Pretty Rhythm Rainbow Live – 34

prad3 34 01

Well this episode didn’t disappoint the expectations I had. It brought forth more way more questions than answers though. Actually there were no answers at all. (Also I’m pretty sure they already used this shot of Naru and Rinne before.)prad3 34 00

At the beginning, Naru forgot the the school timetable of the day. So Rinne was telling Naru what subject they have each day of school. She was counting the subjects by only saying the beginning of the words. For example, she said that on Mondays, they have “koku suu ri ei on sha”, which goes Kokushi/Japanese History, Suugaku/Maths, Rika/Science, Eigo/English, Ongaku/Music and Shakai/Social Studies.

prad3 34 03

The Prism Queen cup of the RL world, Over The Rainbow Session takes places every four years, not every year like in other seasons. I was wondering how come Juné is still Prism Queen for three years so that makes sense now.

prad3 34 03.5 Rinne is a magician

artist ユリヒ恋子 prad3 mion rinne switch on


Rinne is a magician. Also, the way she said “Switch on” was a Mion reference rite? I’m not the only one who thought that since someone drew this pic right after the episode aired.

prad3 34 04

Poor Hiro. His PRIDE isn’t going to recover any time soon.

prad3 34 08

It was funny how Rinne told her to do her homework herself. Come to think of it, it’s not too often you see a little girl character like that, that’s having trouble with pretty much every subject in school. Usually it’s only one, like math or English. Naru seems bad at every subject. Remember she also didn’t finish her summer homework till the last minute. The only other example I can think of right now is Hinageshi, the heroine of JA Joshi ni Yoru Agriculture . She sucks at every subject too, but that’s mostly because she’s not suited for school. She isn’t as stupid as Naru. Naru being stupid is one of her character traits.

prad3 34 09

Her face is so funny there; Ito’s too.

prad3 34 10

Jin’s polite and calm way of speaking while telling the girl she’s expelled, plus the rose throw sure made me laugh. Seriously Jin is nuts. I feel bad for the girl. I wish they’d bring back the girl who posed as Otoha in episode 21, She seemed funny.

prad3 34 11

Rinne’s reactions throughout the episode are entertaining. Nice that they also showed Naru’s parents more. I forgot that her mom is pretty cute, and also kind of crazy. No wonder Naru’s the way she is.

prad3 34 05 penguin sensei

Penguin sensei candy.

prad3 34 falling 03

Come to think of it, sometimes when they actually do jokes, they just aren’t funny… It was way too predictable that Naru would say that.

prad3 34 12 prad3 34 13

Juné looking sad for reasons unexplained. Kinda like Rinne whenever she thinks of her.

prad3 34 14

See? Wakana just doesn’t care. Kids are crying everywhere and she just smiles.

prad3 34 cosmo

Cameo appearance of Houjou Cosmo from the new 3DS game. She talks by adding “Cosmic” in her sentences. A lot like how Karin would add “Galactica” to everything in DMF. Like, “Galactica sugoissho!” And huh, is she wearing a backless dress? It’s weird.

prad3 34 06

Otoha being Berusexual. She blushed just from holding hands. She must be a huge pervert.

prad3 34 07

As much as I hate Naru’s song her dance is still as funny as ever. That sidestep slide thing still makes me laugh. Also laughed at Juné keeping Starn from flying somewhere. We know for sure he’s Juné’s now, since Rinne was doing her Prism Live at the same time. So I don’t know what to think anymore, I hope we get the answer soon.

prad3 34 16prad3 34 17

I knew Rinne would hijack Naru’s show again but then they skated together. Nice thing they’re doing duo jumps like in previous seasons. It’s been a while.

prad3 34 18prad3 34 19

They both looked super cute. You don’t see Rinne blushing often either.

prad3 34 25

WHAT THE HELL IS GOING ON. Seriously this scene was so scary and weird. I need to try making a gif of it later.

prad3 34 20

Cosmic SAIKOOOUUU. I didn’t expect her to be such an hyperactive girl, thought she’s be the quiet type. I want to play the new 3DS game even more now.

prad3 34 21

So the fact that Rinne is a Prism Star is out of the bag. Poor Chisato, all her efforts to hide it turned out in vain. Gotta admit Coo’s “Don’t mind, boss” made me laugh at her misfortune.

prad3 34 22 prad3 34 23 prad3 34 24

I think Juné said she wants to do duo shows so she can be paired with Rinne. I have no idea what she’s thinking though. She also said she wishes to rest so that’s why they relegated this Prism Show to Naru. Maybe she can’t do Prism Shows too much or her powers will run out, or she’ll vanish? Does she want to pair up with someone so she’ll be able to use less? So many mysteries. She also seemed unhappy that more and more people are into Prism Shows, that there’s more and more Prism Radiance. It kinda feels like DMF again, with the fact that too much Prism Show/ Prism radiance could bring bad stuff,the gate to hell etc… Things are too blurry to make out something for now though. I have no idea what to make of the rainbow scene, or of everyone changing into their seventh coord clothes either. Everything was too deep for me.

That episode was good, it had the drama, the funny moments and the crazy awesome, all three factors. I seriously thought something bad would happen when the children started crying but then everything went fine. But then that Juné scene happened. Then I reaaaaaally thought things will take a turn for the worse, but then it didn’t. I thought they’d all start telling her “OMEDETO” for a sec. In other news, since Naru and Rinne promised each other they’ll stay together forever, Rinne just triggered her disappearing flag. It’ll happen next week at best.

Burst out laughing when hearing Rinne say “damedakorya!”. Especially loved how she said it the same way when she said the episode title. Next week seems like a really funny episode. Can’t wait.

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T_arts_pretty twitter prad3 hijiri bday

prad3 hijiri bday odeco twitter

11/23 is Hijiri’s bday

prad3 3ds cosmo

“The new character for the 2nd 3DS game, Houjou Cosmo, will make a subtle appearance in episode 34.” She did, see the pics above. She’s voiced by Yamamoto Nozomi, who also just created a twitter account 4 days ago if you wanna stalk her.

prad3 prr_music twitter live in christmas promotion

Promotion for the two day live “Pretty Rhythm Rainbow Live! Live In Christmas” event, the 21st and 22nd of December. I wish I could gooo… I’m too busy to dig up more info myself for now so see here for the details if you can read jp.
They’ll rebroadcast it live in some cinemas. It doesn’t seem like it’ll have a stream on the net.

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