Anticipating Yozakura Quartet – Hana no Uta –

This is the show I’m looking forward to the most next season. I’m a huge fan of Yozakura Quartet, fan enough to buy the volumes. It’s one of my favorite shonen recently, along with stuff like Bimbougami Ga (which just ended), or Shoukoku no Altair.

This series will take place after the events of the last OVAs, subtitled Hoshi no Umi, but I remember reading that it will be newcomer friendly. I’m sure they’ll use the first few episodes to reintroduce the setting and characters so things won’t be too confusing for newcomers. I still suggest reading the manga just in case, and watching the 3 Hoshi no Umi OVAs, which were a very faithful adaptation, and had terrific animation. I wouldn’t recommend watching the first tv series from 2008 though, as the story was different from the manga. In any case, remember that Hana no Uta is a sequel, so logically you shouldn’t be watching it first.

yq calendar preview

That feel when no one will ever scan this calendar.

I don’t know much about animation. However, if I had to say briefly what do I consider “good animation”, what I like seeing, I’d say the most important to me is fluidity and the character’s design. If a character moves smoothly, without making the character look off model, all while keeping the background (barely any/no speedlines) that’s good animation. The staff working on the past Yozakura Quartet OVAs managed to find a perfect balance between the two. Sure, they sacrificed Suzupin’s artstyle from the manga for something different, but it was well worth it. And the same staff from the Hoshi no Umi OVAs will be working on this new tv series, with Ryo Timo directing again. Remember this video? Ryo-Timo is one of the animators who worked on it.

Last thing, there’s a new set of OVAs being produced, subtitled – Tsuki ni Naku -the first one will be bundled with the limited edition of volume 14, the release day is the 9th of October, so around the same time the new tv series will be airing. However, this new set of OVAs will cover the arc set AFTER the story covered by the new tv series, so unless if you’re reading the manga you shouldn’t watch tsuki ni naku before finishing hana no uta or you’ll spoil yourself.

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