A list on shitkaku I’m actually okay with.

When joining my usual IRC channels when waking up, some irc friend throws at me a Sankaku list”top 20 of the best firearms users in anime”. After checking if no one’s coming in my room, I open it up reluctantly while thinking “sigh, why I’m gonna read it, it’s gonna be crap just like always” (the same feeling you have if you’re still reading Bleach nowadays). And I was very surprised, in a good way.

1. Golgo 13 (Golgo 13)

2. Neil Dylandy (Gundam 00) Hmm okay fine

3. Daisuke Jigen (Lupin III)  YEAH

4. Ryo Saeba (City Hunter) YES YEAAAAH

5. Riza Hawkeye (Full Metal Alchemist) Cool

6. Kurz Weber (Full Metal Panic!) YEAAAAH

Click here for the full list NSFW

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