KING OF PRISM by PrettyRhythm earns more than 600 million yen


As of the week of the 16th May 2016. If it keep going like that maybe we’ll actually get past 1 billion. If it’s like with the first Pretty Rhythm movie and the Pretty Rhythm&PriPara movie they should do even more ouenjoueis when the bd is out too. They’re going to start 4DX screenings too one day after when the bd/dvd gets released on june 17. I think it’s actually possible to reach one billion.

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キンプリ-プリズムエリートの2次会ニコ生まとめ-event from 04-27-2016

prad6 nico live 2 april 27 2016 end

KING OF PRISM by PrettyRhythm, 2nd Prism Elite Event summary. Event was 27th April 2016. Contain spoilers for the Kinpri movie and it’s yet to be officially announced sequel.

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Seiyuu Mizutani Yuko passes away
She was one of the best seiyuu. I feel sad for her family.

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KING OF PRISM by PrettyRhythm, 2nd Prism Elite Event

part 1

part 2

part 2 comments if you want the comments. You need some nico viewer program to read them directly on the video like on nico.

Event was the 27th april. Didn’t actually watch the event yet, couldn’t watch it live. Too busy and tired to do it now.

Part 2 is the actual event. Part1 is just a black screen, included for completion sake because people may ask where’s part 1. It actually lasted for almost 10 minutes but kakoroku only downloaded the first 2 minutes. I can see all the downtime on the timeshift. Seems they had some kind of technical problem, the event started while the nico live froze on black screen, people in the comments were like “the prism sparkle is disappearing”, “systemu desu kara”, “nikunikuniku! I want to eat niku!” “koujiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii”, and other PR memes. Only those present at the event saw the starting 7~8 minutes, which are probably unimportant anyway.

About why previous post is called part 1 but part 2 never happened: I was busy so I removed unfinished parts of the previous news post, to cut it in two. Initial plan was to finish everything I wanted to put in part 2, then wait till this event the 27th April, summarize it, then publish the summary in part2 with the rest. I couldn’t make it in time. And I can’t even watch this right now. If God wills it in a few days it I’ll do a full summary and finish the post later, and translate some new guidebook interview too. Speaking of that there’s a Kinpri guidebook that got announced too.

For now here’s the most important things they announced at that event from what I read:

Prism King Cup Next Generation Prism Star Grand Election final results:

5th Yukinojou
4th Shin
3rd Kakeru
2nd Alexander
1st Taiga

Special anime thing in the limited edition of the movies BD/DVD is around 20 minutes long.

They announced the Over The Rainbow Special Event. September 11. With OTR seiyuus Masuda Toshiki, Kakihara Tetsuya and  Maeno Tomoaki.  Tickets are 6800 yen. Very expensive. They’ll probably do a live and others things and it’ll be super long or something. And they’ll probably announce Kinpri 2 there.

Edit: Only noticed now thanks to ANN that after the event ended, jp news site like mantanweb reported the movie now earned 500 million yen.

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Pretty Rhythm News April 2016 Part 1

prad3 aka3taku otr hijiri jin rei juné penguins posted


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prad6 king of princess april fool 2016

Kinpri’s April Fools on the official site. I took the picture from someone on twitter because the site is currently exploding and never loads completely. And even in this pic the site isn’t loaded correctly.

Site now has a news post about it, saying the King of Princess page will stay until the 4th of April 1000 japanese time.

The event on April 27 for the release of the OST will be shown live on niconico. It starts at 2000 jp time. Prepare a proxy or something because it’ll be region locked. Every thing streamed on Niconico so far was. There’s no nico page for the stream yet, so you can’t timeshift it for now.

prad avex page 18 december 2015 overhaul

It’s based on that RL picture they added to the Avex site back in December.

prad6 king of princess twitter april fool 2016

The official twitter changed too, and says KING OF PRINCESS in the description.

They should soon annonce the winner of the prism king fan election too, it just ended today.

frontwing king of grisaia prad6 parody april fool 2016


king of grisaia story prad6 parody april fool 2016

Main site story page is a parody of Kinpri’s plot.

Seems this is gonna be the most hilarious japan stuff arpil fools ever.

prad6 april fool 2016 otr parody daiamon

Edited in another one. That was on the official site of mangaka Daiamon. It may be the first time I see people parodying the same thing in one april fool, besides magical girl parody everyone does. Come to think of it Frontwing probably did it because one of the charadesigners for Grisaia is Watanabe Akio.

Oh and while I’m at it since this post will actually be read: A few hours ago, French Minister Laurence Rossignol said on TV “veiled Muslim women are like american niggers who supported slavery”. Double irony because she’s minister of women’s rights. Triple irony because a week ago the government started a new campaign ad against discrimination. Quadruple irony because she’s one of the founders of SOS Racism(though SOS Racism has been proved to be a crappy joke for more than a decade, with stuff like their embezzlement scandal). She managed to be racist of women, Muslims and black people in a single sentence. And she actually said “american niggers” so she didn’t say “nigger” because she was talking about slavery. I would actually use the word TRIGGERED if I was a current teenager.

It really shows the current sorry state of the country, since Hollande, or anyone in the same left wing party currently in power with Hollande didn’t say anything. This happened the 30th, and today the 31st, most mainstream media didn’t talk about it either in their dailies. It’s in continuation of the racism France have been doing for years. Though it skyrocketed even more since all the random violent police searches against muslims and ecologists since November attacks.

Tens of thousands of people me included are now asking for her to be fired. There’s a petition you can sign here.

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KING OF PRISM by PrettyRhythm bluray and DVD announced for June 17 2016


There’s a normal version priced 6800 yen for BD, 5800 yen for DVD, and a limited version with a CD and bonuses priced 12000 yen for the BD and 11000 for the DVD.
Limited edition bonuses :
A bonus cover and some storyboards.
Footage of various screening events: the movie’s premiere January 9th at Wald9, the one for the Kinpri election, the one for valentine, the one for Louis and Shin’s bday, the one for white day, etc.
A new original short anime directed and storyboard by PR director Hishida Masakazu

I don’t think it says yet what the CD will have besides “songs in the movie”

Both versions are listed to have “特報&PV集” so I think this means all the messages before the movie starts wil be in. The vote for me messages, An and Kouji’s message, etc.

That’s sooner than I expected. I predicted it would be released in July.But that wasn’t taking into account the movie would kept being shown for months. Maybe in June the movie will still actually be shown in theaters.  At the very least, even if at worst case scenario the momentum falls and the movie stops being screened before BD/DVD realease in June, they’ll restart the screening events when the BD/DVD gets released and do them for all of June to August. That’s what they did with the PR movie iirc.

Also I think usually movie’s BD/DVD releases are announced when the movie stops being screened. That was the case a few days ago with the Garupan movie iirc.  That’s not the case with Kinpri. There’s screening events planned all the way to May.

Anyway I’m really hyped we have a date. Hence why I’m posting this now instead of waiting till I make another long news post.  We non Japanese fans wil finally see Kinpri too.

Source Two days ago on the 19th they also announced BDs boxes for Pretty Rhythm Rainbow Live. Box 1 will be released on August 5th. Box 2 on December 23.

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