Pretty Rhythm Dear My Future – 10

Couldn’t stop laughing at this. Aira got more than ten times their score.

Miya is really angry at Aira for some reason and decides to quit Pretty Top. Kyouko tells her she’ll need to prove her resolve if she wants to quit or the company will look bad, so she’ll let her quit if she can beat Aira at a Prism Show. Miya starts training along with Prizzmy, getting all pumped. They all decide that they will quit together if they manage to win. The day of the show,  Aira thinks she can’t let these little girls do such a mistake and go FULL POWER and does a Prism Act and totally steamrolls them. Before Prizzmy goes on stage, Aira tells them that she’s so powerful because she’s doing shows to see people smile, not for her own gains. Miya doesn’t get it. Aira tells her she should do the show to try and make her smile then. Miya ends up falling during the show, but then gets up when she sees Aira not smiling at all and worrying about her, thinking she’ll make her smile no matter what. She’s finally starting to get the power of friendship and love after 10 episodes, and even manage to enter the Prism Act Tunnel. In the end, Kyouko tells  Miya she can still quit if she wants even if she lost. Miya says it’s fun being with everyone at Pretty Top so she won’t. Also, she was so angry at Aira because she ate her melonpan, but they’re friends again now.

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