Pretty Rhythm Rainbow Live – 21

prad3 21 otoha

As much as I hate her, I already said it when seeing the 2nd OP for the first time: I have to admit she looks really good with that dress. The episode was nice but since it’s Otoha I don’t really feel like writing anything. And she breathed like a dog again too. Uuuurgh.

prad3 21 otoha prism live gif 02 prad3 21 otoha prism live gif 01

Tweets from last week:

Director san revealed that if you take the first letter of each heroine’s name you get Rainbow. I would have never noticed myself… Some of the guys I chat about the show with noticed though so I guess I’m stupid… He joked about the main character being Hiro too.

“The concept of Rainbow Live is from good morning to good night.” I guess this will make more sense near the end of the show because for now I don’t get it.

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3 Responses to Pretty Rhythm Rainbow Live – 21

  1. Erwin Fitzwilliam Fairchild says:

    Otoha was mad styling on the Edel Roses with her prism live and triple jump.

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