Pretty Rhythm Rainbow Live – 04

PRAD3 jimmie hendrix rinne

Naru did this week’s Prism Show, though it got hijacked by Rinne. She may have done the same jumps as in episode 1, my heart totally skipped a beat when she slid on the rainbow walkway she created herself. I couldn’t believe my eyes. I also loved how she counted her jumps just like Amuro would count the zakus he’d shot down.

PRAD3 4 beru 01

The other scenes catching my attention is how Beru is again confronted with Naru’s aloofness, but managed to keep her composure. The most obvious route Beru can follow would be snapping and turn into the rival that’s angry because a girl who doesn’t know anything can rival with her without any hard work. I really hope this doesn’t happen as I’ve seen enough of that already. It would be really nice to see her keep her calm at all times like she did this episode and never go down the path of the jealous girl.

wakana fang PRAD3

And then there was Wakana, who seems to hate An. She only reacted from hearing her name, not seeing An’s face. From the fact that it’s a sport show and that An is the captain of the Prism Show club of her school, I think Wakana must have met An’s team (she didn’t personally meet An) at some kind of tournament and ended up loosing. She then heard the team she lost to was lead by Fukuhara An, and now holds a grudge against her. It’s also pretty funny how Wakana calls Naru the “chuugakusei tenchou/ middle-schooler manager” while she’s a chuugakusei herself.

PRAD3 04 rinne

We’ll get a new song next episode.

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