That show is pretty entertaining, and it’s airing every weekday. gg is keeping up subbing for now. It’s currently 4am and I wanted to watch episode 1 &2 then sleep. I  finished episode 1  thirty minutes ago or so, but just now gg released episode 3!  All of my sleep is now Moshidora!
Pis is Kawashima Minami, the heroine. yet another anime name I should keep in mind. She got nice legs, and seems like she’s always be wearing her PE attire, shorts and a sweater, or her uniform.  And yet this animu manages (huhuhu a word pun) to make me think about baseball and stuff seriously and not focus on her legs. Speaking of Baseball, nice thing I used to play American Baseball on Master System when I was a kid, if not I wouldn’t understand all the stuff going on at all.

That Yuki bedridden girl is pretty cute too. This makes me think it’s been a while since I watched a sports anime. Didn’t like Giant Killing last year so I didn’t keep up with it, and I don’t remember watching any since 3-4 years ago…
I didn’t even know about Peter Drucker before hearing about this show. Schools in my country only teach us crap. I should make a post about it. That’s the kind of subject that makes my blood boil!

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