What does an anime director do?

record of lodoss war deedlit artist アガハリ post


I don’t understand people who judge anime before it aired, by the director or by the studio working on it. But I admit myself I don’t really have a concrete idea of what exactly an anime director is anyway, since I never really cared. I really don’t care who works on a show. If I like it then cool, if I don’t like it then too bad. Anyway, I do have a precise definition of it now thanks to Nolife. To put it simply, the animators working on an anime each have their own way of drawing, their own animation style, their own way of doing scene transitions, etc. The role of the director is to check everything they draw and make it coherent, by correcting it if necessary, in order to make the audience feel like it was all made by a single person.

Now, through a few transitions, I could start talking about how a lot of people these days say Kakumeiki Valvrave is similar to Code Geass because they have the same writer, while really they don’t really have that much in common. Plus we’re only 2 episodes in!

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