Rinne no Lagrange: What if Madoka was a farmer girl?

I always thought Madoka walks just like Tom Sawyer in Lagrange’s ED. And in episode 16 she even dresses as him.

(Thanks to RandomC for the pic)

So I thought about what if Madoka was a farmer, and wrote this (bad) story.

Circle is a hard working girl. She lives alone in her farm in the mountains of Kamogawa. Tending to her cows and other livestock she spends every day peacefully. One day, a girl called Laffy gets washed away in the river and Circle finds and take care of her. It turns out Laffy is an alien who wanted to kidnap cows, but as she’s very clumsy she made her spaceship crash, and got lost in the forest, before falling in the river.

Laffy starts living with Circle at the farm. She slowly gets used of the farm’s life and decide to stay on earth instead of returning to her home planet. Everything goes well, when one day a girl called Suzuki Namie, coming from Tokyo, visits the farm.
She appears to want to buy the farm to build a giant theme parks with lots of Kinect devices for her beloved brother Viviguiji. Needless to say, Madoka, I mean, Circle, and her new friend Laffy doesn’t let Suzuki Namie do as she pleases. Suzuki Namie gives them one week to leave. If not, she warns them that she will take over the farm by force, thanks to her brother’s help.

During that week, Circle continued to work at the farm while Laffy went down the mountain to visit Kamogawa city. There should be her brother Dieselmine that should be there. Indeed, she isn’t the only one who infiltrated human society. She plans to ask for his help against Suzuki Namie’s evil plot. Sadly, Laffy, clumsy as she is, gets lost in the city. Completely at a loss at what to do, she sits on a bench near the beach. There, she meets a well endowed fisherwoman called Yurikano.

Yurikano, gentle lady that she is, decides to help Laffy after hearing her story.
They manage to find Laffy’s brother Dieselmine, playing in an arcade, and the three of them goes back to the farm. It’s been 6 days since Suzuki Namie’s visit, and the deadline is getting closer.  Circle, Laffy, Dieselmine and Yurikano are trying to find a way to counter Suzuki’s evil plan. They are eating dinner together, Circle and Yurikano are serving the plates. Suddenly, Circle thinks about something. She remembers that when Suzuki Namie first visited the farm, She noticed that she was quite the busty lady too. Seeing Yurikano’s own huge rack made Circle remember about this fact. So she thought of a plan and tells Dieselmine, Laffy and Yurikano about it. They will disguise Yurikano into Suzuki Namie, using a hologram device Laffy brought from her home planet, go down the mountain and to Kamogawa, set up a murder scene and frame Suzuki Namie.
The murderer will be Yurikano disguised into Suzuki Namie, and the victim will be Diezelmine, using his own hologram device to fake his death.
The next morning, the day of the deadline, they put their plan into execution.
After finishing the act, Yurikano (disguised as Suzuki Namie) leaves the scene.
When Suzuki Namie returns to Kamogawa to put her threat to execution, it was already afternoon. She is immediatly restrained and arrested when she enters the town, under the charge of cold blooded murder. Confused, she denies the fact, saying she has an alibi, as she wasn’t in town when the murder happened. But police officer Izo tells her about a certain witness’ testimony (that was actually Laffy who stayed back to act as one) :
“A very large breasted lady did the crime”
Officer Izo  adds that there isn’t a single lady with such a breast size in town right now, besides Miss Suzuki Namie. They could have suspected Fisherwoman Yurikano habitating the beach, but she’s always out at sea fishing at the hour the murder occured.
Suzuki Namie, unable to refute the accusations anymore, is sent to the Kamogawa Detention Center

Her brother Viviguiji still in Tokyo, soon gets news about his sister’s imprisonment. He decides to storm the detention center in Kamogawa alone, and rescue his sister, using the new game he just bought for Kinect, Brain Burst Gundam. The game allows him to (AW spoilers sorry) imagine a mecha and make it materialize. He uses the Brain Burst Gundam game, materialize the mecha and sets off to Kamogawa.

Meanwhile, Circle and Laffy are in the Detention Center, speaking with Miss Suzuki Namie. Suzuki explains to them with teary eyes that she just wanted to make her brother happy. And now that the situation became this bad, she doesn’t know what to do anymore, and bursts in tears. Watching her break like that, Circle and Laffy starts to feel guilty about it, thinking they should apologize, when suddenly, Viviguiji storms the building with his gundam. Wihtout harming Suzuki and the others in it, he tears up the building, thanks to the imaginative powers. He only imagined the building getting torn down, with the occupants still safe.

Suzuki Namie immediately jumps into her brothers arms. Circle and Laffy, admit what they did and start to apologize to the both of them. Viviguiji being the nice guy he is, forgives them, and Suzuki Namie, being the good little sister that she is, decides to forgive them too like her brother did. Suzuki, Lan and Circle now share a strong bond born form their struggle and hardships with each other. In the end, they all had good intentions. Suzuki Namie promises to Laffy and Circle that she won’t try to destroy the farm anymore,a nd now that they think about it, they now have a vacant lot to build the Kinect theme park. The now destroyed Kamogawa Detention Center. Viviguiji is happy that his sister is building something for him, and decides to moves fom Tokyo to the farm, so he won’t need to commute to the Theme Park everyday.
A few days later, Diezelmine, wanting to live with his sister, joins them at the farm too.
Yurikano was planning to start up a aquatic farm on ground with artificial fish breeding.
So she decides to sell her house at the beach to buy the necessary equipment,  and move to the farm too.

Now Madoka, I mean Circle, Laffy, Suzuki Namie, their respective brothers Diezelmine, Viviguiji and Yurikano, all live in the farm together. And they lived happily ever after
The end.

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