Pretty Rhythm Rainbow Live – 20

prad3 20 06

I have to admit I was expecting something better, most of it only turned out to be build up and Juné’s introduction. I got hyped for nothing last week. If this was Aurora Dream or Dear My Future, doing something as cool as three Prism Lives at the same time would have made something crazy happen, like summoning a gate to hell. In here, nothing happened… I really hope amazing things start happening in this season soon.

prad3 20 04 beef or chicken or fish

At least we got to see Beef or Chicken or Fish again.

prad3 20 02

The show didn’t forget about the other characters. The reason Hiro is interested in Bell is because he thinks they’re alike: Two talented persons who will climb up to the top and are destined to be alone. He really is crazy. I wonder how he’ll reacts once Bell makes up with Oto and starts viewing Naru and co as friends.

prad3 20 04

Juné is voiced by Shishido Rumi. Roles I know from her are Enpi Chan in Dororon Enma Kun Meramera, Momo in Xenosaga Or Chisato/Sakuya in Tales of Innocence. Her voice is pretty high pitched, I was expecting something deeper.

prad3 20 05

I’m thinking for a while now about what role Juné is going to play. The first theories that come to mind is that she’s actually Rinne, or a split personality of her. In the ads before the show started, Juné’s penguin, Starn, was shown with Rinne. I think the peacock penguin that Rinne has is actually Starn. You could see both of them in the dream sequence in episode 18 though. However in this episode, It seemed like Starn and Rinne sensed each other. And then Juné said “I don’t want to be found yet”. Will she return to Rinne’s body or disappear if they meet? I wonder.

prad3 20 june full jpg

Next episode is about Otoha again. Maybe this is the episode that will finally make me like her.

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