Pretty Rhythm Rainbow Live – 22

prad3 22 01

Nothing really happened this week, besides putting up the setting for the next episode. If I liked bashing shows to sound cool, I’d say that I had the same face as Naru during the whole episode. They briefly showed Kouji as Ito decided to ask him to write the song they’ll use for the trio tournament. She won’t have the time to do it herself as she haven’t finished her summer homework. There was more hints about how their fathers used to know each other too. Seems like my hypothesis about the traffic accident mentioned in episode 19 is right. Also, one of the things which pushed Wakana to confront Ann with their shared past is the fact that she noticed how Oto changed. Otoha changing is the drive that is pushing Wakana’s change too, and then it’ll lead to Beru.

prad3 22 wakana smugface

I think they could have skipped a few things, like the dance scene in this episode, in order to fit both episodes 22 & 23 into one, as next week is a continuation of today’s story. Wakana will properly tell Ann about the promise she broke.

prad3 22 wakana smugface penguin bullying gif 01 prad3 22 wakana smugface penguin bullying pairtomo gif 02

This episode had a few jokes for once, but they were all mildly funny at best. If there’s one complaint I have about Rainbow Live is that opposed to the first two seasons, the show isn’t funny. Aurora Dream and especially Dear my Future had great servings of both comedy and drama, and managed to mix the two perfectly. In Rainbow Live, besides the occasional funny reactions of Rinne, there’s no character dedicated to comedic relief. I’m not saying there should be one completely dedicated to it, but it’s possible to make one while keeping them interesting. Just look at Serenon. There isn’t enough Tanaka cameos either.

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