Tweets from staff working on Pretty Rhythm: 6/29~7/05

prad3 odeco twitter guys 01

See previous post for introduction.

Hishida Masakazu:

“What are everyone thoughts about Kakihara san (Kouji) and Maeno san (Hiro) intense discussion last week?  Did you like it?”

“Himuro, which was introduced in episode 13, is the chairman of the Prism Show Association. He’ll have an important role in the show so look forward to it. Don’t only pay attention to the pretty boys though. Bell’s prism show was so coolly erotic, that flipping skirt. truly the performance of a queen. Naru’s lovely rainbow was pretty different from the others jumps until now. “

New ED is sung by i☆Ris. Serizawa Yuu, who’s voicing Ann, is part of the group.  The person who did the storyboard for the new OP is Kawaguchi Keiichiro.

“Hiro sama’s solo song is so sweet. ” I guess Hiro will sing in episode 14.

“Recently, Kakihara san asked me if his character (Kouji) will also do Prism Jumps.”

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