Pretty Rhythm Dear My Future – 05

Hatsukoi?! My prince!!

So Miya is still pondering about how to do a Prism Act, maybe she’ll get to do one with a heart pendant, thinking it’ll boost her heart power.

Reina meets her own Korean rival, Jeun. They lie down and eat some of the sunshine together. A few days later when going to school together, they end up falling for the same guy, which turns out to be Aira’s little bro Itsuki. Jeun wants to confess but she’s not so good at Japanese yet so she asks Reina to write a love letter for her.

Reina tries to do it but gradually gets pissed with Jeun, telling her she only thinks about herself, the two gets into a fight. She also gets pissed at Ayami for asking her about makeup, Miya for asking her to search for the pendant and Karin for asking to help with her singing.

She starts sulking, when she sees Aira training, she asks her what should you do if you’re forced to choose between friendship or love. Aira tells her she should just listen to her honest feelings.

The next day before their live, Reina apologizes to Jeun and the others. There’s a full audience for the live as Kyouko used the fact that Aira organized the show as advertising. Prizmmy manage to do their show right. After the show Reina wants to give the love letter she wrote to Jeun but she says she doesn’t need it anymore, she fell in love with another guy. Everything is solved.

Outside, Aira goes back home with Itsuki, asking him who he gave fan calls to. He doesn’t tell her, but says that that girl called Reina was pretty good. Aira tells him Reina already has someone she likes thought…

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