Yozakura Quartet – Hana no Uta – 01

yzq hana no uta ep 1 eyecatch

That was pretty good. Like I expected they explained stuff and reintroduced the characters, by changing a few things from the manga. I like how they put tons of little details about the characters for the fans like Touka getting disappointed she won’t be able to meet Akina, Ao playing with that plane (why can’t I hold all that ryo-timo style animation) or DAT YAE. Seems like we’re in for good doses of fanservice without making newcomers totally lost. Just in case, I use fanservice as in everything made to please fans there, if I want to talk about boobs I say sexual fanservice. Lila is one of my favorite characters (well actually everyone is my favorite character in YZQ) so I’m really looking forward to this animating her arc.

yzq hana no uta ep 1 eyecatch 02yzq hana no uta endacrd ep 01

The eyecatches and endcard were great too. Kinda suck they didn’t make the sponsor list disappear. I didn’t find a version without them on the net so I assume there isn’t. They didn’t write who drew it either…

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