Pretty Rhythm Rainbow Live: Live in Christmas event info

prad3 prr_music twitter live in christmas promotion

From blogs archiving 2ch threads, so maybe some stuff is made up. This and This. The two links have stuff from the same thread so there’s duplicate info. If you can read Japanese and think I missed something feel free to point it out.
As much as I like Pretty Rhythm, I’ve never been too much into seiyuu so I’m not gonna translate the stuff like “Komatsu-san wa sugoku kawaikatta desho DESHO”  Though I did end up including most of it. I tried to organize events in chronological order.

Edit from the future: at some point someone uploaded the seiyuu talk show and the livedubbing segment  on Youtube, so I could watch them, but it’s been removed now. I downloaded them before they were taken down though, so I can link them to you if you ask on the comments. I don’t want to leave a direct link here. While I’ve never hid that I pirate stuff,  as I think it’s fine as long as you buy some things one day to support and make up for it, I try to not do it too blatantly.  These videos were in the Pretty Rhythm Rainbow Live Prism☆ Duo Collection ‘s DVD so please buy it to support the franchise.
I need to rewrite this post someday, comparing what I initially wrote from the tweets and 2ch reports with what actually happens on video.

prad3 live in xmas event 04

prad3 live in xmas event 03

prad3 live in xmas event 02

prad3 live in xmas event 01

Some of the questions asked to the staff: (For each question each one of them either answered with a joke or a serious answer)

How did you research Otoha’s knowledge about tea?
Gotou Saori/Otoha:  “With the power of money?”
Director said he’s from a high class family and he already knew stuff about tea. Also: “I used my connections with the National Public Safety Commission to gather information.”
Gotou Saori/Otoha: “So we really did use the power of money!!”

Why Hiro keeps biting his glasses?
Serizawa Yuu/Ann: “Because the back of his ears is delicious”
Kato Emiri/Naru: ” That’s a sign his pheromones are getting out”
Gotou Saori/Otoha:”His mouth is lonely”
Director: ” He’s longing for his mother. It’s like sucking your big toe”

Why Kazuki is dyeing his hair?
Director: ” Because he admires Kurokawa Rei/Coo”
He’s tanned because of his work outdoor as a sign maker and painter.
Do you prefer Kazuki as a kid (without hair dye) or Kazuki now (with white hair)?
Uchida Maaya/Wakana “I like Kazuki with his hair dyed the most. Because “I” like the current Kazuki… Wakana does” (She talked as if she likes him but then said at the end of her sentence that she’s talking about Wakana, not herself)

Whose idea was the “Prism Show wa kokoro no kirameki, Prism Jump wa kokoro no hiyaku” sentences/themes?
Akao Deko is the one who thought it up. She’s also the one who came up with the “Prism Act wa heart no kakumei” sentence/theme for the Prism Acts in Dear My Future. She was on series composition and script for the first two seasons. She isn’t doing it anymore for Rainbow Live but she wrote the lyrics of all the Prism Show songs in RL: The solo songs, the boys songs, the trio songs, the duo songs, Juné’s and Rinne’s. All of them. When you remember some of the song’s lyrics, like Kazuki’s FREEDOM, it makes you realize that even though she’s only writing lyrics now she still has a really good grasp on the story. She also wrote the lyrics of Que Sera and Yoinakaso in Dear My Future.

I’m not gonna go on a long tangent because this post is already long enough but! Translating this made me realize that Mieno Hitomi = Akao Deko. And oh my God even though it’s written everywhere I never realized it! The person who back in 95 sung Ryu Knight’s 2nd OP, both EDs, plus the OVAs OP, is the same person who’s now working on Pretty Rhythm, Akao Deko. Mieno Hitomi is her birth name. I’m currently watching Ryu Knight these days too so this feels pretty neat. Anyway, I always say that you should watch a show to judge it, instead of making assumptions based on the staff, but I admit I really want to check Noragami,  that starts next season just because Akao Deko’s name is on it.

Another side note, the person who asked this question is MMM37 (NSFW), a doujinshi author and huge Pretty Rhythm fan. He did quite a few Pretty Rhythm doujins and fanart, most of them R-18. His art is really derpy sometimes, but beggars can’t be choosers. Thought I say this, but it’s not like the doujins are scanned and that you can see them, unless you buy them. One day I want to buy all the Pretty Rhythm doujins.
His circle will be at Comiket 85. They’ll sell doujins of course. One of them is a +200 pages book titled “The world of prism”, containing yon-koma manga, regular manga, short novels and illustrations, each by different artists from Pixiv etc. A lot of the artists who participated drew the pics I often post here in my Pretty Rhythm twitter posts.  They’ll also sell some Pretty Rhythm goods, including this t-shirt that totally broke my sides.

mmm37 prism dive t shirt prad3 beru

They’ll only sell one per person. This means the people who buy it probably won’t sell it back. This means I’ll probably never get it…
Be sure to check out their booth if you go to C85.

After that, the director brought out a note from his pocket, saying that’s a question that didn’t make it past the selections, but they’re going to answer it anyway.
What kind of underwear the boys wear?
The director said he remembers Matsuura Mai(character design) once told him that Kouji wears black boxers. Kazuki wears briefs. Hiro wears trunks.
She said he remembers right about Kouji, but Kazuki wears fundoshi and Hiro doesn’t wear underwear.
There was a little girl sitting besides the guy who posted this on 2ch and she was laughing really hard when they talked about this.
(YFW you realize Hiro doesn’t wear underwear because he’s always been poor and couldn’t afford some and became used to it now)

Do you ever retrofit the story?

Director “Yeah, we do it a lot. We start creating the story four months before the start of the Pretty Rhythm series. (All three seasons started airing in April so he means December) For example, at the beginning of Aurora Dream, we weren’t planning that Kyouko would be a former Prism Star, and that she’d have a rivalry with Sonata&Togashi Karina. It’s actually the same for Coo too. We had trouble about what to do with his character. We always thought that he’d be handsome without his glasses, so we thought he could be a former Prism Star.”
As a side note, Coo is an homage to TRF member DJ COO/Kouichi Nakase.

Then, each seiyuu told the audience their favorite scene in the show. Tomatsu Haruka was the MC for that part. They broadcasted each scene on the stage’s screen live after the seiyuu named it.

prad3 25 emiri kato scene

Kato Emiri/Naru: In episode 25, Otoha tells Wakana to stop lying about not caring about Bell.

prad3 scene 02

Serizawa Yuu/Ann: Episode 23, When Ann and Wakana make up together.
When they replayed the scene, and Kazuki appears, Sakura Ayane burst out laughing. Someone told her “Is it because seeing him made you remember the fundoshi talk from earlier?” (I guess Tomatsu Haruka is the one who said that as she was MC)
Sakura Ayane answered she’s laughing because seeing Kazuki made her remember one day when they were recording,  she was standing besides Morikubo Showtaro/Coo’s seiyuu, and whenever Kazuki shouted stuff like “Freedom!”, he would say “Shut up Kazuki!!”

prad3 scene 04

Tomatsu Haruka/Bell: Episode 24, Bell failing Prism Live. When they showed the scene, they were all laughing at it. Sakura Ayane/Rinne said that “even after all this time, the scene is still painful to watch.” She still laughed though. Tomatsu Haruka/Bell laughed really loudly when the audience starts mocking Bell and goes “What is she doing? Is that a Prism Live? fufufu”. She also said “the destructive power of Bell’s dive left a lasting impression on me” (This is stuff like that I’m not sure if someone made it up or if she really said it. They said tons of joke and the event was really funny so I can still picture it though)

prad3 scene 05

Gotou Saori/Otoha: Episode 32, Juné’s Prism Show (Otoha sucks but her seiyuu has good taste. Just kidding. )
“I cried just like the characters when seeing it.”
“I’m glad to be able to rewatch Juné-sama’s Prism Live on such a big screen”.
Sakura Ayane: “That hairstyle is really overwhelming. It’s a masterpiece.”
Tomatsu Haruka started calling the CG team director, Otobe Yoshihiro. He was there during the Q&A but went backstage after that. The audience called him too so he got back on stage. The director said it’s thanks to him and his team that the scene is so great.

prad3 scene 06

Uchida Maaya/Wakana: Episode 23, when Kazuki accidentally pours water on Wakana.
She referred to the scene as the “cho matte yo!” scene (What Kazuki says to Wakana when she runs away). She said she really likes it when Kazuki says it and that she uses it a lot these days.

prad3 scene 07

Sakura Ayane/Rinne: Episode 12, when Rinne hugged Ann and told her “there’s no wall in your heart anymore”. Sakura Ayane said she really liked the fact that the usually passive Rinne at the time acted and comforted Ann and it was full of maternal love.
Serizawa Yuu/Ann: “I cried when watching the scene.”  The two of them actually hugged each other on stage then.

prad3 scene 03

Komatsu Mikako/Ito: episode 26, the kiss scene between Ito and Kouji. (it says she answered by video, it was a recording. It seems she didn’t stay the whole event). When they showed the scene Sakura Ayane blocked Gotou Saori’s eyes with her hands. As in she’s too young to see it.

prad3 26 beru prism live transform

The fans also voted for their favorite scene. The chosen scene was Bell’s first Prism Live in episode 26. Tomatsu Haruka actually redubbed it live. It seems like her timing of the “I’m being reborn” speech was just a little bit off: compared to the scene being broadcasted on the screen, she paused too long between “watashi ni” and “umarekawaru”. Probably because she wasn’t too concentrated and they all laughed so much before. It seems everyone started laughing too when she finishes her 3rd jump and Juné only goes “ufufu”.

After that the seiyuus did some mini dramas live.  Drama as in drama CD etc. They also put pictures on the screen. It was something similar to the two audio dramas in the Unit Collection single, about Bell Rose and Happy Rain going back home after the tournament in episode 26. They’ll probably include the audio dramas they did live here in another single release.

Naru and Ann trying to teach Rinne about xmas:

Rinne started enumerating stuff related to food mostly. Ann said something about senbei mille-feuilles, and how it would be nice if Momogappa got into the rare animal encyclopedia this year. After that, they tried explaining to Rinne who’s Santa Claus. She misunderstood, thinking that he’s a trespasser who likes children’s socks.

The second one was about Bell and co being invited to a xmas party by Naru and co:

Otoha: Oh, a letter from Prism Stone.
Bell:  Maybe it’s a love letter.
The letter only says “Nabeyaki”
Bell: This must be a code for… “NAru wa BEru ga YAppari KIrai”…?!?
(After all, I(Naru) still hate Bell)
They open up the letter
Wakana: Did Rinne wrote this?
They see some invitations for a xmas party.
Bell: I wonder how should we dress up.
Otoha: The letter doesn’t say anything about a particular dress code though…
Wakana: Otoha will dress as santa. I’ll cosplay a reindeer.
Bell: We need to respond accordingly to their hospitality by dressing up as well!! I wonder what I should cosplay as… (she did a joke there with the way she talked, don’t really know how to translate it though. Not even sure I got it myself)
Bell:  Oto will be a teapot. Wakana, you’ll put a present box on.
Bell: I’ll put decorations in my hair and cosplay a xmas tree!
Rinne comes in
Rinne: “YO”
Rinne “You need to sing at xmas.”
Rinne “Jingisukan! Jingisukan! Beru gaa kuuu~!” (I’m gonna eat Bell)

After that Serizawa Yuu, Uchida Maaya and Gotou Saori presented the different goods being sold. When they showed the Guide Book, they went to the page with the interview of Serizawa Yuu/Ann and she went “Yaaah don’t read it it’s embarrassing.”

The last section was the Prism King Quizz. A quizz about the show. They made everyone in the audience sit up. They said something and  you had to do the O(right) or X(wrong) sign. If you’re wrong, you’re eliminated and you sit down.
Some of the first questions were:
“Otoha’s Prism Live instrument is a flute”  (wrong)
Something about Dear My Future’s mascot
Something about Callings first song

If they saw that a question was too easy the director would make up some questions on the spot. That’s the ones he said:
Ann’s bday is the 2nd of April (Wrong, Serizawa Yuu said it’s the 5th of May)
Is Kazuki a single child (Right)
Is Hiro’s bday the 10th of October (Right)

The last one was a normal question. “How many hair clips are there in Rinne’s hair?” The fastest person to answer won. There’s 3 of them. It’s a woman who got it correctly and she received a poster signed by the seiyuus and a “Prism expert” diploma kind of thing from the Director.

Then the event was about to end. They started saying farewell to everyone. The director said he’d like to do another event like this when the 2nd dvd box gets out in April. Apparently the people of Avex present had sour faces when he said that (maybe they didn’t want him to reveal the release date yet? Or maybe they don’t want to do another event?) Serizawa Yuu, Gotou saori and Kato Emiri almost started crying. The last thing the Director said is that episode 39 isn’t a compilation episode, and it will have a proper conclusion for the events of episode 38.

Random stuff:

The male/female ratio at the event was around 8/2. There wasn’t many little girls, the guy who posted this on 2ch said he only saw two.

Apparently even though the director said on twitter that they won’t answer stuff they already answered in the guide book, and that you should read it before going to the event, there was a lot of duplicate questions.

They didn’t say anything about a fourth season.

The movie announcement was during the event, but I don’t know when exactly. It seems like it’ll be a compilation of Prism Show scenes from all three seasons. It’ll be released in Spring 2014. If they’re releasing a movie, it’s to promote something, and the arcade game is still going, so I think there’s a good chance there will be a fourth season.
I’m pretty sure they did an after party with all the staff once the event was over, something quite frequent in Japan, because the night of the event the Director kept tweeting till 5 am Japan Time. He said a lot of things, things about the movie, and answered questions. I’ll try to read it all later and put it in the next post.

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