Pretty Rhythm Rainbow Live – 30

prad3 30 04


prad3 30 ann rinne table tennis gif

Second time people are playing Table Tennis in Pretty Rhythm. The first time was in episode 11 of Dear My Future. Unlike back then there was no KOREAN DOMINATION this time.


A gif I made myself for once. I really like how her hair moves when the camera is on her face. You don’t see that kind of movement that much anymore. I’m surprised Oto didn’t react much to Bell dressing as a halloween prince. Maybe she’s not as much as Berusexual than I thought.

prad3 30 02

prad3 30 rinne blush gif

Seems like the comedy which finally came last week is staying for good. From Bell being tsundere for cosplaying and saying she’s only doing it for the customers, to Rinne drooling over the sheep and looking reaaaally waaaaaaaaay too excited to eat jingisukan, this episode had a lot of hilarious moments.

prad3 30 06

Tsuru, Ito’s mom, told her about the traffic accident. We already knew that Kouji’s dad and Gen (Ito’s dad) were in the same band and got into the same traffic accident. We already knew that Kouji’s dad died, and that Gen crippled his hand. Well, Tsuru told Ito that Gen was the one driving. This explains why Natsuko (Kouji’s mom) was so shocked about Ito and Kouji’s relationship. I didn’t think I was THAT right when I said 2 weeks ago that Natsuko thinks Gen is responsible for her husband’s death.

prad3 30 07

This is also the reason why Tsuru left Gen. They both felt guilty about being able to keep living happily while Kouji’s family was screwed. They actually still love each other, so they’ll get back together for sure. Even though Ito and Kouji are together now, their plot is far from over, they still have plenty of work to do in order for their families to be happy.

prad3 30 09

Tsuru sounds slightly more childish during the flashback, but even then her voice was quite different from Aira’s. Asumi Kana did a pretty good job. Usually all of her roles has the samme voice, Aira, Poplar, blonde girl in Busou Shinki, etc

prad3 30 tsuru shoes

I also really like her shoes, too bad they didn’t show them up close.

prad3 30 08

Like I just said, you know how Tsuru is voiced by Asumi Kana, right? Gen is voiced by Kondou Takashi,who also voiced Shou. I feel stupid for not realizing it during episode 19. Aira and Shou are Itou’s parents! Once they get together again, in a sense, long time Pretty Rhythm fans will be able to feel once again the joy we felt when Aira finally got together with Shou. Go watch the first two seasons if you haven’t already so you’ll be able to feel this too.

prad3 30 10

Yu is voiced by Takayama Minami aka Conan, she also voiced totally-gay-for-Itsuki Yong Hwa Fa in DMF. Yet another returning voice. Back in episode’s 19 flashback, (the one they showed again this week), he was much younger than now so he was voiced by Nakajima Hiro. She also voiced Eru, one of Aira’s twin sisters in the first season, and a lot of minor characters.
Yu sure has good taste, being a fan of Bell.

prad3 30 15

This halloween episode was quite different compared to the ones of the previous seasons. Usually it focuses on the interactions between the girls and their love interests: MARs & Callings in Aurora Dream, Reina and Itsuki in Dear My Future. The episodes also always had a boys prism show in it, but there was none here.
We’ll get one next week though.

prad3 30 jikai 01

Since I know how the staff is doing things now, I swear the kid on the right will have the same seiyuu as Wataru, Okamoto Nobuhiko. The hair color is different, but he’s looking way too similar to him for it to be a coincidence. Writing it now so I don’t forget to check next week.

We’ll finally get to see Kazuki do a Prism Show again and hear his song. Hiro and him are going to have a rematch. We’ll also get flashbacks of Hiro’s childhood. Burst out laughing when I heard Hiro’s evil laugh during the jikai and his “Kouji! To shine even more, I need your song!!” line. I wonder just how far his obsession with Kouji will go. Things will be so awkward the day they make up. Because I still believe they will make up and make a trio team with Kazuki, or at least reform Hiro X Kouji. It doesn’t make sense though, Norizuki told Hiro in episode 27 he needs a more famous songwriter than himself for his next song. Even if Kouji writes a song for him, Hiro’s name isn’t popular enough, let alone Kouji’s, who only does lives at parks. Norizuki is appearing again next week though so they’ll probably explain what Hiro is thinking.  Seems like Hiro and Kazuki are going to meet because people from Edel Rose, or maybe Hiro himself, are going to occupy the place Kazuki and his friends use for training. You know, the place where they had their dance battle, under the bridge.

prad3 29 beru raepin a poor girl

About episode 29, I noticed a few more subtle things. In this scene, Bell says to the girl the exact same thing her mother keeps telling her: “I’m doing this for your own good”. Bell is actually much more alike to her mother than it seems.

prad3 29 hiro

The other thing is about how Hiro left without going to meet Bell at her show. Because of Norizuki’s words, he’s starting to lack confidence and distance himself from her. Meanwhile Bell ended her show telling the audience to have confidence in themselves and love themselves more. This is actually exactly what Hiro needs to hear as he hates himself…

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