Pretty Rhythm Rainbow Live – 24

prad3 24 02

This episode was in a nutshell why I love Pretty Rhythm so much and think it’s the best show airing for two years now.

prad3 24 0

To be honest, I was about to loose hope about Rainbow Live, thinking that while it’s a good show, it would never be on the same level of the first two seasons. The main reasons being it’s total lack of comedy elements and drama scenes lacking in impressiveness. Thankfully, this episode shook off the doubts I had. The staff finally showed what they can do and I really hope things only get better from now on.

prad3 24 01

Like always, it’s nice that while the episode focused on Bell, the others characters weren’t relinquished to oblivion, as Ito had her share of screentime too. The episode had a great sense of tension thanks to the switch of focus between her and Bell.

prad3 24 08 hiro glasses

Hiro also appeared after 3-4 episodes of silence.

prad3 24 03

Watching through the episode really made my heart hurt. Bell deserved what happened to her because of all the bitch moves she did, but I wasn’t expecting this much. I feel sorry for her.

prad3 24 04prad3 24 05

Design wise, she was my favorite character before the show started. She’s definitely my favorite character now. I’m looking forward to future interviews of Tomatsu Haruka, with her saying that Bell is one of the best characters she ever played, and that she didn’t expect such deep and meaningful characterization in a kids show, making Pretty Rhythm even more popular than it is. It’ll happen, right?

prad3 24 06

I really thought she would actually jump in this scene. This is the second time suicide is (indirectly) referenced in Pretty Rhythm. The first time being near the end of s2/Dear My Future. It’s a pretty big issue in Japan after all.
Notice the “Jounouchi” building in the background, Serena‘s family name and the name of her father’s zaibatsu.

prad3 24 07

Will Bell manage to do the Prism Live next episode?!! Will she leave to study violin in France?!? Will Bell’s mom get (emotionally) slapped?? Like I was saying last week I REALLY hope this actually happen, she’s even showing a shocked face in the jikai. In either way, we’re heading toward the climax of this second cour now. The director himself said that the first cour was focused on Naru/Ann/Ito and the second on Bell/Wakana/Otoha. If so, I wonder if the third cour will be about the boys Kouji/Kazuki/Hiro, and the last one about Juné and Rinne.

prad3 24 totally not miya

As a side note, the politician’s daughter, Megumi, I thought she looked a lot like Miya. Then when I read the cast list in the credits, I saw her seiyuu was Ookubo Rumi. She really is Miya!

What the show’s director tweeted between episode 23 and 24:

“If Pretty Rhythm continues for another ten years, I’ll be able to make a season about Prism Shows being a sports at the Olympics!”

He retweeted a girl who basically tweeted him: “Pretty Rhythm is interesting, but it became boring after a while when Rainbow Live started.” I’m not the only who was thinking this. He said he’ll do his best.

9 thoughts on “Pretty Rhythm Rainbow Live – 24

  1. Erwin Fitzwilliam Fairchild

    I’m glad to hear that Tomatsu Haruka enjoys her character so much. I doubt Gotou Saori feels the same way about Otoha.

    1. rockmanshii Post author

      Hahaha, that’s just me being delusional sorry. I have no idea if there’s an interview where she actually said that. I’m searching if any seiyuu ever said something about the show though.


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