Utsuro no Hako to Zero no Maria vol6

hakomari vol 6 cover


Mikage Eiji is a genius. Hakomari would be my favorite LN ever if not for Slayers and Baccano!  I’m definitely buying all the volumes if I ever get a proper source of income.

That one had a bit less twists than Volume 5 but they had thirty times the impact. There’s only one volume left now. I can’t wait to see how everything will end. I love how despite all the things that happened, I still love Kazuki and can sympathize with him. Now that’s great writing. He had such awesome one liners this time too:

*Kazuki pushes down the girl. Panic can be seen in her eyes*

Kazuki: “Go feed your panic to a dog or something.”

I couldn’t wipe away my huge grin the whole time.

One thing I must praise besides the story, is how much Tetsuo-san, the artist, has improved. Its not like I didn’t already like his style at the beginning. I always loved how his illustrations made the characters look plain but good and recognizable. Their designs were full of simpleness, yet they still managed to leave an impression. However when I first saw the illustrations in volume 6, I was thoroughly shocked. They look simply stunning. Just look:

Kazu from Volume 4:

hakomari vol4

Kazu from Volume 6:

hakomari vol 6 kazu

Volume 5’s illustrations were great but not that good. It’s like if between Volumes 4 and 6, Tetsuo-san removed all his limiters, activated the Triple Boost, Good Luck Mode, equipped a Red Ring and absorbed Androids 17 &18.  Just imagine how gorgeous the illustrations in volume 7 will look. I cannot wait.

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