Third season of Pretty Rhythm announced

Pretty Rhythm Rainbow Live promo

And it’s called Pretty Rhythm Rainbow Live. I was expecting this kind of announcement as last year, the second season Dear My Future was announced in January as well. Judging from the promo picture with only new characters on it, it seems like Aira’s story will finally end with the ending of the second season Pretty Rhythm Dear My Future.

After being the main heroine in Pretty Rhythm Aurora Dream, and continuing in Dear My Future along with new heroines, Aira and her friends’ story lasted for two years and 102 episodes. If they really don’t appear in this third season, I’ll miss them. At least they’ll end with a blast, as the currents episodes of Pretty Rhythm Dear My Future are excellent.

3 thoughts on “Third season of Pretty Rhythm announced

  1. Silver

    Wow a third season already?! Here I’m stuck on episode 38 since that’s all that have been subbed so far. I did however acquired all the raws so far and raws from the Dear My Future. I’m quite sad though that the series extremely underrated in the English speaking communities. You barely find anything on it anywhere. On AnimeSuki Forums, there’s not even a thread for it!

    1. rockmanshii Post author

      I don’t go on Animesuki but I figured every anime got a thread on there so I’m surprised to hear that. One day it’ll get more popular.
      You should try watching the episodes you have in raw, maybe you won’t find it as hard to understand as you think.


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