A french soldier was stabbed in Paris yesterday

Luckily for him he’s not dead. Unluckily the culprit got away. The police said they don’t know anything about his identity or motives yet, and are looking for him. They also didn’t reveal anything about his appearance. Let’s take a look at the general reactions of various journalists right after the incident:

Journalist A (La Parisien, newspaper) : “The suspect was wearing arab-looking clothes and had a beard.”
I remind you, the police didn’t say anything about his appearance.
Journalist B (on a TV news channel called BFMTV): “We don’t have many details about the incident yet, but we’re confronted to an act of copycat to what happened in London a few days ago”
I’m pretty sure that guy is a Newtype, as the police themselves doesn’t know that, and said that they are envisaging all scenarios.
Jokes aside, This is really ridiculous and sad how medias in my country reeks of islamophobia. I’m actually starting to think about becoming a journalist myself to try and change things.

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