Pretty Rhythm Dear My Future – 09

“Yureru Hearto!! Ikemen designer Taiketsu!!” – “A wavering heart!The battle of the hot designers”
Since the Prism Stone and Dear Crown shops are right next to each other, President Asechi Kyouko decides to organize an event with the two designers Sho and RIVAL OTOKO Yun-Su to make some money. They will designs outfits respectively for Prizmmy and the Korean girls in the next show, plus 2 outfits that Aira will have to choose from.

Some time later, Chae Kyoung asks Yun-Su to design clothes for her too and get pretty clingy to him. Miya says that they’re way too close even for model and designer. Hye In reveals that Chae Kyoung is Yun-Su’s little sister.

Kyouko says to Jun that Shou’s designs are declining these days, so she’s organizing this event to make him go back to his usual level.

Inside Prism Shop, Shou is currently drawing his designs with the Prizmmy girls and Aira. Miya and co think the designs are pretty good while Aira thinks it’s not like the usual Shou. He tells her to just go wear Dear Crown outfits if she doesn’t like it. They all start talking until Shou tells them to shut up and ask them to leave as he can’t concentrate. They all go by the riverbed. They meet RIVAL OTOKO Yun-Su there. He says that he likes to design outdoors, the river calms him down and shows them his design book. He makes passes to Aira like always, saying that he’s looking for a Goddess to design clothes for, and asks Aira to come by Dear Crown the next day, for the sake of his dream.

Miya and co think Aira shouldn’t go to Dear Crown, if she does, Shou will probably get angry about it and won’t design their outfits. They decide to go ask Jun for advice but they only find Penguin Sensei at the school. At first Miya lies, saying it’s about Reina and her boyfriend to test him, as they don’t think Penguin Sensei can understand women problems like these but he actually does. He tell them Shou needs shock therapy. Miya mishears it and think it’s Shark Therapy, YOU WA SHARK. That Hokuto no Ken reference was hilarious. Note: In that scene, like some others, the place the girls are really exists in Japan, it’s the fountain in the Venus Fort shopping complex in Odaiba.

Aira keeps thinking about what Yun-Su told her and goes to Dear Crown. Miya and co followed her. Karen says that women are weak against men’s dreams. Miya says that Shou will be there soon because she printed papers saying that Aira will be at Dear Crown today wearing their clothes and purposely left them at Prism Shop. Seeing Aira wear other clothes. That’s the SHARK THERAPY Shou needs.

Yun-Su and Aira are in the Prism Stone world, asking Akai Megane san to make the stones out of the outfit Yun-Su designed. Aira tries it on, Yun-Su tells her she’s the Dear Crown version of Aira. Aira goes out of the shop, where a lot of journalists are waiting, apparently the papers Miya left about Aira being there got leaked to the press. Shou is there too. Miya says the SHARK THERAPY is a success.

The next day, Aira, Miya and co are in Kyouko’s office. The fact that Aira wore a Dear Crown outfit is in the newspaper. If I got it right, because of this Shou still haven’t finished his designs, and he probably won’t make it for the fashion show the next day. Aira says she’ll go talk to him but Jun says it’s better to leave him alone. If he doesn’t finish the designs by tomorrow they’ll just use Yun-Su’s designs for Prizmmy too.

Miya runs in the rain and finds Shou near the river. She tells him that a moping guy like that doesn’t have the right to design their outfits, and asks if he’ll just let Aira get taken away by RIVAL OTOKO. She asks how come he’s not frustrated to loose to him, as he likes Aira and Aira likes him too, saying that he doesn’t understand anything. She says if he has spirit, guts and love then luck will be born. KIDO AI LUCKU. She manage to convince him and they both go back to the Prism Shop.

Karen, Reina and Ayami are in the shop too. Reina has a message from Aira to Shou, she said she believes in him. Shou gets serious and tell them to say whatever comes to mind, and he’ll draw it for the designs.

The next day, Kyouko, Yun-Su, Jun and Aira are backstage, waiting for Shou to come. Aira tells Yun-Su she’ll wear his clothes if he doesn’t make it. But Shou arrives along with Prizzmy. The show starts.

Aira is in the Prism Stone world with Akai Megane, choosing between Prism Stone or Dear Crown. She finally decides to go for Prism Stone.

Aira goes backstage to talk with Yun-Su and Shou while Prizmmy do their show. She praises Yun-Su’s design as something that made fer feel like she became a lady, no, even better, like if she became a goddess. She’d like to wear something he designed again. Though, she still chose Shou’s design, because she realized that the feeling of becoming a goddess that she felt, doesn’t come from her own satisfaction. Shou’s design makes her happy, but she feels like she’ll make the customers happy with it too. Currently she doesn’t want to be a a goddess or a muse. Yun-Su answers that it’s what she’s thinking now, but maybe the future Aira will change her mind. Shou says he’s accepting his challenge. Shou and RIVAL OTOKO are good rivals. After the show, Miya meets Yun-Su in the street and teaches him the KIDO AI LUCKU too.

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