Bimbogami ga!! & References

BinbougamiGa! ch57 50 PARODIES

I love this manga, it’s one of my favorite shonen manga, as in I like it just as much as Dragon Ball, Saint Seiya, Hokuto no Ken or City Hunter. I like it that much. It does everything it does perfectly, it has romance, great characters and it’s hilarious. The manga is finally getting published here too. Anyway, I love Bimbogami Ga so much and yet I’m not planning to watch the anime. I don’t feel like watching it. Besides the lack of time and other things, the reason I’m about to talk about now is the fact that from the bits I’ve seen of it, there’s way more parodies than in the manga. The panel on top is from volume 12’s afterword, and it seems to confirm my assumptions.

I like parodies and references when they contribute to the plot, and if they’re actually funny. If you don’t get the reference, the scene should be funny, and if you do get the reference, the scene should be even funnier. This is my definition of a good reference or parody. I don’t like the act of putting references just for the act of doing it.
I like it when they stay in the show’s continuity. Like, if a character says a line that was used in a popular show, you could turn that scene into a parody by drawing the character in the same style as the character who said the line originally. (This happens a lot in the manga.) A really good example of a show with good continuity with parodies is Seto no Hanayome. If you’ve read or seen that you should easily get what I mean. An example of references I don’t like are the ones in Nyaruko.

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