Pretty Rhythm Dear My Future – 08

“Last member wa muda o kirai?” – “The last member doesn’t like wasting her time”

Prizmmy is doing a show, when suddenly just like in episode 1, a mysterious girl gets on stage. Miya thinks it’s a challenge to her, while the girl simply got lost.

The girl is So Min, the last transfer student from Korea. The others 4 Koreans girls were worried about her, asking what the hell she’s been doing this whole time. She starts crying, admitting she got lost for a while before finding Pretty Top School and apparently participated to many Prism Show tournaments in the way. Her bag is full of trophies. She’s like a female version of Hibiki Ryouga. So Min asks in turn what the hell the Korean girls have been doing, being all friendly with Miya and co instead of trying to perfect their Prism Act.

President Asechi Kyouko interrupts them, saying she entered Prizmmy & the Korean girls to a tournament called Stand-Up Girls. Ayami starts looking for it in her memo when she’s interrupted by Jun aka Prism Ace and his broken english. JUST A MOMENT LITTLE. The tournament is explained by Jun, the winner will get the Symphonia Boots stone. It’s a part of the legendary Symphonia series. So Min asks President Kyouko why did she enter Prizmmy and not MARs. Kyouko answers MARs are way too awesome for this kind of tournament, there’s no point in entering them. So Min thinks it’s more because MARs are part of the past now. She says that her & the 4 Korean girls are better at Prism Shows than MARs, adding that she doesn’t like to waste her time. Kyouko then gives them a really important mission, that won’t make her waste her time.

Turns out the important mission is cleaning the storage room. So Min asks every other Korean girl what’s the relation between them and Prizmmy. Hye In says she and Miya are childhood friends with the same dreams. Jae Eun says she likes Reina for playing with her. Shi Yoon says Karin and her are alike so they can advice each other. Chae Kyoung considers Ayami her friend. So Min reprimands them, saying all of this is useless for Prism Acts, Miya then asks her what isn’t useless then. She can’t answer. After that, Ayami finds a book and an old DVD of the Prism Cup from three years ago. They decide to all watch it.

Meanwhile Aira and Sho are enjoying their time together (KYAAA SHOU FED A MACARON TO AIRA) when Yun-Su butts in. He asks Aira what does she thinks about all the new girls in the anime, saying they are all her children. Aira gets all slustered about it. He says that it’s because seeing her Aurora Rising from 3 years ago made all of them to become Prism Stars. That’s why they’re her children.

Back to the Pretty Top School, all the girls are watching the video of Aira’s Aurora Rising. So Min is still saying that she’s better than MARs etc when Miya says that she’s actually a big fan of MARs as she keep talking about them. So Min starts denying it while crying (1st pic). Miya says to So Min that there may be a hint to completing their Prism Act in things she deem useless.

They next day So Min watches Prizmmy’s show and even though they do a lot of useless steps she’s moved by it. Yun-Su is also watching while holding a mysterious Prism Stone.

After the show, in the backstage, Miya asks why President Asechi Kyouko is wearing a dress, Jun says she’s trying to find a new fiancee, Miya mocks her saying she’s still haven’t given up on that. Kyouko tells them they’re all going to clean the storage room again if she makes fun of her, Miya answers that it’s fine, maybe they’ll find some new treasure, showing the book and the picture of Kyouko in a kimono. Jun picks up the book, and is shocked after reading something about the legendary Prism Show, Gruthefrusch? I can’t get the name right.

After that, a man reports to another man in an office. The reporting man says that he still haven’t found “something”. Angry, the man sat in the office, gets up, and seem to  dispose of the reporting man for failing his mission. Did they just kill off someone in my girls cartoon???

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