Tweets from staff working on Pretty Rhythm RL between episodes 29 ~ 30

prad3 artist irua post beru prism live post


Making a separate post because this was getting a bit too long.

Director’s tweeter

There’s currently a survey going on till November. If you know Japanese you could fill it in. You’ll probably have to put in a fake address if you’re not in Japan though.

Someone told director-san that if there’s a 4th season, he should direct it. Sadly he answered that he’s “graduating” from Pretty Rhythm at the end of this season, and the fact that he isn’t participating on a 4th one is definite, regardless of whether there will be a fourth season or not. This was decided when they started working on Rainbow Live. I remember that he did said so when the show started.

The same person asked quite a lot of other questions. Whether someone can do a Prism Live without a pair tomo or not(the flying penguins), and the fact that the tournaments are kinda unfair now to Prism Stars who can’t do Prism Lives. The person said they understand the importance the show is giving to the “Prism’s glitter”/Purizumu no kagayaki”, but what about persons who have it, but don’t have a penguin. Will they still be able to win a tournament?
The director answered that one could still win even without doing a Prism Live, if you did, for example, four consecutive jumps then 2*three consecutive jumps. He said that people who can do Prism Lives are people who have the requirements and background to do it (the prism’s glitter in their heart), so a pair tomo will appear to them at some point anyway. Bell didn’t qualify in episode 24.
He added that we should remember what Hijiri said in episode 14: these last years, every Prism Show became more or less the same. At tournaments, every participant only focuses on the highest scoring skills, instead of freely do what they want to do. This is the reason why Hijiri tried his best to incorporate Prism Lives into the scoring system. If another Prism Star invents a skill with the same overall idea of Prism Lives, as in being free and doing what you want, Hijiri will do his best to incorporate it again. This is what Hijiri wishes for, a new flux of Prism Stars with positive thinking, trying out new things. This means that it’s possible that someday, Bifichiki’s (Beef or Chicken Or Fish) Prism Barbecue will be scored too. (lol… I’d like to see that… Prism Barbecue)

About Bell’s character development, the person asked if he had other ideas in mind that they couldn’t incorporate. He said that they worked on it step by step, so he thinks the answer is no, they did everything they wanted to do.

During the Q&A session of the “Pretty Rhythm Live In Christmas 2013” event, you’ll be able to ask questions about Aurora Dream and Dear My Future, not only Rainbow Live. I want to go and ask them what Wataru does in his free time.

Some time ago, during a dubbing session, Kazuki’s seiyuu started laughing when saying one of his lines. The female seiyuus there were all holding their laughter, and it was “like looking into a goldfish bowl” (they all had their cheeks puffed)

There’s an event for the release of the boys’s solo collection at Ikebukuro’s Animate shop the 18th of November. You can get a special cover for the single if you buy it there.

prad3 director twitter naru chan profile

Naru’s profile.

prad3 director twitter production

Another one of those episode’s production storyboard pictures. Can’t see which episode it was for though. Probably 29.

There’s actually a show dedicated to the arcade game and the new stones getting released.

The DVD box of episodes 1-26 will be released the 20th of December. They only release dvds so far. The first two seasons also only have dvds. If they release blurays someday, I’ll probably buy them.

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