Does snacks counts as banana???

One of my rolling wallpapers, by this person

“Does snacks count as banana?” Just saw this sentence in Bakatest 2 ep2.
The original sentence is of course  “Does bananas counts as snacks?” But Aki got it wrong since he’s an idiot.
I first heard it in Harvest Moon Friends of Mineral Town. I think it’s a cultural Japanese joke from when kids going on school trips can’t bring more than ~300yen worth of snack, and there’s always one kid asking if banana/fruit counts as snacks. The others kids usually come up with ideas to go around the rule, most of the time one of them makes snacks himself so they were technically free, thus breaking the 300yen limit.

2 thoughts on “Does snacks counts as banana???

  1. Terry Bogard

    Oh, that’s where it comes from. I heard this a few times but didn’t know the origin. Especially confusing when the idiots at crunchy translated this phrase (with a synonymous verb) as “Who’s bringing the kitchen sink”, even though everyone can hear the “banana” in the spoken line.

    Honestly, I never get “professional” localizers and the bizarre ways their minds work.

    1. rockmanshii Post author

      Sorry for the late reply.
      Yeah things can get a bit weird sometimes. Being a professional translator who actually try to do the job correctly is extremely hard. You can never please everyone. People who like it when things are “localized enough” and people who don’t, etc.
      For example there’s Persona 5 that got out recently in English, and while the translation is understandable and definitely not FF7 or Symphony of the Night level of bad, it could be improved in a lot of ways.
      To take the example you mentioned, I think Crunchy should have trying to find an equivalent line with at least banana in it.


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