possible. I think the most logical choice is they’ll announce a Invisible Victory Final movie at the end of the 12th episode.

The sad people who skipped Fumoffu when watching the series thinking it’s just “extra dumb things” must be eating their Savages now.

I really liked the episode. I’m not bothered by CG too, though I hope they handle the mecha action well in the upcoming episodes. Some people in the comment section of the ANN article I linked above said the staff listed is very good so I’m looking forward to it. I’m not a sakuga aficionados so I didn’t bother checking myself.

Maybe it’s just my imagination but even if Horiuchi is still the chara designer, I get the feeling the faces are more “Xebec” like now? Again I’m not an animation aficionados so I may be saying dumb things.

I think the one thing that can be called a flaw in this first episode is how the dialogue scenes are presented in a really bland way. Except for a few camera changes. There’s some good ideas like the very short focus on Kaname’s lips at some point of the confrontation with Leonard,  but most of the dialogues feel like watching a low budget RPG’s cutscenes (See Ni no Kuni 2)

As I already explained when FMP IV got announced in 2015, while I’m extremely happy Gatou maanged to convince the bastards at Kadokawa to make more anime of a mostly finished product, I was actually not that hyped at first. Over the years my FMP hunger got satiated with Sigma and with SRW. And FMP IV won’t have a scene with Sousuke calling Ranka a slut, or going “hey I don’t debate during decisive battles I’m not a Gundam pilot”. More Clouseau is still good though as he’s one of my favorite characters ever, looking forward to more Fowler Sugita too. And KUDAN MIRA.

I also wonder why they credited Sigma. Though I guess it’s normal to also credit the manga adaptation along with the original novel and I’m just thinking too much. I actually still haven’t read the LN fully, so I’m not sure if Sigma had differences with it besides the TSR only elements which they reworked again (Bruno being a woman etc). Maybe there will be Sigma only things in IV.

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Sega announces Shenmue 1&2 HD and a new Sakura Taisen game

On Dualshockers
Sakura Taisen details

I’m surprised this was the first announcement of Megadrive Mini because I could swear I actually saw a Japanese site talk about it some days ago, and it wasn’t on April 1st so I don’t think it was a joke. Article was titled something like “Sega gets back into the hardware business” only to reveal they’re actually talking about a Megadrive Mini. Maybe it was supposed to be a leak, or a joke article which later came true. It had like 10k RTs too.

I actually like most remasters. True, it’s better to see new games, and depending on when they get released it can feel like you “wasted” time playing the original version. If a remaster or port with new content gets released only a few years later, it sucks. I know I’m happy I haven’t played Shining Resonance when I see Shining Resonance Refrain is coming out(Actually I’m happy I never played Shining Resonance period, its a good small budget game but there’s much better games to spend time on.) That’s also why I did a single 100% coop run of P5 and haven’t done a new game +, in case they announce a enhanced version.But remasters are cool. It makes it easier to replay games, and make them discover to kids in your family. Assuming you have the money to buy them.

Anyway, first off about Shenmue. I’m a huge Shenmue fan. It’s the first game we got on Dreamcast along with a demo CD, when I was in last years of elementary. It’s the game that broadened my English knowledge after learning the basics with stuff like Pokemon, ALTTP or FF6. I used to know every line in the game by heart. When I first played Shenmue 2 in 2002 or so, I already knew there would never be a sequel so I was quite disheartened when I reached the end. I clung to hope over the years but by 2009 or something I completely gave up seeing the end of Shenmue in this lifetime. Last time I replayed Shenmue1&2 was in 2006 or something, I had heard about the duck race/medals subquest and the russian? girl bonus fight etc on the net, something I had never discovered, so decided to redo both games just to do it.
I remember thinking Yu Suzuki should just release a novel & reading an interview where he said he doesn’t want to. When Shenmue 3 actually got announced, I was really happy but at the same time full of doubt. My crave for Shenmue 3 just disappeared over the years. I didn’t back the kickstarter either, though that’s mostly because my favorite game journalists (RIP Nolife) convinced me it was weird. Plus there’s the fact that even this 3rd episode won’t be the end of the story. If 3 doesn’t sell we’ll just get back to square one, and sadly I don’t think it’ll sell.

I’ll probably get Shenmue 1&2 on PC though. At least that way I can replay it without worrying about the PAL dreacmast’s horrible lens dying.

Everyone on the net says Shenmue is a cult game, but once 1&2HD is out I doubt most people will actually buy it. In late 2000 or so when more and more games got out of Japan, I used to think the era of myths from the 90(it was even before too but I was born then) with people assuming a japan only game they saw in a magazine is automatically a masterpiece, would be over. Over the years I think this actually became way worse.  I don’t think most people who praise Shenmue or Sakura Taisen on the net actually played them, and I don’t think most of them will actually spend money to buy these news ones.

Most people won’t buy Shenmue once they see some popular reviewers or streamers call it boring. I myself often call Ryu ga Gotoku the successor of Shenmue, but both series are strongly different. In Yakuza, you always have action and billions of things to do anytime. Shenmue is a slow paced detective like game where you need to question tons of people and do a lot of backtracking in small areas (compared to today’s standards), with most fights being QTE only, and with only a few “free battle” fights where you’ll get to play Virtua Figther. While extremely slow paced and with a lot of time to do side things, your time is also restricted during many arcs of the games, with stuff like the forklift race and work in the 3rd CD of Shenmue 1, or all the part time jobs and later book training every morning during a big part of Shenmue 2. (Book training and sakura petal catching training which I had completely mastered last time I replayed it)

As for Sakura Taisen, I myself am one of those “fake” fans. I’ve known the series since I was a kid. It’s knowledge of Sakura Taisen and Sega AM7/Overworks which made me interested in Eternal Arcadia after seeing its trailer on Ruliweb, and later on Senjou no Valkyria. I watched all the anime versions too. But I actually never played a single game, except Hanagumi Taisen Columns 2. In my opinion very few people on the English side of the net who praise Sakura Taisen actually ever played any of the games, not even 5. Things are better on the french side though, not counting me. Maybe I’m pessimistic but I think the new Sakura Taisen will only sell well in Japan where it has always been popular with stuff like the musicals. ST5 released in 2005 in Japan but they’ve maintained the license since then. They recently did LINE stamps too(which I put as OP pic). Sakura Taisen got many apparitions over the years in tons of stuff. Its characters were in Projet x Zone. In collabs with huge mobage like Grandad Fantasy. It was added to SRW for the first time in 2017, though in the SRW mobage, and they just added Paris Kagekidan on April 2018. There was the Sakura Taisen Kanadegumi spinoff manga too, with a girl being the main character& an all male team. And there was a mobage as well, which the Sakura pic above is from, which closed some time ago.

Even if they release some kind of 1-5 compilation,(which would be a must buy if it’s done well, including stuff like the anime sequences from the saturn version of 1&2) I don’t think it’ll sell outside Japan. I think it’ll be the same problem as Shenmue. And again, most people will say it’s boring, discovering most of the games are like a VN.

If there’s new characters, I’m really looking forward to which seiyuu they’ll pick. And if they’ll restart live shows/musical again.

Maybe I’ll end up getting Shenmue 3 anyway. I hope you’ll be able to transfer your save from Shenmue 1&2 HD. I still have my Dreamcast VMs too.

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Persona 5A 1-2

I don’t wanna say it’s lack of talent because there’s a lot of good ideas and good rewriting to make the story work. It’s just that along with the rushed feelings,  there’s the impression the staff is going through a fanservice checklist without worrying if it’s pertinent story wise or not. It’s fanservice without a soul. But I guess it’s still too early to judge and shall give it the benefit of doubt.

Is what I thought until I saw the horrible recreation of the all out attack, which made me burst out laughing, with a mix of second hand embarrassment. If I had some friend and wanted them to get into P5, I definitely wouldn’t show them this.  It looks incredibly incomplete, just like the OP animation. It’s weird they bothered showing AOA now anyway when there will be plenty of occasions later. But gotta deliver on the fanservice I guess. I also hope the OP will change later and they just didn’t get the time to finish it, because it’s just a recycled clipshow. The ED animation fares out better.

The “hey have some Goro and Sae” at the end is pure fanservice too but this is fine and the director did notify us beforehand we’ll get our fill of Goro.

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Rain chapter 88

Online publication

Gonna start Rain “episodic” blogging each month because why not and I actually already wanted to for like 4 years now. I think it’s the best fantasy thing since Slayers so I wish more people knew about it.

We get to see Gunther fight seriously for the first time ever, against FemRain aka Alisa and she’s actually stronger. I used to think she’s a normal girl who only got strong because she became a Dragonslayer like Rain. When she was fighting Clarence just a few chapters ago, Rain did say she’s strong but doesn’t know herself the limits of a Dragonslayer, “The power we both stole from dragons isn’t omnipotent”. However this chapter shows she actually has a lot of combat experience. Seems the Exceed she uses was self taught through battles too. She still has a long way to go though as we learn during the Clarence fight, she confused her own auto triggering anti magic Dragonslayer shield with Rain’s.

Besides that it was a super funny chapter like always, Gunther and Yuuri’s banter, Rain and Alisa’s discussion and then Alisa and Noel’s banter being super fun. Along with Slayers, Rain is the only Fantasy thing that mixes comedy, seriousness and lotsof politics and worldbuilding so well.

Alisa started fighting Rain a bit but decides to leave once Sylvia came back. Alisa notes how Sylvia’s ultra strong & being neither a human or a mazoku. Alisa also asks Rain if he had a little sister, thinking his dead girlfriend she saw was his sister, so maybe he’ll realize she’s alive as a ghost or whatever she is now. We still didn’t learn why Alisa hates mazoku so much though, and she doesn’t plan on allying with Sunkwool/Shelfa/Rain’s side as they allied with Noel. This short Clarence/Alissa arc is over now, looking forward to what’ll happen next.

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Akaii Meganee confirmed to be in Kiratto Pri☆Chan

They show her in the new CM

Tweeted a Jun like story about it to show my excitement

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でびるち / Devil-chi

Online publication

Described as a love comedy in its official summary, Devil-chi is one of the few where it’s actually funny and with actual love elements. It’s similar to Seto no Hanayome, where the male main character is in love with a non human girl, but instead of going for comedy it goes for more serious themes and feelings. Like with most manga with “angels” and “devils” they’re more like aliens than religious related, with their own world and cultural differences. As such, after a few chapters it starts focusing on societal themes like poverty, racism, bullying etc. Unlike the usual where the main character ends up getting a harem of girls, here each character has a lot of focus on them and their feelings, which aren’t necessarily love. With currently 82 chapters out, the manga quickly goes out of the rabucome mold and doesn’t really fit in anywhere. You’ve got some slice of life chapters, some shoujo like love stories and misunderstandings(while never making you angry at the characters) and  shounen like fights. The strong selling point is definitely the characters, which will all make you feel empathy for them with their backstory and problems.

Currently weekly published on Ganma!. There’s no furigana for the kanji but it’s fairly easy to read. I recommend reading on your smartphone as the reader sadly doesn’t have a zoom function. Ganma! leave all the chapters online even when volumes releases, which is great. Instead of making you pay to read older chapters, you can pay to read the newest chapter earlier, which I think is pretty clever. Too bad we’ll never see the site’s sales numbers because I bet this works better than other paywall forms. If I get in a manga company or something one day and they want to start a online reader I’d definitely suggest this system.

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Pretty Series movie, “Gekijouban PriPara&Kiratto Pri☆Chan ~Kirakira Memorial Live~” announced for May 5th 2018

PriPara official twitter announced on February 27 a new movie: Gekijouban PriPara&Kiratto Pri☆Chan ~Kirakira Memorial Live~. This will be last PP focused movie before Prichan takes over. It’s interesting they call it a “Pretty Series” movie and not just a “PriPara movie”, I guess it’s to show that similar to the 1st PP movie, it’ll also have Pretty Rhythm characters in it, but also Kiratto Pri☆Chan characters. I think even if PriPara ends, it’s possible future Prichan movies that are CG compilations with no real story will still have PR and PP characters in them.

They published a 1st teaser which is just PP scenes so nothing new. Maybe some of this won’t even be in the actual movie too since it’s just a teaser. Prichan would already have 5 episodes aired by the movie’s release, so the movie will probably focus on Prichan stuff and then feature PP and some bits of PR,  so you shouldn’t get your hopes up too much if you want more of the PR or PP girls.

There will surely be stage greetings events with i☆Ris. Their lastest song is titled Memorial too and its MV is like a farewell to PP with all the PP costumes they used in the past appearing in it. There might be events with the seiyuu too. And there will definitely be Cheer Screenings . Even before Kinpri revolutionized Japanese cinemas and made Cheer Screening ultra popular, they already did them in 2014 with the final screenings of the Pretty Rhythm movie for example, so there’s no reason they wouldn’t do it for this too.
They haven’t announced it yet, but similar to past movies there will definitely be a part that changes depending of the screening too. It would be funny if they do multiple routes like the 1st PP movie and include a boys route with WITH and PR males.

I’m not sure if this movie is supposed to be the Pretty All Friends project. What’s really weird is that for the PAF key visual, they bothered making new clothes and art, but for this PPxPrichan movie, the key visual just recycles art from each seasons’ key visual. Canamaji san also pointed out how the source code for the official site doesn’t mention “Pretty All friends” at all, and the summary seems to point out Prichan will be the main focus of the movie, so it’s still possible PAF will turn out to be yet another thing announced at a later date. In any case I was expecting PAF to be a CG compilation movie anyway, so if it’s indeed this, I’m not really surprised or disappointed. But I still hope Pretty All Friends will be something and an actual crossover with plot.

This movie will be directed by Nobutaka Yoda, who did Tobidasu PriPara ~Miina de Mezase! Idol Grand Prix(the 2nd PP movie which used 3D and afaik doesn’t have a DVD/Bluray release, so no one outside Japan has actually seen it). Script is by Fukuda Hiroko. It seems it’ll just be a compilation of CG scenes with no particular story like all the movies except the 3rd PP movie(the PriParis one which was the only “real” movie). There will probably be a baton touch like scene at the end with Aira Mia Naru Laala Yui Mirai Emo doing a live together.

They also announced the name of the OP for Prichan.

Lastly the fact that this movie exists confirms what we all already knew anyway, Prichan will still use CG for its live scenes.

Edit: They also revealed Prichan starts airing on April 8 at 1000JP time, first time Pretty Series uses this timeslot, and info about two more characters, Anna and Sara.
Akagi Anna(red hair one): Middle school 1st year at Kirari, a popular Pri☆Chan Idol. She looks like an oujou sama and her self produced channel reeks of celebrity, but she’s actually very childish and selfish. She doesn’t get along well with Mirai and Emo.
Midorikawa Sara: (green hair one.lol as expected someone called Midorikawa) Same year same school. She’s Anna’s best friend. She’s cool and has a rock and boyish fashion style. She refers to herself with “boku”.She follows Anna like her shadow, often restraining her when she goes out of control.

And it seems the Prism Jump/Making Drama equivalent in Prichan is called “Yatte Mitta”.

In other news in case you haven’t seen it on Twitter, PR director Hishida Masakazu storyboarded episode 8 of Hugtto Purikyua. He posted about it on Insta. He said it’s the first time he worked with Tsubota Fumi since Rainbow Live ended and it was tons of fun, and he didn’t think he’d get to work on a Toei show one day so he’s really happy. I’d like to watch the show but don’t really have the time, I’m trying to catch up on PriPara so I’m  using all my anime time on it and not watching anything else. I want to watch IPP before Prichan starts and do episodic blogging for it.
I still haven’t watched Kinpri2, maybe next weekend. It seems besides the new Yanpri goods each month, and Prichan’s launch with more info a tAnimeJapan2018, there won’t be any big news these next months. Kinpri will probably get a new thing announced at the June 10 2018 concert event. Until then, I’d like to finish translating the interviews in the PR All Star Selection guidebook, and then start the Kinpri books and bonus material like the stuff in the kinpri 2 Hiro special edition(stage greetings, events, etc), plus all the fan reports and other interviews on the net I have saved.  Honestly there’s so much stuff I’m not sure when I’ll ever finish translating everything though.

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PriPara’s successor Kiratto Pri☆Chan announced for April 2018

Official abbreviation is “Prichan”.

Crunchyroll’s article is pretty complete, like always Japanese sites ilke Animate had more details which I added though. I also included some staff reactions and some of the thoughts of my Pretty Rhythm Yakuzas comrades so it took me a while to go through everything, plus I had other things to do IRL, hence why the post is a bit late.

Continue reading

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Bots spamming guro pics on popular tweets like FGO fanart stopped by Pretty Rhythm yakuza Chupacabra san

Edit: ANN even posted about it too

Already wrote about it on twitter, see above tweets, but this is awesome so I should make a blog post about it too.


Remember how in May 2017 , KING OF PRISM -PRIDE the HERO-  (Kinpri 2) had a few pre release screenings? The first one was on May 17th, with a stage greeting with Director Hishida, Terashima, Takeuchi and Niconico personality Iwai Yuuki. I wrote about it here. After that there were a few other pre screenings until the actual movie release on June 10th. And then, someone ill-intended made a bot account with Kinpri 2 spoilers in its name and summary and would follow/favorite Pretty Rhythm fans to spoil them. So some of the fans made an app to block those accounts. There’s 2 fans I follow who both had the same idea at the same time and each made an app, Sakuramochi san and Chupacabra san.

You’ve probably heard about this: since the start of 2018, there’s been bot accounts on Twitter spamming gore/mutilated bodies/SM and such kind of gruesome photos to popular tweets related to franchises like Azur Lane, Kancolle, Granblue, Fate, etc. It’s been going on for like 2 weeks and Twitter hasn’t done anything to stop it afaik.

Most fandoms have started to take measures against it, using the hashtag  ,making lists of the bot accounts, and even specifically making Twitter accounts to counter it, like @Guro_police. Warning: don’t try your luck and check the blocked accounts’ pages, some have gruesome photos even on their header.

Everything changed when a few days ago, Chupacabra san reworked his old app that was used to block the Kinpri2 spoilers accounts, to block the guro accounts. His app went viral and tons of people are using it, and the problem seems to have been contained for now.

Some tweets talking about it went viral too. “The guro block appli, it was originaly used to block Kinpri spoilers. It’s like war technology being used for peace”

It’s awesome because some big news site even reported about it and interviewed Chupacabra san.  He asked them if possible to mention the whole story and how it was initially for Kinpri spoilers, and they did, so it made some publicity to Kinpri 2 and the Pretty Series fandom too. (Pretty Series=Pretty Rhythm, Kinpri, PriPara). I’m really proud of the Japanese fandom and especially the older fans aka Pretty Rhythm yakuzas. This case reminded me of tons of cool things they did in the past. All the fan events, all the promotion, all the effort they provided to make KING OF PRISM by PrettyRhythm (Kinpri1) popular. One thing I remember writing about was when a few days after Kinpri 1, released and some theaters were empty, they’d make maps and itineraries to go there and post it on twitter. Like, “Theater xxx is only 40 minutes from station xxx, if you don’t live too far you should go!!”.  And stuff like that.  I’ve been kinda busy these past weeks and I still haven’t got time to finish the “Pretty Rhythm&PriPara&Kinpri history” post I’m making to summarize and explain the franchise and how KING OF PRISM by PrettyRhythm became hugely popular. And seeing stuff like that really motivates me to finish it to show all the things the fans did. It’s really awesome.

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Anigera 7th December 2017(271), 14th December 2017(272), Triple George with Sugita Tomokazu, Furuya Yamato, Kobayashi Tatsuyuki

There’s no spoilers for KING OF PRISM- PRIDE the HERO- , except for one fact about George they had revealed in interviews prior the movie release, so if you’ve read my previous posts you should know it already.

This is a summary of the Kinpri related production info and jokes they said on Anigera episodes 271 and 272. Similarly to my other radio shows summary, it’s written in a very crude&fast way.

Sugita Tomokazu voices Takadanobaba George in KING OF PRISM -PRIDE the HERO-. (aka Kinpra or Kinpri 2)
Kobayashi Tatsuyuki voices George when he’s singing, he’s his ghost singer.
Furuya Yamato is George’s actor in the stage play, KING OF PRISM-Over the Sunshine!- (aka Butakin)

Anigera Didoooon!! is Sugita’s radio show. He hosts it with his friends game journalist Mafia Kajita, Kedouin Makoto(yes, Corpse Party’s author) and Asakura, an animator. On episodes 271 and 272, Kobayashi and Furuya were present as guests.
When Kinpri 2 was in production the staff called Aoni, Sugita’s agency, and he got the role for George without even passing an audition. Director Hishida also said he made George around the same time they called Sugita and it’s a bit like if he made the character for him. Sugita advertised Kinpri 1 a lot on every radio show he appeared in in mid 2016.

Kobayashi Tatsuyuki voices George when he’s singing, he’s his ghost singer. He’s also Asahi in Idol Time PriPara. He also sang OP2 of Saikyou Ginga Ultimate Zero Battle Spirits(Batosupi6), which was a pretty good show you should watch. It’s fine to watch it even if you haven’t seen past Batosupi seasons. Director Hishida was also the episode director for episode 44 and also did its storyboard. The most appealing thing about Batosupi6 is definitely the original, refreshing, hard lined chara design by Ishikawa Tetsuya. Ishikawa actually worked on the Kinpri movies as an animator, and is also among the many personalities, mangaka, singers etc who advertised the first Kinpri movie on Twitter and part of why it became popular. But I digress, and you should be able to read about all this in detail very soon if I manage to finish my “Everything you should know about Pretty Rhythm and the KING OF PRISM phenomenon” thing.

Episode 271

Episode 271 starts with a sketch, something they often do on Anigera. It’s a pretty funny Getter Robo parody with Sugita, Furuya and Kobayashi each acting George.

After introducing themselves, they talk about how the “Butakin” nickname for the stage play is super funny. They also talk how Kinpri was the first movie to use ouenjouei/cheer screenings profusely and popularize it, showing it can be a mean to success. And how a lot of other movies are doing it too now.

The three of them had already contacted each other on Twitter DM saying they need to meet up one day, but Sugita couldn’t go to that meeting, so he decided to talk with his radio staff to see if they could invite them.

Both Furuya and Kobayashi knew Sugita before Kinpri happened, but never met him in person. Furuya says he doesn’t watch much anime but he knew about Sugita since he’s in very popular shows. When he was chosen to act George in Butakin, he was super nervous, wondering if he’ll be able to portray a Sugita voiced character properly. He felt a lot of pressure. Then he went to watch the movie, and got even more confused when it turns out it’s not Sugita when George is singing. Plus he wanted to get an idea of the character, but George has very few lines in it, so it didn’t give him enough info at all. So then he went to see Kinpri 1, but George doesn’t even appear in it as he’s a character made for Kinpri 2. So Furuya was really lost. In the end, he inspired himself with Gintoki in Gintama and even listened to tons of Anigera past episodes.  Sugita says it reminds him of the Blazblue stage play, Ragna’s actor had the same problem and was super worried if he’d be able to portray Sugita’s character correctly. He was really happy when Sugita praised him about it, saying ‘it’s fine yo be yourself, your Ragna was great’.

Kobayashi talks about the recording of George singing the Love Mix song in Kinpri 2. At first he was really lost, because he thought he had to sing in a way that sounds like Sugita’s voice. But then the staff explained to him that even in the story, George does use a ghost singer, so it’s totally fine even if the 2 voices sound completely different. They told him it’s fine to just sing like a “sparkling normal idol”. So then it was much easier.

The name Takadanobaba comes from the train station with the same name. They don’t actually talk about it so that’s just info from past posts I’m repeating: in the past Hishida director said he often passes near Hirokouji station during walks. Then it became a private joke between him and the fans, because of Hiro and Kouji. That’s why he decided to name George after a station. But Hiro and Kouji weren’t named after Hirokouji as far as I know. It was a coincidence.

Sugita says the cheer screenings are definitely one of the big appeals of the Kinpri movies. And you can actually do it at home, just not too loud to not bother neighbors.

As he already said many times back in 2016, Sugita went to see Kinpri 1 twice when it released. The first time, it was right after seeing the movie Doukyusei which he though was a movie adapted from the bishoujo game Doukyusei. Turns out it was adapted from a yaoi manga with the same name. He was the only guy in the theater. But the movie was pretty good, so then when getting out, he saw the ad for Kinpri1 and was like, “might as well go watch this other yaoi looking movie, maybe it’ll be good too”.And he was absolutely amazed by it. So he invited one of his friends to go watch the movie again. He had already seen some if not all of Pretty Rhythm before seeing the movie too. Anyway back to Anigera, Sugita says he’d actually like to go to the events etc as a simple fan but can’t. Like the Wrap Up Party events in Tokyo and Osaka which he then promotes.

episode 272

They talked about a lot of random things in this episode, but less about Kinpri.

Furuya had to improvise a lot of George’s lines in Butakin. I guess this means  each representation was different. Stage play George talks a whole lot more compared to anime George. Furuya says that he thought “if it was Sugita san, he’d go overboard and say tons of stuff”, so that’s why it turned out like this.

Tatsuyuki was named like that by his parents to evoke a dragon soaring into the skies, and to reflect how they wanted to see him grow up well.

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