Pretty Rhythm Rainbow Live – 25

prad3 25 01prad3 25 02

I know right Naru? Bell is the same age as you and yet she’s so much better than you at everything.

prad3 25 03

I was disappointed that Hiro didn’t confess to Bell to keep her from going. Though, if you have a wild imagination, there was plenty of confessions in this episode, as Bell, Wakana and Oto each said that they love each other. Since the time she learned to say her opinion and true feelings, Oto keeps asking everyone to do the same now, it’s like her catchphrase. I have to admit I like her a bit more now.

prad3 25 06

The airport scene reminded me of a certain particular scene at the end of the first season. You know which scene I’m talking about. If you don’t, how about stopping being so weak and watch Aurora Dream? I didn’t cry this time though.

prad3 25 07

Ritsu finally got told, and by Bell herself. Seems like she has some kind of daughter complex. The reason she’s putting so much pressure on Bell is because she thinks she wasn’t “successful in life”, so she doesn’t want her daughter to end up like that too, and wants her to at least excel in something. I didn’t really get the last things she said when Bell left her at the airport because of her sobbing, but it was pretty funny. I hope Bell will apologize to her properly later. She was in the right but she still left her all alone at the airport. I wouldn’t marry a girl who doesn’t take care of her parents even if they’re horrible.

prad3 25 05

This whole scene were pretty funny. I wonder if Juné likes Hijiri. If she does, sadly for her he’s already in love with Prism Shows and his hair.

prad3 25 11 hijiri hair flip

Couldn’t stop laughing when he did his hair adjusting flick thing again. If my Rinne = Juné theory is right and Juné ends up disappearing or something, he’ll realize then whether he likes her herself or only her Prism Shows.

prad3 25 beru roseprad3 25 09 beru rose wakana otoha pose

The Prism Show was so nice,  can’t wait to see the rest next week. They didn’t use the CG dancing from the OP, so seems like it was made specifically for the OP. Or they’ll probably use it later for a future Bell Rose performance.

prad3 25 08

Next week, I want Kouji to confess to Ito. I want something to happen with Rinne and Juné as all the girls each have a penguin and can do the Prism Live now, and I want one of them to jump all the way to space.

prad3 25 wakana yawning gifprad3 25 beru prism live gif

What the show’s director tweeted between episode 24 and 25:

“I wanted to tweet before the episode’s airing that Ōkubo Rumi-san would appear but some people are really strict about spoilers so I didn’t do it. Megumi chan’s haircolor really  looks like Mia’s. Speaking of which, unlike Mia, Ōkubo-san is actually a really delicate person.”

prad3 twitter bell hiro yatterman cosplay

“The staff here (at Tatsunoko) is so evil”.
Someone drew this pic of Bell and Hiro cosplayed as Yatterman characters. That’s funny. Notice how Omotchama is Naru.

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