Anime season previews

Pic by Doomfest NSFW

The Fall anime season gonna start soon.Of course, you can get a rough estimate from the information, the original material if there’s one, the staff (The FULL staff, not only the director )etc but they stay estimates, first impressions. You can’t know the quality of a show until it aired and you’ve seen it for yourself. Even the upcoming Fate/Zero,  surely looks totally awesome but, maybe it will suck. The possibility is never 0%.

It amaze me so much when someone say “this show is crap/BEST SHOW OF THE SEASON” after seeing one or two episodes, are they wizards? Of course I’m not saying first impressions (or recommendations if the show aired already) are always wrong, but they’re still first impressions. (As for recommendations, everyone got different tastes). I’m not saying Season Previews are wrong, I’m just saying people should shut their mouth if they don’t know what they’re talking about. A simple rule of life.

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