Tweets from staff working on Pretty Rhythm: 8/03~8/09

artist 挵 wakana untied hair post prad3


For an introduction on these posts, read here. I don’t cover every week worth of tweets, as sometimes there isn’t anything interesting, (or anything I can understand).

Hishida Masakazu:

  • “First cour of RL was the Prism Stone arc. The second cour is Edel Rose arc.”
  • Joking about how Ito will be riding a Gundam. (Komatsu Mikako will be voicing the main character of the next Gundam show Gundam Build Fighters. )
  • “If you want to hear Komatsu Mikako do a cute little girl voice, be sure to watch episode 19!” (It has a flashback with loli Ito.)
  • “Episode 19’s opening with have slight changes.” (I think they’ll add a shot of Bell, Oto and Wakana dancing)
  • “The only one who can make the CG made by Pretty Rhythm’s CG director Otobe Yoshihiro shine the most IS MEEE!!” (copying Hiro’s yandere line about Kouji’s song, “Theone who can sing Mihama Kouji’s songs best IS ME, Hayami Hiro!!!”) Director-san is a pretty cool guy.
  • Something will happen between Kazuki and Rinne in episode 19.

odeco twitter pretty rhythm roll cake prad3

Pretty Rhythm roll cakes.

Otobe Yoshihiro:

  • He rewatched the 3rd Dear My Future opening recently, for reference about effects. The 3rd Dear my Future opening is my favorite so I approve.
  • “Komatsu-san wa kurosu (puritīrizumu) bōn (mōpai) Gandamu ni noreba kanpekida to omou.” Joking about how Komatsu Mikako could pilot the Crossbone gundam. “Cross”/Ito, and “bone” because she voiced Marika in Moretsu Pirates, and pirates implies bones flag.

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