Saint Seiya reference in Pretty Rhythm Rainbow Live 25


saint seiya hades saga camus shura athena exclamation

In the Try Grooving Session, there was one of the trio teams participating called “ケリー井上! with EXCLAMATIONS”.

prad3 ep 10 preview dreaming session tournament bracket

They were at the Dreaming Session too but they didn’t show them.
On their presentation picture, they’re doing the same pose as the pose three Gold Saints need to do in order to use the Athena Exclamation in Saint Seiya.

prad3 25 gif excalamtion

They totally look like genderbent Saints too. Right one looks like Aoilia. Middle one looks like Saga. Left one doesn’t really look like anyone but has dat Saint Seiya hair too. Saint Seiya is one of my favorite things ever so I foudn this pretty funny. The staff working on Pretty Rhythm sure likes good things. I remember the Tiger & Bunny cameo in Aurora Dream, or the many Hokuto no Ken jokes in Dear my Future, like the parody of the anime’s opening and episode previews with the preview of Magical Mion:

Chiba Shigeru voiced a character in Pretty Rhythm Dear My Future, so they probably just asked him directly. I wonder if he felt nostalgic about it.

I like how all those references are subtle, as opposed to straight in your face/name drop references. It will get over your head if you’re not paying attention. I am a huge Saint Seiya fan and I didn’t notice it until I watched the episode again. Speaking of Saint Seiya, I stopped watching Omega, lack of time.

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