Discrimination in anime,game etc social media

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As I’ve been using twitter a lot recently, I noticed something. It’s impressive how there’s a lot of anime/game fans who are racist or dumb, both in France or USA or many other countries. It’s a worldwide phenomenon, I wonder why. Maybe anime really was a mistake.

Of course there’s those who aren’t actually racist, the meme group, who will say “I’m only doing it “ironically” because I have fun doing it” but I still think that’s dumb, and dangerous. But well anyone is free to live their lives however they want. I think It’s one of the sad consequences of people thinking they’re anonymous on the net and thus don’t think before acting.

Also it’s really fun seeing racist kids reel in shock when hearing a black person or a muslim are playing games as well. They really think we aren’t human beings. I guess that’s what happen when they keep believing everything they see on mass media and don’t think for themselves. Then there’s the ones who genuinely support Trump, and aren’t part of the meme group I described above.

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PriPara Creamy Mami collaboration officialy announced, Status on PriPara anime blogging

prad5 creamy mami collab

I’m still planning to blog PriPara, It’s just not my priority these days. I also need to try to write a post to explain all the latest discriminatory stuff happening in France these days. well technically it’s been happening for decades but you know what I mean.

The Weekend of the 20th August at the Ciao Summer Festival 2016 they officially announced the Creamy Mami collaboration I mentioned some weeks ago.

Edit: On Aguust 22 they published a PV for the collab

They also showed a new character and the girl from the start of s3 who will join Non to make a new team. I still think they will reboot PriPara after s3, with new characters instead of Laala and co. They should announce the new season in late December or January like always.
And the reason why they’re doing the puzzle mobile game is so people who miss Laala and the first series characters will play it.

One of the reasons the franchise is called “PriPara” is to have a short name, compared to “Pretty Rhythm”, so when they reboot I don’t think they’ll add a word to it. Or it’ll be something short, like “PriPara Go”. In fact I think they may try to do something like Pokemon Go, using the smartphones they’re already selling.

Also, I found an old draft I wrote around 3 years ago, back when Rainbow Live was still airing and they had just announced Pretty Rhythm All Star Selection, and they showed Laala’s design for the first time. It’s really fun how right I was so I’m publishing it for fun. Just in case, I’m not disappointed about PriPara not being Pretty Rhythm anymore. I was never disappointed about that actually.
I criticized PriPara season 1 nonstop during it’s run because it was genuinely below average. S2 was much better, and a genuinely good show. However it still had tons of bad or weird plot choices, and unfunny jokes.

Anyway here’s the ~2014 old short post:

Since the new heroine is holding a mic, what if this new season focuses on singing and idoling, and removes all the sports anime elements? Will I be unable to say how Pretty Rhythm isn’t an idol show but a girls sports show anymore?
It’s not like I get mad when someone calls Pretty Rhythm an idol show, but I genuinely think it isn’t.

The other day I saw an interesting discussion on the 2ch Pretty Rhythm thread; It asked what would you classify Pretty Rhythm as. I already have my own opinion on it, but this made me learn a few things:

Seems like in Japan, kids’ ideas of “idol anime” is something cute, cool etc, because most little girls dream of becoming an idol. It’s pretty different to the representation that people make in their head of you say “idol anime” in English speaking communities/older people/otaku in general.

If you say “idol” to the anime english speaking communities/older people/otaku in general, they’ll have a completely different vision of it. The little girl vision is stuff like Pretty Rhythm, the otaku vision is stuff like Love Live. But these  have nothing in common besides CG singing.

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Persona 5 August 11 demo event spoilers/impressions

persona 5 swimsuit mc smile

There was another premium event the 11th, this time in Sendai. It’s not like they changed the demo, but they changed the way they do it:
Source People played from the start of the game for 1h30 or so, then the staff would load a save and the player would play for around 10m in the art gallery dungeon. (from my deductions it’s the same save used for the 10 minutes demo)
Source Then the staff makes you fill a questionnaire, and give you a souvenir.
Source Lastly, they ask the player to please refrain from leaking spoilers so everyone can fully enjoy the game when it’s out.
(Well too late. It’s been like 3 years since I’m waiting for Persona 5. Usually I wouldn’t spoil myself a game this much, and it’s just the first 2 hours anyway. I just want to know as much as possible, as if I went to a premium event myself.)

This new batch of impressions has a lot of new things. So might as well post here what I read anyway, instead of keeping it for myself. I won’t repeat things that we already know. Also keep in mind that those are people’s impressions, so there may be people who remember details wrongly.

Also, Persona Central reposted the summary I wrote last time and fixed a few points I wasn’t sure about or got wrong so you should read their summary now instead.

Lastly, my Japanese is far from perfect, so if there’s a sentence I’m not 100% sure about, I’ll mention it under parenthesis.

Edit on august12th: Just noticed I accidentally wrote Shinjuku station instead of Shibuya station at some point. I corrected it. Also added a photo of Sojiro with the suit+hat and fanart of MC getting lost in Shibuya station.

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Persona 5 August 7 demo event spoilers/impressions

persona 5 haru

7th August was a premium one. I’m omitting things already known or already in the previous post.

I don’t even like Haru the most, I like everyone so far, I just picked the first pic I found.

My own comments are under parenthesis.

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Persona 5 August 6 demo event spoilers/impressions

persona 5 futaba haru makoto

Translating info on the game from japanese blogs, twitter and 2ch. Things that got posted starting  August 6 since that was the third demo event.  There’s the schedule here.

I’m really looking forward to the game so I try to find any kind of info on it with the demo events happening. Usually I don’t translate things related to popular things as they’ll get translated at some point anyway. This Domina person on tumblr and PersonaCentral are doing a good job, but I really like Persona 5 so I can’t wait for others’ translations. And I’ll be paranoid and wanting to check things myself anyway. And there’s some things they don’t translate like things on the 2ch thread.

So then I just post what I find here instead of keeping it for myself. That way I’m also able to keep track of the things I translated. And honestly to get views too. I don’t want this blog to become too popular, but it would be nice to have more traffic as well. Baiting people with games anime etc, so they might also read the posts on more serious matters like denouncing racism is one of the reasons I started this blog.

Sometimes translating things like that from twitter/2ch etc is slightly harder than translating things I’m more used to: properly written interviews, articles or reading manga. There may be fake things as well.

I’m omitting things we already know from PVs or previous demo events that was already posted on news site like Persona Central.

My own comments are under parenthesis.

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SRW OGMD “Will you forgive Shana-Mia and get a wallpaper” campaign

On July 13, the official Suparobo twitter started something funny.

They said Shana Mia is asking us to forgive her, and if we forgive her we’ll get a wallpaper. They recycled the intro scene of Touya’s route in J/OGMD with Shana Mia asking Touya to forgive her. Some answered:
“Fury units’ evading rates are too high so I don’t forgive you”
“This time you’re playable as a subpilot unlike how it was in J so I forgive you”
“It looks like your clothes are wet and sticking to you skin so I forgive you”
“The game is mostly SRW J’s story and doesn’t  have enough content so I don’t forgive you”

I wrote “Hate isn’t a good thing so I forgive you for myself and the future”. In the end it ended with 78% I forgive you so the wallpaper got published on the official site a few days later, on august 2. The wallpaper is available until August 31.

srwogmd shana mia wallpaper

I still haven’t bought Super Robot Wars The Moon Dwellers. Barely spoiled myself anything either. I want to get the ps3 version. Can’t get the english asian region version since I don’t have a ps4. It’s a bit irritating because used copies of the jp ps4 version are already very cheap on Amazon, around 4000 yen while ps3 version still is around 5600 yen. I also need to find a way to buy on Amazon anyway so I’m not in a hurry. Maybe I’ll just wait until Persona 5 is released and buy it instead, and wait even more for the price to drop for OGMD.

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Pretty Rhythm All Star Selection Anime Official Guide Book: Watanabe Akio interview

prad5 Pretty Rhythm All Star Selection Anime Official Guide Book Watanabe Akio interview 01

Remainder this book was released 31st of July 2014.
I finished translating this around 5 days ago, but some IRL things happened. I was also engrossed into Persona 5 things and translating people’s impressions from the demo events.
This is a design related interview, so I scanned all 4 pages of it so you can see the designs. Instead of directly uploading the pages here, I uploaded them on my puush to save space on this blog.(except the 1st page)

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