Robot Girls Zeeeettoo

robot girls z op gif

Each episode is around 8 minutes long. There’s nine episodes. Instead of airing one per week they’re airing 3 every three weeks.

robot girls z ground works book getcchan jeegsan page thanks laster

I saw the episode 0 thing some weeks ago so I knew it’ll be good but didn’t think it would be that good. Really looking forward to the rest. Judging from the website they’re going to (re)introduce the Toei Robot Girls group next. I hope they don’t wait till the last batch of episodes to introduce Getcchan and Jeeg-san. They both look like rich oujo samas, maybe they’re friends or rivals or something. I can’t wait to see how Getcchan will OPEN GET.
One more thing, I missed all the rage from the MUH CHILDHOOD bunch since Saint Seiya Omega got announced. Robot Girls Z stirred quite a lot of hate too.  Still is funny as hell seeing people react like this.  Speaking of which I should check French forums too to get a good laugh.
I guess I really am French, since Grenda chan is my favorite character so far.

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