Pretty Rhythm Rainbow Live – 28

prad3 28 01

Another episode with a lot of revelations and a few attempts at comedy. I should count the number of times the characters fell over after hearing something lame in the whole show, just to have actual numbers of how rare it happens compared to the first two seasons or other kids shows in general.

prad3 27 jikai juné full 01

Wanted to make a full shot of Juné there since last week, but there was the “jikai youkoku” sign, so I thought I’d wait for today’s episode.  But then today there was the “Don’t stay too close to the screen blablablah” warning message. So I ended up doing it with last week’s preview. Juné is really beautiful. Drill hair is the best.

prad3 28 02

I could have never imagined that the general manager of Dear Crown was Kouji’s mom. She’s called Natsuko. That was a really nice move from the staff there as they won’t have to introduce yet another character. She already appeared back in episode 17 when Bell was commissioned to do a Prism Show at Dear Crown. Back then I didn’t think she would turn out this important. As expected of Pretty Rhythm, every character is used.
She’s voiced by Yonezawa Madoka, who also voiced Serena and Jae Eun in the previous seasons. If they continue this way with Hiro and Kazuki’s parents, the parents (or at least one of them) of all the main characters will be voiced by a character from the previous seasons. When I have time, I’m planning to do a quick sheet with the pictures of each parent in Rainbow Live and their homovoice characters from the first two seasons. I think it would be fun to see just from a glance that Kyouko is Ann’s mother and etc.

prad3 28 ito kouji dads band

Also, it was pretty obvious for a while now, but they finally showed  that Ito and Kouji dads were in the same band.

prad3 28 ito phone blushin gif prad3 28 ito walking phoning gif

prad3 28 03 prad3 28 04

Ito is so cute.

prad3 28 05

Not Yamada aka Tanaka cameo there.
Pretty funny how the girl in the middle is all over Kouji. She’s gonna be sad when she hears Kouji is already dating someone.

prad3 28 06

Kazuki is easily the most composed person in the show, always noticing his friends’ true feelings, and always staying calm. Like one of the animators said on twitter, he’s the “key man” of the show. I wonder if there will be a time when he’ll ever loose his composure.

prad3 28 09 shock face natsuko kouji parents

Kouji’s mom sure lost it hard when she realized her son’s feelings for Ito. Just like how Kazuki knows what Kouji is feeling, as Kouji’s mother, she could tell that he loves Ito just from a glance. Remember that she hates guitars, because they make her sad, as it reminds her of her late husband, which is why Kouji is always playing outside. She probably also thinks that Ito’s dad is responsible for the accident which cost her husband’s life.

prad3 28 hijiri juné

I really like Hijiri’s new suit. Much better than the purple one.

prad3 28 juné dress promotionprad3 28 juné full 02

Kinda suck they didn’t show what kind of shoes she was wearing.

prad3 28 07

Pretty funny how Naru really did ask Juné how to drill hair. She didn’t answer her though. Seeing Happy Rain’s show reignited Juné’s determination. Besides looking super classy with that black dress, she announced that in her next Prism Show, she’s going to do a Prism Live and five consecutive jumps.

prad3 28 08

This confirms what I was thinking since her introduction, Juné never used her full power. First: she can do Prism Lives but never bothered to. Second: she can do more than four jumps in a row. I got shivers during that whole scene. You know how I always say that Pretty Rhythm is a typical sports show and how it reminds me of stuff I love like Attacker You! or Captain Tsubasa? The reason I knew all along that Juné can do more than four jumps is because she’s one of the stereotype characters that are always in these sports show. She’s what I call a Misugi Jun type of character. A more recent example would be Tezuka in Tennis no Ouji sama. They’re the most powerful character ever but can never do their best because they are either sick or lack interest. In Juné’s case it’s both, as she quit Prism Shows after injuring herself and lost interest.  EDIT: Actually I got that wrong, she didn’t get injured. If that kind of character get past these hurdles, they do things that everyone always thought to be impossible.

prad3 28 rinne sad

I wonder what is the meaning behind the sad look Rinne had. She certainly isn’t happy about Juné’s announcement. Maybe Juné is actually pushing herself for Hijiri’s sake, and Rinne noticed it?

prad3 28 jikai

Couldn’t stop laughing after hearing next episode’s title. “Watashi wa Beru, tenshou ni na~ru”, echoing the first episode’s title. Naru and co are going to Hokkaido for their school field trip so Bell will replace Naru as manager. She said she’s going to sell ten times more than Naru, and that she’ll do such a better job Naru won’t be able to come back anymore. I hope they don’t let this chance slip by and that next week will have tons of comedy. Really looking forward to it.

Director’s tweets:

twitter odeco prad3 juné background

One of the animator’s new background on twitter. Once the show is over I’ll probably make a post with all the pics that were posted on twitter by the staff.

The official youtube channel upped previews of Rosette Nebula and Doshaburi Happy. The show’s official site’s layout was also updated with a new pic by Okama as the background.

He was watching Gundam Build Fighters and tweeted lot of stuff about it:

“The father will be the last boss!!”
“The father being the last boss is a tradition at Sunrise.”
“Eeeeh Ral san”
“Komatsu san’s voice is super dere”
A lot of others jokes and stuff about Gundam, something about 0079, about Bright marrying Mirai. Also a retweeted tweet from Tomino. I don’t get everything so I’d rather not made up stuff and stop there. He really is a huge Gundam Fan.

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