PriPara – 44-51

prad5 44 01 prad5 44 02

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foa #CheckTheLabel poster


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Hakomari final volume for June 10th

hakomari vol 7 cover


My body is ready

(if you haven’t noticed, exams etc so no posts for now)

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Pretty Rhythm Rainbow Live Anime Official Guide Book: Uchida Maaya Wakana interview

prad3 wakana photo shops 2prad3 wakana shops 1

Even for a Japanese person, I think her way of speaking is very indirect and redundant. I rephrased most things so it’s shorter. I grouped some questions as well so if you own the book and check, the question numbering isn’t the same. I just put in numbers so it’s more convenient when reading. There’s also a part I didn’t translate directly. Unless the thing I translate is really long I like doing line by line. I think it’s nicer to read like that compared to just infodumped things in a list. It feels more like you’re reading the book yourself.

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Pretty Rhythm News May 2015 issue

prad5 movie kouji hiro space train galaxy express 999

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Hiro and Kouji do the space train totally not Galaxy Express 999 jump together in the 4th route/boys version of the Pretty Rhythm part in the PriPara movie. That pic is from the official site. Maybe I could find horrible quality photos of it on twitter if I searched hard. I don’t wanna though.

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Victory day 70th anniversary

Didn’t watch much TV or Hollande’s speech or commemorations but I guess as always they mostly talked about Glorious URSS and American Freedom ™ and barely talked about how African soldiers and/or Muslims from French colonies also fought during WW2. They could have talked in particular about the ones who died during Paris’s liberation or something.

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Kaden Shoujo sucks!!!

kaden shoujo girls

There’s a difference with things like Robot Girls Z or Kancolle which actually tries to incorporate the ships’s history to the character and this. The Toaster girl is literally a random schoolgirl carrying toasters. And then there’s the stereo speakers that are just two girls sitting on stereo speakers. Even I could have done the chara design for that game.
Things like Kancolle are lazy cashgrabs to a certain degree anyway, but this is the epitome of cash grabbing laziness. This is an insult to mecha musume and it’s variants. This is everything wrong with Japan right now. It’s disgusting.

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