Pretty Rhythm Rainbow Live – 08, 09

Episode 8

prad3 8 01

We finally got to see Kazuki. The 3rd and last love interest of the show. He’s a street dancer who does Prism Shows. He’s also older than the girls as he already graduated from high school. Obviously what shocked me the most this episode was the fact that they’re going to use CG for the boys dance scenes in this season, just like the girls. In Aurora Dream and Dear My Future, all the boys, Callings’ and Love Mix’s Prism Shows were traditionally animated. I wholeheartedly agree with this initiative. I don’t know why they only started doing it now. Perhaps they feel like the current CG in the show is so good it would be a waste not to use it.

In S1 & S2, the main guys, Shou, Hibiki and Wataru were already friends from the start and in the same band, so in the end they actually didn’t get many scenes showing them together. There’s also the fact that Wataru ended up being the less developed character of both seasons, though he did have great scenes, like the time when he told Shou he’d steal Aira from her if he doesn’t actually start dating her. The staff seems to have learned from these mistakes as there’s much more interactions between the different male love interests and the heroines this time, which further blurs the line of who’ll end up with who. In the previous seasons, I could swear that Shou and Mion barely ever talked to each other. Though I think the staff themselves were aware of this, as Mion did tell Aira to drop Shou and go with Yunsu when Aira was conflicted about how to answer their feelings.

PRAD3 hiro lineart

Kazuki and Hiro’s dance battle was pretty cool. I understand now why the lineart picture above (from Director san’s twitter) features a shot of Hiro’s belly button.

Episode 9

PRAD3 9 rinne gif

I’m pretty proud of this gif I managed to make. Rinne’s performance was great. I can’t wait for the full version of gift, her theme song. You can hear a sample of it and of the other songs on the official youtube channel.

I’m surprised that somehow, Otoha isn’t as cowardly as she seems. I mean, she didn’t hide her fangirlism for Rinne in front of Beru, and she at least didn’t apologize for it like she usually does. She also got some (lesbian?) vibes going on with Ito. They’re destined rivals, but maybe they’ll also become friends. Can’t say the same about Wakana and An who are always at each other’s throats.

Wakana is Edel Rose’s number 2, this means she’s a pretty good Prism Star. If not for the sudden storm she would’ve probably crushed An. It was too early for An to challenge her. Speaking of which, I believe that plot-wise, episode 9 of a 51 episodes sports anime is too soon for two rivals to go at it seriously. Real confrontations won’t be until episode 12-13, the first climax of the show. And Wakana did mention a tournament in this episode so things are moving forward. We’ll get to see what the staff prepared for us. I hope I won’t be disappointed. One of my biggest hopes is Rinne getting her memory back during this quarter climax. My second hope is for Juné to make an appearance during the tournament, similar to how Mion was introduced in s1. The director of the show tweeted last week about how “the character introductions aren’t over yet”. The show is doing extremely well so far and it’s my favorite show of the season so I hope it will keep at it.

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