Saint Seiya Omega is so much fun for various reasons

Pic by 丈(たけ) (NSFW)

Saint Seiya Omega just started. Though on the internet, intense discussion about it started as soon as it was announced. It’s simple, Saint Seiya is one of the best shounen ever, and one of the most popular anime ever. I’m writing this as I am simply amazed  by the massive amount of butthurt about it, internationally. “You’re ruining my childhood, Cloths doesn’t look like that, why don’t they have Pandora Boxes, are they magical girls now, using a jewel to transform, this is only in order to sell more toys to kids etc etc etc”. These are the most prominent reactions. I’m amazed at how people gunned down the show while it haven’t even started. At the same time it’s nice because it made me see how much Saint Seiya is loved worldwide. I think it’s the first time I see a show so much discussed on every forum  I go to, in every language. To be honest I’m happy to have a Saint Seiya show with character design by Umakoshi Yoshihiko. I always thought his design would look great with Saint Seiya ever since I saw his design in Gokinjo Monogatari or more recently Casshern Sins.

By カネコツ

There’s basically those who are okay with the show like me and those who aren’t. And those who dislike it are many. That’s so funny, talking bad about a show just because it doesn’t look the same as the original. A guy on a French forum made a post mocking them by imagining if internet was the same as now when the original Saint Seiya anime started airing. What would a manga reader thinking the same way as the SSO haters would say? Things like “What the hell? Seiya is 13 in the manga, but he looks like he’s 17 in the anime!? And the Cloths look like real armors!! It’s totally not the same as the manga. They’re doing this to sell more toys to kids right!! I’m not going to watch this crap adaptation”

Even my siblings didn’t like some of the changes in SSO, especially the scarf looking thing they added on the Sagittarius’ Cloth, but they still liked it overall. It was good. The 2nd episode was even better and the third one awesome.

Another thing, it’s pretty funny how a lot of people, like say anime bloggers, keep saying things like “Saint Seiya’s return after XX years” while Saint Seiya The Lost Canvas was airing just a few years ago…  It’s also the same with Lupin. People are like “Lupin’s return after XX years” while there’s a new OVA released every year.

Pic by soh

I hope Saint Seiya Omega will be successful so maybe a new generation of people will feel like checking out the original show/manga. If it turns out bad then that’s it. I can’t understand how so many people get butthurt over it. The only thing I know is that I’m enjoying the show a lot so far. I’m looking forward to episode 4 so much. Yuna is so cute.  and dat fighting style, it’s like she’s a female version of Shu from Hokutou no Ken.

Though I wonder what will happen if the show is very successful and ends up making many new Saint Seiya fans. Will there be even more butthurt people, saying things like “Omegafags,liking this and not the original”. Kinda like how Gundam Wing/Seed brought girls fans inside. But didn’t that already happen with Saint Seiya The Lost Canvas?? A lot of new female fans were born when it got out? But then again, I think there was already a lot of female Saint Seiya fans in the first place.

I can understand this feeling a bit though, it’s like how people first watch Paella Magi Madoka Magica and think it’s the best magical girl anime ever while they’re way better magical girls shows. Or like how some people liked Gurren Lagann and think it’s the best mecha show while there’s also much better… There’s many other examples. It’s always good that watching these shows made them fans, but there’s always this little part of myself thinking “It’s good that they became fans but it’ll be nice too if they check out what inspired those shows, or at least the other ones…”

3 thoughts on “Saint Seiya Omega is so much fun for various reasons

  1. YM

    I do agree with you…it’s like saying VHS tapes are better than blu-ray in a way… I had the same feeling when they remade hunter X hunter. Although the new one is loyal to the original, the old anime version made more impact to me, because it was the first version I was exposed to. I guess it depends on how old you view the anime at and which one…

    Im not a fan of saint seiya, but by the way you wrote it made me want to watch SMO now lol.

  2. schneider

    I entirely relate to the last paragraph, as I was one of those /m/ regulars who watched Gurren Lagann as they aired, and was afraid that new super robot converts wouldn’t be willing to check out older shows. This is a little indulgent, because we’re expecting people who liked something (i.e. Gurren Lagann or SSO) to also like other similar things (i.e. Gunbuster, Saint Seiya). Some of it is in good faith, in the pure hope that these new people would enjoy old shows as we did, but there’s an entire bunch of elitists who think in terms of “if you’re a fan of X and you don’t like Y, then you’re not a TRUE FAN”.

    I’ve gotten over the fact that people will love Gurren Lagann but not the shows that inspired it for a variety of reasons (too old, dated animation, “it’s not Gurren Lagann”), because hey, people are different. Just have fun with watching whatever you like. Oftentimes these people are just not ready.

    Well anyway. I’ve seen the first half of The Lost Canvas, and I liked it. I’m watching this one, too, and I’m looking to check the original anime sooner or later!


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