Pretty Rhythm Rainbow Live – 38

prad3 37 jikai 01

Bell’s new harem.
Will write about stuff I found about the xmas live event/movie announcement in another post.

prad3 38 01

Wakana’s smugfaces are always so good.

prad3 38 03

I think the thing I like the most about Naru is her hair; It looks especially good on low angles like this too.

prad3 38 04 loli beru

When I saw this scene I thought that the number of teddy bears in Bell’s room was the number of times her dad didn’t come home for xmas. Then they showed in the next flashbacks he did come back sometimes.

prad3 38 05

“My mom doesn’t love me” I’m surprised Poemu didn’t slap her face on the spot. If it was me I would have at least pulled her cheeks for saying that.

prad2 38 06

Naru was a preterm baby.*insert brain problems jokes*

prad3 38 07 naru mom poemu chart reference

Naru’s parents finally got their own moment to shine. Bell’s parents are quite something too. We’ll have tons of events like that with the other parents soon, even with those you expect the least. I bet Jin’s father’s gonna give him a good verbal beating at the end of the show. I’m glad Rainbow Live is continuing the awesome parents tradition of Pretty Rhythm.

prad3 38 hiro shocked face

Jin isn’t stupid. He can see that even after all his warnings, Hiro is still wavering. Ever since they showed Hiro’s flashback with him being recruited by Jin’s father, I knew Jin would use this card to keep him at his side.  Remembering Hiro everything his family/Edel Rose did for him is Jin’s last resort. Jin could have even told him stuff like “You’re like a little brother to me”. This is the final hurdle Hiro needs to get over.

prad3 38 08

The person cleaning the principal office at Edel Rose must have it so hard with Jin scattering roses petals every single day.

prad3 38 09 prad3 38 10 prad3 38 11

Naru did some really good faces when she told her “I mixed up daifuku and ohagi, but it’s both anko so in the end it’s still happy naru” joke to Kouji. I really love her expression. Feels really self-mocking.

prad3 38 naru savouring her food gif

Munch munch munch.

prad3 38 13

“I never saw anyone do a duo show with such mismatched outfits.” I guess Ritsu doesn’t know about Serenon.

prad3 38 20

I think the famous person Ritsu asked to design the outfits is Matsumoto Leiji.

prad3 38 14

Naru’s scream there was so funny. She really sounded like a duck too. How fitting.

prad3 38 15

Bell’s father is named Yukihide, and he’s voiced by Chiba Shigeru, one of my favorite seiyuus. He was the narrator of Hokuto no Ken, and in Dear My Future he voiced Don Bonbi and Chicken Tarou. Remember that Ritsu/Bell’s mom is voiced by Soumi Youko, so that’s another couple from Aurora Dream/Dear My Future reunited here, just like Ito’s parents (Aira and Shou). I’ve been looking forward to his introduction, to know what kind of person Bell’s father is, and he’s a really good guy. The only parents we have yet to see now are Kazuki’s. There’s a slight chance of Hiro’s mom reappearing, but I don’t think so, as she wasn’t even named in the credits, only listed as “Hiro’s mom”. His dad wasn’t even mentioned.

prad3 38 ritsu beru mom chart reference

Ritsu was so beautiful back then. I’m sure she’d still look pretty good if only she removed her make up.

prad3 38 loli beru 01 prad3 38 loli beru 02 prad3 38 loli beru 03 prad3 38 beru 04

Bell growing up.

prad3 38 16

Bell’s dream which she was referencing all this time was making her mother happy. Once meeting Naru she started to want to enjoy Prism Shows and having fun, without thinking about anything else. When Naru met her she discovered how incredible it is to bring happiness to others with your show, instead of only doing it for your own pleasure. They both want to become like the other more. We already knew Bell was envious of Naru to some extent, and that Naru always admired Bell, but it’s nice that they both realized it now. That was a pretty good scene.

prad3 38 beru wink prad3 38 beru naru 01 prad3 38 beru naru 02 prad3 38 beru naru 03

The sound effect, that holding hands spinning, they recycled stuff from Sky High Symphonia. Too bad they didn’t break space though.

prad3 38 17

Their performance was pretty short compared to the other two. They only sang one couplet/whatever you call the part before the instrumental in a song again. All three duo performances are great for once. In DMF, Sprouts’ performances in terms of CG and choreography were much better than the other two groups.

prad3 37 jikai 04prad3 38 19

First pic is from the preview at the end of episode 37. 2nd pic is the actual episode 38. They changed the color and the design of the feathers from aurora rising-like to red and pink to match the jump’s colors. They also added Poemu’s hat which they forgot to draw at first. This means they review the episodes until the last minute. Shows how much they care. Though that’s probably true for most anime series.

prad3 38 18 dezaki postcard bell parents

It’s great that Bell finally made up with her mom. And her dad is such a bro. I’m impressed.
One of the Japanese blogs I go to said “if this was a normal anime, this would have ended here, on the happy end. BUT THIS IS PRETTY RHYTHM”

prad3 38 hiro omotesando bridgeprad3 38 hiro beru 01

THIS CLIFFHANGEEEEER. Also, It’s that bridge again. I think in real life it’s one of the bridges at Omotesando.

prad3 38 jikai

I thought next episode would be the Winter White Session but it’s not. Guess it’ll be episode 40. Also you leeches don’t get too excited, they’re going to hot springs, but I bet they’ll wear swimsuits, just like in DMF.

I’m betting on episode 40 for the OP/ED switch. New OP is called Butterfly Effect, Prizmmy’s new single. If I’m not wrong, unlike the previous three, Boy Meets Girl, EZ DO DANCE, and Crazy Gonna Crazy, which were covers of the original TRF songs, this one is a song made specifically for Prizmmy. You can listen to it here. Come to think of it, the fact that the three first OPs are covers of songs from the 90’s shows how the series tries to attract both kids and adults. I think the new opening animation will have some CG parts in it. Usually the even numbered openings have CG and the odd numbered ones doesn’t. It’s alternating basically.
Anyway, we’re getting into the final cour now so except a lot of things getting resolved in flashy ways. Hiro rebelling against Jin, Kouji doing a prism show, the Wakana Ann Kazuki triangle, Ito’s parents getting back together, Hijiri & Jin, etc etc. Really hyped for it.
Don’t let the preview fool you. It seems like episode 39 will be a rewind episode, but I still believe they’ll reveal something about Rinne and Juné next week. Plus I’m sure they’ll show what happened after that Hiro x Bell cliffhanger. They certainly won’t reveal everything about Rinne and Juné, but there will be a hint clear enough for us to figure it out, like Kouji’s guitar for the Kouji x Ito plot. If the episode is rewind, at best only one half of it will be rewind, and the other half will be new stuff. If I’m wrong and they really don’t reveal anything, I’m gonna be so disappointed.

If they start giving big hints about Juné and Rinne next week, now is probably the last time we can speculate about their link. What do you think about it? What’s your own theory about Rinne and Juné? I usually don’t do things like that, I mean, I don’t really like this idea that you have to watch things as soon as possible, or only airing anime, so you can discuss and speculate about them asap. But I guess I can’t help it when it comes to Pretty Rhythm.

prad3 36 ayami kyouko cameo

Forgot to point out in my previous post there was a Ayami & Kyouko cameo in episode 36.

PS: Yay I was right! They said at the end of the xmas live event that episode 39 isn’t a recap at all. I’ll tell more about it on the post about the xmas event. Almost done writing it.

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