Pretty Rhythm Dear My Future – 11

The girls all go to a hot spring.


Hyein feels down at the hot springs because she feels like her and the other Korean girls are being left behind by Prizzmy. After all, Prizzmy is going to participate in the Stand up Girls tournament while Hyein & co group’s debut still isn’t decided. She gets cheered up by Rizumu, telling her she should use her time training instead of worrying. Rizumu also teaches her the JAPANESE WAY TO DRINK MILK AFTER A BATH. Hyein then goes over to the other Koreans girls, telling them they’ll start training to catch up to Prizmmy.
So Min disagrees, thinking they’re all better than the Prizzmy girls anyway. Hye In goes back to sulking again.

The next day, they learn about the fact that there’s a prism stage at the inn, Hyein challenges Prizzmy to a Prism Show but Rizumu intervenes and tell them to play Table Tennis instead. Miya is loosing badly to Hyein, when Rizumu tells them to start playing in Tag Teams. Now, Prizmmy is getting more points than Hyein and the Koreans girls. At that moment, a woman called Mishiru comes in (the woman on the pic just above). She’s the president of Dear Princess, the Korean girls’ company. She asks them what the hell are they doing, loosing to Prizzmy like that. So Min tries to speak up but is interrupted by Hyein. The thing is, Prizzmy has teamwork while the korean girls doesn’t. That’s what Hyein is realizing. Their hearts still aren’t united as a team. Rizumu tells Hyein that your friends are always with you and you should rely on them. Hyein then apologize to her teammates for getting worked up all alone, saying she wants to do her debut together with them. So Min agrees and they reconciliate. Hyein says they’ll train even more now!!!

The next day, MARs are the one doing a Prism Show on the stage, and Rizumu unleashes her Prism Act, Aurora Memorial, which is about her life, and then marrying Hibiki and getting all lovey dovey… Mion and Aira are all flustered after it, asking if showing something like that is acceptable…

After the show, Hyein tells Miya & the rest of Prizzmy  to do their best at the Stand up Girls tournament and win the Symphonia Boots stone. Speaking of Symphonia stuff, Chae Kyoung remembers that her brother Yun Su told her something about it once, but can’t remember what…


There is a lot to say about this episode cultural wise. Like how Hyein steamrolled Miya at Table Tennis. Because everyone knows Koreans and Chinese are super strong at Table Tennis, right? Kinda subtle racism stereotype here. Though the main reason is that Hyein has better stamina than all of the girls thanks to her harsh training. And then they introduced the Koreans girls’ manager, Mishiru, who’s strict as hell, and always carrying a hourglass. Koreans idols must have it hard.

Another thing cultural wise is how the girls went into the hot springs in swimsuits, not bare naked. Well I guess it’s still a show about little girls for little girls, even in Japan where everyone bath naked. Showing them naked wouldn’t be right.

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