Rinne no Lagrange Guessiiiiing!!!

Pic by げっとないん

I like guessing what happens in anime, whether there’s an original material or not. (Though most of the time with non original anime I tend to keep my speculations to myself to avoid being spoiled.) I like sharing my guesses with others, I post it here and the Foolz forum I frequent I guess.

I’m happy regardless of the outcome: Predicting stuff is fun. If it turns out right it just mean the plot was well written. if it turns out wrong, it means it managed to surprise me. Each entry is more or less related. I also like to criticize myself and say it if I think there’s something wrong with the guess.

  • That Array guy from episode 1 is dead, he got his head cracked open by the suplex (he does says he was captured in episode 3’s preview though…)
  • Madoka is from Earth, Lan is the queen of Le Garite, Muginagi is from De Metrio (queen too?). The three of them will form an Earth/Le Garite/ De Metrio mix independent force for peace.
  • The three alien dudes from De Metrio are actually good guys. They need the Vox mechas power to fight something unknown that isn’t the people of Le Garite. A Third Force. The sly eyes white hair is an ally of this Third Force, he will betray the Earth side and Le Garite and make a coup removing Lan from power. Lan will be forced to fight people of her own planet. The drama throttle will be stuck on max I’d love if this would happen.
  • All of the three Vox and the 3 Ovids of the guy’s team will combine at episode 12.
  • Muginagi acts like an airhead but as an alien she’s highly intelligent and can read minds. She also have trouble controlling her body because of something (Her big boobs? Different gravity than her home planet?). She was running barefoot in episode 2 then put on her boots. Maybe that’s the reason? How did she even get inside the base in the first place? Did she teleport inside naked Trouble style, and then put her clothes on? She was running while holding her boots after all. Pics below.
  • The legend of the Vox mechas is about them traveling into space to find new pilots.
  • Madoka’s mom used to pilot Vox Aura. She asked her niece (Madoka’s cousin) to help her if she ends up piloting it too. Vox pilots have a distinctive mark on their body.

I think I’ll keep this post up and add things as time passes.

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