Pretty Rhythm Rainbow Live – 35~37

prad3 beru 35 gif duck dance

Some quick stuff about the episodes and what was said by the staff on twitter.
Warning long post.

Episode 35

prad3 beru 35 gif sweating

They’re calling the duo teams “shuffle duos”, just like the “shuffle teams” in DMF. They’re not giving a name to each duo though. It was obvious they’d do this from the start, as a typical sport show. Just like how all the characters in Gundam Build Fighters will unite to fight evil gundam fans from another world at the end of the show. I’ve been expecting more character interactions for a while now and the episode delivered. It was really hilarious. The episode didn’t have a Prism Show too so they could focus on funny things. That’s the 2nd episode with no Prism Show in RL so far, the first one being episode 10, if you don’t count the 2 half rewind half new stuff episodes who technically don’t have Prism Shows.

prad3 35 gif penguin pray

Making the penguins represent the girls emotions was pretty funny too.

Episode 36

prad 25 pajama partyprad3 36 01prad3 36 02

Wakana and Oto are wearing the same pajamas as Aira and Rizumu in episode 25 of Aurora Dream, where they also did a pajama party. Only the colors are different.

prad2 23 director guy prad3 36 futaba movie guy cameo

When Futaba didn’t help Tadashi dress up for work, she was busy talking with the movie director guy from DMF.

prad3 36 wakana ann duo

TCHERRY PICKY DUOW DUOW. They did a really nice job with the duo choreography, and the CG looks as stunning as ever. They even did that super funny looking two step sliding thing that Naru does too.

prad3 36 magical space planet

Jumping to space is always great. Plus they summoned/moved planets. I don’t do drugs, but seeing some of the jumps in Pretty Rhythm while being high must be quite something. We’re getting one new jump for each duo. Naru already did a duo jump with Rinne though, so since she’ll get another one with Bell, she’ll get to have two duo jumps. At the end of the show, when everyone goes back to solo for the Prism Queen Cup: Over The Rainbow Session, we’ll get new solo jumps for each girl.

prad3 futaba slapping tadashi

Great episode and great scene, but nothing too surprising. Everyone knew Wakana wouldn’t go to Singapore and that Futaba would play a part in it. When Wakana said Tadashi can’t do anything alone I figured her mom was actually the real master of the house. It was even more obvious she’d end up punching Tadashi, when she begged him to go see the show and he didn’t even say yes till she started crying. This is about the time where a blogger trying to sound the most DEEP and knowledgeable would write about housewives and the psychological situation of women in Japan but I honestly don’t know enough about it to do so.
This Otomarikai arc is great. Seems like the comedy is staying for good too, thanks to all the duo interactions with each other and their parents’.

prad3 36 futaba

“I’ll send you and your luggage to Singapore nya”. Made me think of Who Framed Roger Rabbit’s  “We’re gonna hang you and your laundry out to dryline.
Anyway that was a swift resolution of Wakana’s problem, as expected of Pretty Rhythm, they never take too much time on something. With comedy mixed in too, we’re finally a bit closer to how the first two seasons feel overall. There’s still stuff they could add in though, like show-business activities on TV and the like, or showing Bell fans getting mad over the fact that she’s going to pair up with Naru the Useless Duck & etc.

Episode 37

prad3 37

Episode 35 and 36 were full of comedy mixed with bits of drama, this episode separated the two, with the first half being funny and the second part being drama.

prad3 37 01 soushi

I liked Otoha’s dad, Soushi, much more this time compared to his short first voiced appearance in episode 15. It’s still super scary though how his meruhen genes got transmitted to Otoha and that they’re multiplying like invaders.

prad3 37 03

All dat meruhen & PURINSU OF WEIRUZU

prad3 37 04

Laughed out loud when Otoha thought Gen told her to shut up. Actually someone should really tell her to shut up with her UWA UWA sounds. Yeah Otoha is still my least favorite character.

prad3 37 05

Kouji’s dad was called Takeyuki. Gen used to call him Joe, and he also calls Kouji’s mom Nastuko, Natchan.

prad3 37 06 prad3 37 07 prad3 37 09prad3 37 10prad3 37 11

All these shocked crazy gonna crazy faces. We almost topped the count from THAT episode of Dear My Future.

prad3 37 12

I’m not sure if we’ll get an actual flashback of Lucky Star someday, since they already said everything that happened. Maybe we’ll still get one, with a twist, showing us that there’s more than meets the eye, like the revisited flashbacks in DMF. They could go the “Kouji’s dad didn’t want this to happen” route and show him telling Gen not to blame himself before dying, but that’s not really Pretty Rhythm’s style. At least I don’t think that’s how the problem will be fully resolved. If we’re getting a flashback, I think it’ll be a shot of Natsuko, Takeyuki, Gen and Tsuru together during their highschool/band days.

prad3 37 otoha ito duo gif 01prad3 37 otoha ito duo gif 03

WOOAAAAAAAAAAH. I was 100% sure they wouldn’t kiss but I sure didn’t expect them to make it so obvious that they could. Or should I say should? Otoha is berusexual and sometimes Itosexual too right? Anyway, this is the part where I should go “PRETTY RHYTHM HAS FALLEN SO LOW, SO MUCH OTAKU PANDERING, DROPPED LIKE A ROCK etc” rite?

prad3 37 13

Notice how the design of the door in the background is made out of Ito and Otoha’s wings when they do Prism Lives.

prad3 37 14

Getting characters together fast so they can break up is a technique used a lot so I was expecting it. I knew they wouldn’t resolve the problem with Gen and Natsuko right away, but I hoped they wouldn’t go the full drama breakup route once Kouji and Ito finds out the truth. It was still pretty good though, like Natsuko telling outright to Kouji she doesn’t want him to date Ito. They could have made even more drama just from that. I have no qualms about it, just as I never had with any of the drama so far, besides that I saw it coming and I wish they surprised me instead.

My predictions about the end of this cour are stuff with Rinne and Hiro finally having his change of heart. If they remake Hiro & Kouji right away Ito and Kouji getting together again can happen right now. Else, it won’t be till the end of the show. Either way Kouji needs to do a Prism Show.

prad3 37 15

By the way: Naru, Ito and Ann, all three of them have been heartbroken now. They all have been hugged by Rinne too. Bell had some huge hard times too. Wakana too. The only one who didn’t have too many harsh things happen to her is Otoha.

prad3 37 kouji crying

Kouji, you will see the tears of time.
That episode was a pretty good start to the end of this cour. Or a bad one if you thought the Ito x Kouji plot was overblown drama. Still, if you’re wondering why Ito’s problem couldn’t be resolved the brutal and fast way like in episode 36 and Wakana’s issues, remember that someone died. They can’t just make Kouji snap and tell each parents to get over it already. And yes, Kouji is the most prone to snap. Remember how Kazuki once said he used to be a lot more outgoing when they were kids, until a certain point, which is possibly when his father died. In any case, the last episodes of this cour are episodes 37-39, so there’s a good chance episode 38 will be better than this one, and 39 being even better, since it’s the cour climax. And starting episode 40 it’ll be like a climax episode every week and be the best show of the year till the end so no worries.

prad3 37 jikai 03

There’s the wordplay with “naru” that they always use, in the episode title. Beru ga naru. So while the title doesn’t have Naru’s name in it, it does have it.

Next episode is Beru & Naru !!! And they’re finally going to show a young version of Bell’s mom Ritsu, and without her makeup. I was waiting for this. Plus, if that’s Bell’s dad, he looks old enough for my “Coo is actually her brother” theory to be possible. ALSO THOSE AURORA RISING FEATHERS IN THE JIKAI. Episode 38 is gonna be so awesome. As I said just now episode 39 will be even greater though. If my intuition is right, in episode 39 we’ll probably get to see Juné again, and possibly Rinne doing a duo with her/disappearing/whatever is going to happen to her.

Speaking of that, what do you think is the connection between Rinne and Juné’s? I’m asking now because this is the last time for us to guess about it before they give hints big enough for the viewers to figure it out completely. I’m pretty sure they will starting episode 39. I’m asking now because if I’m right, there will probably be elements of answers in the preview for episode 39 at the end of episode 38. I’ll write about it again in the actual episode 38 post.

Tweets between 3rd-18th December

prad3 bday cake

Some guy on twitter posted the prismatic birthday cake of his daughter.

prad3 live in xmas advertising beru naruprad3 live in xmas ad beru naru

An advertising poster for the Pretty Rhythm Rainbow Live “Live in Xmas” live event. That’s a lot of “live”

purizumu fan magazine prad how to do juné hair

The January issue (released this month) of  Pretty Rhythm Fan magazine got a “how to make Juné’s hair” corner.

prad 3 dvd covers ani mu mo

Seems like you can get this special edition of the dvd box, with the boys on the covers and the seiyuu signs on it if you order it on Ani Mu Mo. The tweet talking about it is from the 5th of december though so maybe it’s sold out already. There’s also a CD in the limited edition with a guitar version of NARU NARU HAPPY NARU NARU HAPPY NARU, and another version of it with KOUJI SINGING.

prad3 hijiri odeco twitter

From the character designer’s twitter

prad3 anime official guide book cover

The Pretty Rhythm Rainbow Live Anime Official Guide Book has been released the 16th. This is the cover. I’m still planning to buy it. I’ll wait till the xmas period is over though. There’s an interview of the director in it, but also an interview of the CG director, Otobe Yoshihiro, in which he said he “reveals the secrets of the CG in Rainbow Live”.

The Pretty Rhythm Rainbow Live Duo Collection CD, containing the duos songs, will be released the 19th of February. The song list is listed too, so you can spoil yourself what Naru and Bell’s song is called. Actually, you can even listen to it as I think they added it in the last arcade game update when they also added Juné.

A list of the goods which will be sold at the xmas live.  It seems like the goods sold at the actual live venue, will be different from the goods sold at the theaters where they’ll broadcast the event live for the people who can’t go. Furthermore it seems like the goods will be different in each theater where the event will be broadcasted live, and will depend of the day too. Anyway just click on the link you’ll get it.

prad3 cardboard ad naru ito ann

Some really cute cardboard ads in a Tower Record shop.

prad3 unit collection cover cd

The Pretty Rhythm Rainbow Live Unit Collection single got released the 18th, today. It has the Happy Rain & Bell Rose songs, plus the 3rd ED. There’s also two audio dramas on it. Bell Rose/Happy Rain no kaerimichi. One about Bell Rose chatting while going back home after the tournament in episode 26, and one for Happy Rain doing the same too. I don’t really care about the songs but I really want to listen to the audio dramas.

There was some thing going on till the 9th of December for the Prizmmy tenth single.

Last but not least, the director actually tweeted something himself the 5th of december, (as in not retweeting promotional stuff):
He said that it seems there’s been a misconception about him disliking promotional anime. Basically he said in a few tweets that he loves promotional anime made to sell toys, like Pretty Rhythm, and that he hates it when people view them as inferior compared to late night anime.
I know I said I wouldn’t tweet anymore but I got angry about this so I did it before I realized it.”
And then he added: “Speaking of this always reminds me of the arrogant attitude some people have, judging anime shows by their genre. ” I totally agree with him.
“If you’ve got anything in particular to say, you can directly ask this account. I’ll be waiting.”
It’s not like I can hear his voice so I’m not sure if he meant that last sentence as in “Feel free to ask me any questions about this” or as in “Come get me if you’ve got a problem with children cartoons, I’m waiting for you bastards and I’ll beat you up”

I dunno what but something probably happened for him to get angry about this all of a sudden. It’s not the first time he says something like that though. He already tweeted a lot about how Pretty Rhythm is actually aimed at everyone and not only at little girls and etc. You know the drill by now, and you know that I agree too.

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      Thanks. Gonna wait for the OP to debut before listening to it though.
      As for the hair thing, I have no idea. It does look weird and awkward, though that’s not unusual for girls group pvs like that.


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