Pretty Rhythm Dear My Future 35

PRAD2 35 things just got real

It was the best episode since the marvelous finale of the first season.  Watching it made me just as hyped as watching the many videos of the new SRW OG. (I am still looking for a 2nd hand PS3 to buy…)

Tears, shouting, confessions, greatness, hilariousness, DRAMA, EVERYTHING. I really don’t want to spoil the plot in case someone actually reads this and decide to watch the show (Be sure to start by watching Pretty Rhythm Aurora Dream as Dear My Future is the sequel), but wow, this episode was really amazing.

Just like Jun said. TIME HAS COME!!  THE REAL PRISM SHOW IS ABOUT TO BEGIN. We are now entering the final 15 episodes. It’s gonna be glorious. I really hope I get to see them all.

Next episode, the Road To Symphonia championship begins with Sprouts team Vs Serenon With Kaname team.

Kaname is going to ravage Sprouts.

kaname yuri reap 01kaname yuri reap 02


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