Tweets from staff working on Pretty Rhythm: 6/22~6/28

prad3 rinne artist はりがね post


From time to time, I check out the twitter of Hishida Masakazu, the director of Pretty Rhythm, and of Otobe Yoshihiro, the CG director. They often say interesting and funny things about the show. Instead of keeping it to myself and the IRC channels I lurk on, I thought I’d start posting here what I read. My Japanese reading comprehension is far from perfect though and I often use google translate so I’ll only write things I’m 99% sure of. Sorry for the lousy translation.

From Hishida san’s twitter:

They had it pretty hard these past few weeks, with the episodes having 2 dances scenes, since it’s a tournament and all. But they managed to pull through.

About the cat silhouette thing during Wakana’s perfomance. They had the idea to do this since Dear My Future, but it didn’t look good enough with the 3DCG from back then. He’s happy that Otobe san and the others working on the CG managed to make it good enough so they could use it this time. (I think they were planning to use it with Ayami cat maid clothes as Sprouts)

The other day there was a column on Pretty Rhythm in a magazine for little girls, but he’d like to remind everyone that Pretty Rhythm is a show directed toward everyone, not just little girls.

“If you’re a fan of Kakihara san (the seiyuu voicing Kouji) or Maeno san (seiyuu voicing Hiro) be sure to watch tomorrow’s episode (episode 13). They”ll show you a great performance. Of course, the people who usually watch the show, be sure to watch it too! We’ll finally get to know who wins the Dreaming Session! Will it be Beef or Chicken, or Kelly Inoue?”

From the character designer’s twitter: “Beru san’s My Song is coolly erotic”

From Otobe san’s twitter:

Nothing really interesting this week. He often talks about how he feels dizzy from work. Animators and people working on anime in general have it hard. A few weeks ago when Love Live was still airing he often used to tweet about how he hurried back home so he could watch it. Speaking of which, he didn’t work on the CG in Love Live’s anime itself, but he worked on the first promotional PV before the show started airing.

If I’m not too busy I’ll try to do this next week too.

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