This blog is three years old

hokuto no ken raoh pose

Unlike last year I didn’t forget about it, and my exams weren’t in the way. Though last year I could have always written a post in advance, I didn’t think it was worth it. I am finally starting to feel just a little bit proud of this blog though, so this year I’m doing it. I don’t really have anything interesting to say though so I’m just going to write about what comes to mind.

Yesterday, I watched D-1 Devastator. It was a pretty cool, good old 90’s ova. It was a mix of Obari, Back To The Future, and Speed, which was actually released after it! I also think I got an idea for Alteisen’s upgrade in the next OG game. It’s going to use double drill stakes. I also watched the first of the two s-CRY-ed recap movie, without subs. As you may know these days, anything that isn’t streamed by Crnuchyroll/any official streaming site, rarely gets subbed, as most of the subs you can find are rips of said sites, or remixes of them, just like Marisa Stole The Precious Thing. I probably never heard the original version of that song. Anyway, it was really fun seeing Kazuma again spin and hear him yell his cool attack names. It was really nice hearing Straight Cougar misspell names and talk like crazy. Also Scheris is easily my favorite Hirai female character. Lunamaria sucks compared to her. Nice thing I didn’t watch s-CRY-ed when it originally aired in 2001, but only in 2008 or something when it aired on Nolife, or I don’t think I would’ve been to handle all the nostalgia, truly a great show.

scherris scryed artist まもの


Getting back to this blog, I actually get comments now, which means the around 200 views a day I get aren’t only bots and search engines. Also, my report about Ryukishi07’s conferences at Epitanime last year got linked on Tvtropes’s Umineko page. I’m so poplar. Speaking of that I’m writing another one right now about this year’s guests, Urobuchi Gen and Nitro + boss Kosaka Takaki, so look forward to it. I’m still trying to write about less popular anime, like Pretty Rhythm, my current favorite show. I’m even blogging the 3rd season Rainbow Live even though I dislike episodic blogging.

I hope I’ll keep having fun writing on this blog.

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