Pretty Rhythm Rainbow Live – 31

prad3 31 01

I thought that was a cigarette tray for a sec. EDIT:Added a few things and pics, couldn’t bear to see how the post was so bad.

  prad3 magazine scan 01prad3 magazine scan 02prad3 magazine scan 03

Found these three magazine scans some other day. Not sure where they are from. Maybe from the booklet that was with the Boy Meets Girl boys version single, if you know please tell me. I can’t instantaneously read it all, nor I have the time to spend 15 min on every kanji, but the hilariously overmaxed thing on Hiro’s graph says “Obsession with Kouji’s songs”. This episode finally explained where the hell his obsession comes from. The first minutes of this episode were just wow. Hiro’s stare, his heavy breathing, his shaking, THAT CARESS ON KOUJI’S FACE ON THE SCREEN. SERIOUSLY WHAT.

prad3 31 rinne crab

Sadly, I was naive for thinking the comedy from the past two weeks would stay. Except for Rinnecrab, there wasn’t anything really funny inside the episode. Of course, Hiro’s yandere gay obsession with Kouji + Kazuki’s Prism Show were hilarious in their own way, but it was different. What was used in Kazuki’s performance is the same kind of over the top humor they used in Dear My Future when they turned the earth into a Cœlacanthe, or when Shi Yoon RODE A LION ON THE TOP OF THE OCEAN. It’s not the same type of comedy that was in the past two episodes which is based on character interaction. Of course both are good, but my point is that both types were always present together in AD and DMF, but not in RL.
As for why Rinne was wearing a crab, it’s because Hokkaido is famous for them! Remember the original Bakemonogatari when Hitagi and Koyomi promised each other they’ll go to Hokkaido eat crabs?

prad3 31 yatterman

Didn’t think they’d actually show Hiro cosplaying as one of the Yatterman chars in the show after someone on the Tatsunoko staff jokingly drew Hiro and Bell in the Yatterman outfits.

With the way they showed us Edel Rose’s history, and how Bell officially voiced her doubts about it, there’s more and more things to drive the point home that the Edel Rose system and Norizuki Jin governing it is the show’s antagonist.

prad3 31 02

Similar to Bell during the previous cour, Hiro is getting more and more complex. He honestly thinks Kouji is a genius and that his songs are great, that’s why he wants them so much. He even got angry when Jin called Kouji a low status person, not recognizing his talent.
I’m surprised Hiro still lives in the run-down apartment. My bet is that his mom doesn’t live with him there anymore, else I doubt he’ll let her keep living there even though he has the money for a better place.

prad3 31 04

And yeah, the young woman living with Hiro in the flashback was credited as “Hiro’s mother” so she is his mom. Since she’s pretty young I thought it was his sister or something at first. Also, she said “it’s hard for a woman to bring up a child when you’re by yourself” so you can pretty much guess a few things about Hiro’s birth and that he probably never met his father. She was voiced by Kataoka Azusa, Mion in the previous seasons. Gotta admit I’m kinda mad they made Mion voice the worst mother so far, since Mion is my favorite character from Aurora Dream. They only need to show Kazuki’s parents now and I could make that parents chart with the previous season’s characters.

prad3 31 07

Come to think of it, I’m gonna repeat myself, but back at the start of the show, I knew either Bell, Hiro or one of the Edel Rose characters would come from a poor family. Pretty Rhythm is typical sports show stuff, I tell you. Typical stuff, but wonderfully mastered and used.
Jin also used to do prism shows. Ever since they said Hijiri used to do Prism Shows, I kinda hoped it wouldn’t turn out this way, because it feels like Sonata and Kyouko again but with guys. Though there’s some similarities, with Hijiri and Jin both pushing their views of Prism Shows into their disciples (Edel Rose for Jin and Prism Stone & Juné for Hijiri) but hopefully it’ll still be different. There was a scene in Aurora Dream where Kyouko, thinking about MARs, said that maybe things between her and Sonata would have been different if they had a third rival. I bet this Rei guy will make an appearance and be a pivotal element in the Hijiri x Jin conflict, I’m sure of it.

prad3 12

Jin’s father is voiced by Nakao Ryusei.I’m not sure about his name, the kanji is “皇”, so it’s “emperor” but I dunno how to read it, maybe “Sumeragi”. Isn’t Sumeragi a girl’s name? EDIT: It’s Kou.

prad3 31 08prad3 31 kazuki 01prad3 31 kazuki 02


prad3 31 11

When Kazuki started his Prism Show, when I heard the lyrics, then when HE LIT FIRE AROUND HIM, I pretty much had the same reaction as Hiro.

prad3 31 burning sword breaker

In DMF we had the OBARI PRISM UNICORN DESTROY, now in RL we got the OBARI BUUURNING SWOOOOORD BREAKAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA. Kazuki is too awesome. Seriously I swear Pretty Rhythm should get into SRW.
Kazuki’s Burning Sword Breaker looked a lot like a ton of things so I don’t think it was a reference to anything. Maybe the director said something about it on twitter, I’ll check later. However, I can already point out the fact some people on 2ch noticed that the name of the jump and the way the sword dropped, looked a lot like the Shining Sword Breaker from Gekito! Crush Gear Turbo. Director worked on that show. I feel like watching it now.
I’m calling it “Obari” since Obari worked on some Yuusha shows, and Kazuki’s performance was overflowing with YUUSHA, but regrettably, Kazuki didn’t do the Obari pose with his sword.

As a side note, if you want to know more about Obari or animation in general, I cannot recommend enough this series of articles.

prad3 31 09

I really loved this episode, even more than 26, so it’s my favorite since the show started. Episode 26 was excellent, but it didn’t surprise me as I had predicted everything that would happen in it, the jump to space, the confession etc. Kouji’s plan to use Kazuki and the song’s lyrics to tell what he feels to Hiro really surprised me.

prad3 31 04 hiro crazy face prad3 31 06 kazuki shock prad3 31 05 hiro eme facial distortion crazy face

There was also all of Hiro’s faces, and the way Kazuki was disgusted to see just how Hiro is obsessed with Kouji.

prad3 31 hiro pride shatter gif

Now that Hiro’s pride was literally shattered, I honestly have no idea what’s going to happen with him.  I used to think that he’ll rebel against Jin one day, but they revealed that the Norizuki family is Hiro’s benefactor. It’ll still happen anyway, because the wheels of change inside Hiro are already beginning to turn, but I can’t picture it. Just like Bell, ever since the show started I believed he’ll stop acting like a bastard, and seems like the time is near. He has rough times ahead of him just like what Bell had to go through. I kinda disliked Naru’s narration at the end, with her happy going voice saying “I don’t know why Hiro suddenly lost the will to dance, but it must be because Kazuki’s Prism Show was too awesome right!” She’s totally aloof about everything isn’t she.

prad3 31 jikai 01

Next week they’re finally starting on the Hijiri x Juné x Jin story for real, with Hijiri and Jin actually meeting, so if they handle it right along with all the flashbacks, it could get really really reaaaally good. If nothing goes wrong, next week is probably the week I’ll start calling Pretty Rhythm Rainbow Live the best show of 2013-2014. Digging into the older characters’ past and showing all the emotions driving them is one of the reason why I love Pretty Rhythm so much. In Aurora Dream it was in the show’s last cour: The last 13 episodes of Aurora Dream are the ones who made me a huge fan of the franchise, and made me start calling the show best of the year.  For Dear My Future, this happened even earlier, as episodes 25&26 started the greatness with revisiting Kyouko’s past. When I realized while watching that some things were foreshadowed in the first flashbacks of her past in Aurora Dream but unnoticeable till you watch Dear My future… just thinking about it gives me shivers.

Also, Juné is finally going to do a Prism Show next episode. Or at worst in episode 33. I bet 32 will have Happy Rain and Bell Rose shows then cut just before Juné’s turn. This is the thing I’m waiting for the most since the show started. My level of hype toward it is incomparable. And with all the Rinne&Juné mysteries and prism world and stuff, I’m expecting Dear My Future’s door of hell levels of crazy awesome. If Rinne is going to disappear or get back her memories, it’ll be now. Speaking of which I’m planning to write an overall impressions post on Dear My Future, I hope I’ll finish it by the end of the year.

prad3 31 03

The kid on the right wasn’t voiced by Wataru after all… I’ll properly check who was voicing them later. Also, cool how they played one of the songs from the previous seasons when Kazuki went to chase off the Edel Rose guys. I’ll check twitter later too.

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