Tweets from staff working on Pretty Rhythm RL between episodes 30 ~ 31

prad3 juné post artist 赤坂 択


Well I have bad news. Director said he won’t be using his twitter account anymore. All the tweets before the announcement have been deleted too. He said that there’s no really need for the account anymore as there’s the Takara Tommy Arts Pretty Rhythm account and the PRmusic account now. He hopes he will continue to talk to us with magazines interviews and at events. I have to say though that sadly, those two accounts are 80% just news and promotion about goods, stones/events for the arcade game, CDs releases and etc, so they rarely have actually interesting info about the anime on them.

I’ll still check the CG director twitter, the character designer’s twitter, plus these two I listed above and post any interesting bits I find. I think Director san said he would at least keep retweeting any worthwhile Pretty Rhythm related tweets from them so at least I won’t have to check them individually. Anyway, starting now, if there’s no tweets section at the end of a weekly RL post and that I’m not saying “I didn’t have the time to check”, you can assume that I checked and that I didn’t find anything worthwhile. It sucks but that’s life.

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