Yozakura Quartet

Akina,Hime,Ao and Kotoha.

A shonen manga about a badass normal boy called Akina and his friends living in a town where Youkai and humans cohabit. Usually Youkais live in their own dimension and they aren’t many of them in the human world, so they get persecuted and all.  Hime is actually the mayor, they run an association to help the townpeople and resolve their problems.

The Youkai of the world all gather in this town because it has the Nanago,  seven giant cherry trees that exist in both this world and the Youkai world, and serves as a catalyst to send them back to their dimension. But the only one who can do this act, also called “tuning” is Akina, the hero. He doesn’t really like it though, as sending Youkai to the other world means they will never come back, it’s like killing them in this world. Moreover, when he uses this power, he gradually also become sucked in the other dimension, if he tunes too much, he will end up there as well. I won’t say anything more to not spoil anything.

Started in 2006, created and drawn by Yasuda Suzuhito, I stumbled on this when I was searching some info about the character design of SMT: Devil Survivors on DS, it’s him. He also did it for Durarara!!
All the emotion in it, I almost cried while reading it, some scenes are really great and you start to feel like the power of friendship is real. Every character is almost too much developed, you grow attached to them. It’s the kind of story where each character is relevant, and I can’t choose a favorite one. The author knows what he’s doing from the beginning, and everything makes sense little by little. You can especially see that when you realize some of the slice of life chapters overlap together. There’s some fanservice , the good one, when it’s unavoidable as most Youkais in the story happens to be girls who always wears skirts. Not that I’m complaining.  It’s one of the few story where I love every character and each one of them is useful to the story, even the grandma from the ramen shop .

You can go see the guys at CxC scanlations for it. And be sure to thank them, because they’re the only ones translating it. Be sure to buy the manga if you live in US.
Also, an OAD was released this month along with the monthly volume.I watched it 2 days ago so I’ll probably talk more about it later.

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