Pretty Rhythm Dear My Future: The failure of Serenon with Kaname

prad artist アカサタ@三択 serenon with kaname


I tend to avoid doing such fanboy posts about certain scenes in Pretty Rhythm as my goal is to make readers watch it, not to spoil them, but I really want to write about this scene which marked me. Massive spoilers ahead. Up to episode 38 of DMF. I’ll still try to leave out as much things as possible. Some details are too good to be spoiled.

In episode 35 of Pretty Rhythm Dear My Future, Aira was given by the villain the latest Symphonia Dress. As she can hear the voices of clothes, she’s so mesmerized by it’s design that she pretty much gets brainwashed by it. The next day at a press conference, she announces that she and her team MARs will not participate in the Prism Queen Cup like every year until now, but in the Road To Symphonia Cup instead. At this time the other characters do not know this is part of the villain’s plan and that she is literally brainwashed, so they just go along with it. Especially Serena and Kanon who decide to participate in the Road To Symphonia Cup too as they’re MARs’ rivals.

In episode 36 the cup starts. The first match will be Serenon With K going against Sprouts. Serenon With K is a trio team of Serena, Kaname and Kanon. They are the the girls on the opening picture of this post from right to left. Sprouts is a trio team made of a mix up between the Korean girls and the Japanese girls.  They are from right to left Jae Eun, Ayami and Reina.

PRAD2 Sprouts artist マロニエ


During this episode, Kaname was reading an anime magazine. Before the show started, she noticed Ayami’s worries by licking and sniffing her, thanks to her animal-like instincts. The truth is Ayami is very anxious about going against Serenon With K. She’s about to compete against her seniors after all. She’s worrying about dragging her team down. Kaname tells her that worries and happiness are tied together. Kaname used to be an orphan and back then she wasn’t happy, and didn’t have any worries either. Now that she has a new family and friends, she has things to worry about, but also a lot of happiness to go with it.

As Serenon With K were going to do their show first, and since she’s so nice, Kaname asked Serena and Kanon to do something in order to cheer up Ayami, instead of their usual Prism Act Manzai Princess. (Prism Acts are the thing they do in Pretty Rhythm after doing all the Prism Jumps and entering the rainbow like tunnel).

During their show, they did a new Prism Act called Super Heroine Time (reference to TV Asahi’s Super Hero Time) which was an embodiment of anime and tokusatsu heroism. They materialized Ayami’s anxiety into a giant monster and fought it. They first were about to loose against the monster in pure Super Sentai fashion until they powered up. They then destroyed it all while saying cool lines and posing, in a ultra over the top way. That was one of the most awesome scenes in the show and made me feel like I’m watching a nekketsu anime. Not even Captain Tsubasa had three people shooting a ball at the same time. I think I remember it did happen during counters, but not three people shooting in the same direction. And then that hurricane of roses. All three of them then transformed into a unicorn, which rammed the monster, utterly destroying it and posed in front of the explosion.

PRAD2 not even captain tsubasa ever did this

Kaname: Prism Stars will never give up!

All three: Justice will definitely prevail!!

prad 2 serenon with k 02

Kaname: Blooming roses have thorns!

Kanon: A maiden’s heart’s painful feelings…

Serena: Have them engraved into your soul!!

prad 2 serenon with k 01

All Three: To protect our friends’ future!

prad 2 serenon with k 03 prad2 unicorn destroyprad2 unicorn destroy 01
prad 2 serenon with k 04

That unicorn was so Obari.

Thanks to Kaname, Ayami manned up and did her show with Sprouts. The tournament continued in episode 37 with the others’ turns. Until it was MARs’ turn. And then in episode 38 super crazy things happen with MARs’ performance, and Aira did a crazy Symphonia Prism Act by herself. Kaname notices that the one on stage “isn’t really Aira”. Even the other girls started to get mesmerized by the power of Symphonia. After the show is over, Aira announces she’s leaving Pretty Top for the Symphonia Corporation along with Mion and Rizumu. Even if they were against it, since she asked them before the show as a favor to their best friend, they couldn’t refuse. Everyone is left shocked, speechless or a combination of both. If they ended the show right there it would have been the best bad end ever in a kids show.


In episode 39, everyone is at a loss to what to do. They need to find a way to bring back Aira. Suddenly there’s a live announcement on TV about a new tournament called Sky High Symphonia that anyone can participate in. If you win, MARs will join your company but if you loose you’ll join the Symphonia company. All the girls are scared like cats to go against Aira and MARs but Serenon and Kaname decide to do it. Kaname is even more determined as she received a call from Rizumu telling her to rescue Aira. Rizumu told her that Aira’s heart is trapped in Symphonia’s world. Not only they will need to win against MARs in a Prism Show, they also must break Aira’s brainwashing. Kaname says that justice will definitely prevail. And this is when the scene I want to talk about happens.

prad 2 serenon with k 05

The next day, Sky High Symphonia begins with MARs’ performance. Since Mion and Rizumu want to save Aira too, they don’t do any Prism Jumps during the show, only Aira does as she’s brainwashed. But even so, getting more points than Aira alone is a difficult task. Serena, Kanon and Kaname aren’t afraid and start their own show, do their respective Prism Jumps and manage to get to the Symphonia world’s gate.  Kaname says that Aira is definitely inside and she can hear her voice. So they decide to force it open.

They manage to forcefully open the 1st door, the gate of hell looking one, using Heartsonic Star Ballon D’or (the triple soccer shoot Prism Jump from above), but cannot open the real Symphonia door behind it. Even when using the Prism Fire Rose Hurricane, and Prism Unicorn Destroy, the Prism Jumps I described above. After the Unicorn hit it, the door was still there, closed. Until Aira herself opened it from the inside.

prad 2 serenon with k 07

She then speaks with Kaname, Serena and Kanon, and tell them hard. Serenon with Kaname got told on their justice. I was extremely shocked when I saw this scene. I wasn’t expecting Aira to break them down like this with her words:

Aira: You cannot open the door of Symphonia using brute force. People with power are under the assumption that their own power is justice. After that, they force their own idea of justice on others. However, real justice doesn’t need violence. Who decided that you were the ones correct? Fools who only rely on violence cannot open this door.

After she was done with her speech denying the hope and dreams of kids, the door started to close again. Kaname still tried to pull her out but couldn’t get past. Aira told her right before the door closed that she can’t enter without Symphonia designed clothes.

prad 2 serenon with k 08

In the end, they finished their Prism Show without saving Aira. And they lost. This is how Serenon with Kaname failed. But at least after seeing their attempt, the other girls stopped being scared and decided to participate in Sky High Symphonia. If you want to know the rest you’ll need to watch the show. That arc was great.

I really didn’t expect that Super Heroine Time Prism Act in episode 36. It was so over the top and amazing. It truly was an embodiment of Nekketsu and heroic spirit found in Sentai and the like. Of course, I expected even less that they would mercilessly crush that spirit with Aira’s speech. Pretty Rhythm does awesome things for a kids show, and I enjoy it greatly. This is why target audience doesn’t matter.

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