Rune Factory 3

I was really surprised when I started playing this one. I remember when I started RF2, it was so much better than the first one, and this time they yet managed to make it EVEN SO MUCH BETTER than the second one. I almost cried when I saw how you can quick dash, how they added a skill bar for each type of weapon instead of just “weapons skill” bar , How they added DUAL WIELDING OH MY OKANADE-SAMA, I’m still pretty shocked right now.

Some differences between this one and RF 1 and 2

– You can transform into a Wooly.

-You can take multiple same items at once without putting them in your backpack one by one, which saves a lot of time.

-Seeds are for one square only instead of the usual 3*3 squares, you can also find +1 leveled seeds when you harvest your crops or in the field or by cutting them with your sickle.

-They added soil quality managing.

-The weather can change in the same day.

-Time doesn’t freeze in buildings or after events.

-Townspeople are a lot more active and are visible on the map

-a  HARD MODE  *_*,because I was so powerful in RF1 I stopped killing the monsters, and I stopped forging because even my crappy windsword was more than enough, I only destroyed the portals to open the doors and beat bosses, come to think of it difficulty was already very much more balanced in RF2, so they polished the job.

-More combos  and skills for the weapons

-Said weapon skills and magic books are now stored in their own storage, which you always carry so you can change anytime, and they don’t take space in your backpack anymore.

-skill bars for everything, mainly eating sleeping are the one that shocked me the most, and for example there was no magic skill bar in 1 even if you could use magic, they added one in 2, and now they added one for each magic element.

-Characters who change in their swimsuit now actually change into their swimsuits IN THEIR PORTRAITS TOO. And speaking of portraits now during dialogue by pressing y button you can remove the dialogue box to fully enjoy them.

Speaking of the girls, they’re all pretty and like always I can’t choose who to marry for now. I do have a preference for Daria for now. Most of them are very strange this time and they all have nice backstories.

The story at the beginning is like the two other Rune Factories, main character has amnesia and he has a mission to accomplish in the village.

Since when Rune Factory 2 got out,  in Japan they stopped adding the Harvest Moon subtitle in it, because of the action rpg side, marking a separation with the original series. In the US they keep adding ” a fantasy harvest moon” for whatever reason. Well whatever, that’s just my fanboyism prickling, and it probably helps the sales a bit.

Thinking about it most of these changes they integrated comes from A wonderful life on Gamecube, I hated this Harvest Moon because it was very different of the others, mainly because of said changes which made the game more realist( 1 seed one square what I said already etc.) And yet I still played it for like 100 hours. The fact that Wonderful Life was a gift probably helped me to just deal with it and play.

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