Armenian Genocide centennial, migrants dying at sea

ogre battle female opinion leader にれこ


I guess one of the reasons Turkey doesn’t want to recognize the genocide is because UN, the Armenian government and other countries will tell them to give money to Armenia. And it’ll cost them billions. Too bad us black people and our intellectuals aren’t stupid enough to ask compensation money for the slave trade. Of course the individuals aren’t there anymore, but the cities and states built from it are still there, so we totally could ask for compensation. We could say towns like Bordeaux belong to us. Slavery is the worst crime against humanity, and it also brought colonialism, which still has consequences today, like the ten of thousands youngsters leaving Africa and dying in the Mediterranean sea.

European leaders said at the summit this Thursday that they’ll bring justice to the instigators of this mess and they’ll use more money for migration control. If so, they should start by putting Sarkozy in jail, since as the big USA otaku he is, he’s the one who decided to kill crazy Gaddafi in order to bring FREEDOM to Libya. There’s always been migrants dying at the sea, but because of that there’s much more now. Except Italy to a certain extent, European countries have never done anything to change it.  More funds means they’ll just put more boats at sea, so they can intercept more people, and send them back. They’re not planning to solve the root of the problems. People are leaving Africa to flee poverty and wars, instigated by France and other European countries. According to Yakittate Japan, in France, every kid can bake bread. That’s actually fake. We buy our bread. When we do, the baker tells us the price of the bread and we pay for it. While when European states go shopping in Africa, they’re the ones deciding the prices.  And the seller won’t refuse, as they don’t have any mean of protesting, only thinking about trying to get money, even if just a little, to get out of their extreme poverty, creating an endless recursion of time.

Speaking of that, did you hear about that new nuclear reactor Areva is developing, that has huge flaws discovered since 2011, but they haven’t said anything about it in typical French fashion? The bubble has burst now, the project has been cancelled, China and other countries canceled their orders, and now it’ll cost Areva billions. Serves them right for all that uranium they’re stealing in Niger. The government is planning to save them and give them money though. Something similar has already happened, and will happen again, to a poultry French multinational called Doux, the main supplier of KFC.

And then, back to the Armenian Genocide, some countries like USA never even talk about it. I think it’s because they don’t want Turkey to get mad at them, since they have bases there for bombarding civilians and their own hostages in the middle east. Obama’s “I’m gonna take full responsibility for the hostages killed” sure was funny. Is he going to bring them back to life?

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relife tfw kids these days duno about mds anymore relife ch 46

(I think I heard once MDs got removed from circulation pretty fast so I guess it’s true japanese high schoolers these days don’t even know about them. This sure felt weird reading this though. and funny. I didn’t expect MDs of all things in a manga. This brings back memories.)

Are you reading ReLIFE yet, it’s really great. Basically GTO but Onizuka is a high school student, without the occasional fighting and more shoujo. It starts as an hilarious comedy and then it gets even more hilarious and has pretty interesting insights too. The main character keeps comparing work life and school life in Japan, but never falls into “glorious nippon high school is the best moment of your life” territory either. Stuff like always being compared to others, bullying, female discrimination at work, how Japan pretty much worships work and how you have no value if you can’t find a job etc. It’s really interesting and deals with these subjects without too much drama or too much seriousness. Also it’s written by a woman and you can tell because of how well she displays the character’s emotions and stuff.

It’s not super hard to follow too, so if you can’t wait and get addicted you can read it directly in Japanese. It’s published every Fridays. Just finished reading today’s chapter as I’m typing this and really looking forward to next week. It’s super popular in Japan and it’s getting justifiably quite popular on the English speaking side now too. I myself only found out about it two weeks ago or so. They also just announced an anime for 2016. Will probably be a short.

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PriPara – 39

prad5 3902

Laala says she’s 11.

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PriPara – 36-38

prad5 3843prad5 3844


I’ll keep watching PriPara since I still like it enough. I’ll keep blogging it too until I get too busy IRL to do it. The last cour was much better than the rest, but season 2 will need a lot of work. Needs more character development, more screentime for the side characters, more worldbuilding, less Making Drama recycling, less catchphrases, less flashbacks and explaining taking the kids watching for idiots who need to see a scene 5 times to get it, quality over quantity for jokes. And the most important, it needs an actual story. Literally nothing happened in PriPara besides 1/Sophie joining 2/Leona’s reveal 3/Gloria and Laalamom making up 4/Cosmo 5/Faruru 6/Shion with her hair down.

It doesn’t really need drama or a main antagonist, Aurora Dream for example didn’t have a villain. It just need some more rivalry, some stakes at hand and some plot. Not sure if they’ll push up the rivalry though. Aikatsu doesn’t do that and I remember reading that the staff of Aikatsu likes it that way, and thinks it’s why it’s so popular. So PriPara will probably go this way as well. Maybe we’ll actually get one vs one though seeing how episode 38 ends but I’m not getting my hopes up.

Speaking of that I wonder how they’ll handle the passing of time in PriPara. In episode 38 it is the end of the school year so Laala will go up a grade,  Sophie will become a high school girl, and Mireille will go to middle school third year. Maybe Sophie will switch schools too since there’s no high school section in Paprika. Maybe they’ll retcon that though.

For now, PriPara copies Aikatsu which copied Pretty Rhythm, and Pretty Rhythm aside it’s not even better than Aikatsu Season1. “Season1″ because if you’re new to this blog, I haven’t watched past it.

Starting 39, I’ll be posting about episodes even later than the usual, because ohys raws records from BS Japan, and PriPara will start airing on Wednesdays on BS Japan now, instead of Saturday 10am at the same time as TV Tokyo.
Nevermind about that they just released 39.

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Tengoku hen hype

srw tengoku advent

“Advent asks if you’re displeased that he turned out to be alive. He apologizes for deceiving you and not revealing that he was alive, but asks Hibiki to trust him. When Hibiki says nothing, Advent asks Hibiki to at least look him in the eye. Hibiki mumbles that he trusts Advent.”

Hopefully my copy gets here soon

Also didn’t know awakened eva has Dejiko’s eye lasers now. Never watched the you can (not) milk more money movies so never knew.

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Gurumin gets a Steam release



I remember playing this a lot of years ago. It was really fun. It had a surprisingly good story too. I remember not finishing it but my brother did.

It’s around those years I also played Aquaplus’s Tenerezza on PC, and Napple Tale on Dreamcast. That was good times. They’re all pretty great and you should check them out. I should replay Tenerezza one of these days as I never finished it. I did finish Napple Tale though, I’m pretty proud of it. Mostly thanks to a guide on Gamefaqs.
Don’t play Napple Tale if you fear clowns though.

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Cross Ange 25 END

cross ange 2501

Was an excellent show and a really fun ending.

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