Pretty Rhythm Rainbow Live – 40

prad3 40 wakana ann aho aho penguin gif

They did a penguin version of the aho aho crow joke.  Come to think of it you don’t see that often in anime anymore. Can’t remember the last time I saw it in a recent show. I’m kinda sad about it because I really like it too. Most of the shows I saw in my childhood had it, as it was pretty popular before. Warning long post. The longest yet.

prad3 op4 rinne juné gif

That new OP is splendid. Since it’s the last one, I thought it would be at least better than OP2 and 3 but even then I had doubts about it. I mean, OP2’s great animation sequence was really something. My expectations were exceeded. This is just as good as Dear My Future’s 3rd OP. All the OPs so far in Rainbow Live were lacking in some crazy awesome and we finally got some. This is pretty funny because I bet people who’ve only seen Rainbow Live must have been pretty surprised by the MOON SPACE BATTLE, thinking “huh isn’t that a little girl’s anime?” while if you’ve seen Dear My Future, you’ll be like “YES THIS IS PRETTY RHYTHM NOW WE’RE TALKING!!”

Can’t really say I was right about it having CG and how they alternate and do one OP with some CG and one with traditional animation only. I didn’t even notice the CG at first. It’s really well blended in, even better than Dear My Future’s 4th OP, and there’s no full CG segment. That animation sequence, that introduction of the characters, and that CLASH IN SPACE, just thinking about it makes me excited.

prad3 40 op 4 ann shading

That shading is too lewd, feels as if she’s not wearing panties.

prad3 op 4 beru hiro jin

It’s in times like these I’m kinda happy Pretty Rhythm isn’t too popular: Didn’t get to read comments like “SUNRISE/ THIS IS A GUNDAM SEED OP ” on anime blogs. Because we all know Sunrice is just one studio working on every single show rite? And that Gundam Seed invented the naked in space thing right???(Just in case, All of this is sarcasm)

prad3 op 4 coo hijiri juné

Would be funny to have some backstage info about this though. I was sarcastic, but this OP being influenced by Sunrise anime may actually not be that far fetched. See the staff tweets translations at the end of the post.

prad3 op 4 rinne 1 prad3 op 4 rinne 3 prad3 op 4 rinne 2

Really like Rinne’s expressions there. The opening has a ton of great expressions if you pause around.

prad3 op 4 juné 2 prad3 op 4 juné 3

Can’t wait for the Youtube comments of little girls who will go “juné is EVIL!! she has a DARK LIGHT AND AURA in the new opening and she stole rinne’s powers and SOMEONE’S DREAMS and SHE KILLED YOUR FATHER”  (I only invented the father one, I swear I actually saw the others. For real.)

prad3 op4 rinne juné gif

This is too awesome.

prad3 op4 naru manning up

I really like that sequence with Naru at the end. Now that Rinne isn’t with her anymore, she’s gonna do everything to take her back. You know, the clumsy heroine who thinks she isn’t good at everything and doesn’t think she has a dream of herself like others, finally finds what she needs to do. I just love that. Like Aira finding her determination by wanting to realize Kyouko’s dreams in Aurora Dream. Also her hair. The best thing about Naru is her hair. I don’t think I liked a short hair haircut that much in a while.

prad3 op4 submiminal effect 1 prad3 op4 submiminal effect 2

You can see this right when the colors merge.

prad3 40 juné rinne do you love dear crown

I love Juné and Rinne too. Also Rinne looks like a gangster, someone needs to draw her in these clothes holding guns.

prad3 40 04

Rinne probably have a good reason for what she’s doing. She went there by herself and she particularly asked not to meet Naru and co. They didn’t show her face or Juné’s face but they probably both looked really sad in this scene.

prad3 40 01

Hijiri is at maximum hype like always as he announces the start of the tournament. Doesn’t the venue for the Winter White Session kinda look like a cathedral? From the outside too. Are they trying to go DEEPER than Eva again? (You’ll get this if you’ve seen DMF’s ending, or the full version of Mugen Hug Eternal(Like how Aira did it)).
Also the stained glass has from right to left
Prizmmy&Puretty&MARs at the end of Grateful Symphonia,
Mia and Prizmmy performing Kirameki Future Star,
Puretty at the end of Grateful Symphonia,
MARs during Grateful Symphonia as well.

prad3 40 beef or chicken hell yeah 2smug4u

HELL YEAH BEEF OR CHICKEN. DAT SMUG POSE. I think it’s the first time they ever talked too. At first I was kinda sad Fish didn’t make it because she’s super cute with her makeup.

prad3 40 fish & chips

BUT THEN FISH & CHIPS HAPPENED YEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEES. I forgot if I ever pointed it out, but Beef Or Chicken is originally a joke on Bump Of Chicken. The joke got lost in when they made Beef Or Chicken Or Fish around DMF though. The first time their name appeared was in Aurora Dream. It was inside a list with other parodies of popular singers. I don’t feel like wasting time right now researching/googling in jap what episode it was again to take a screenshot but there was also an AKB clone and a Folder5 one iirc. (It’s already been more than ten years since Folder5 stopped singing. Time flies)

prad3 otoha replacement girl fish & chips

Saw this pic but haven’t see any comments on twitter or 2ch thread. They look similar but I wonder if it’s really her. I’ll wait till someone tweets it and if someone of the staff reacts. Beef Or Chicken aren’t even credited too so can’t even compare their seiyuus. I don’t remember Otoha pose in girl being credited either.

prad3 40 03

Couldn’t stop laughing at how Kazuki’s words of encouragements to Oto were “MERUHEN MERUHEN MEEERUHEN!!”. He pretty much perfectly understood what Otoha’s all about.

prad3 40 wakana ann lolipop gif

I believed in Pretty Rhythm and that they wouldn’t give us a stupid turn of events and I was right. Wakana was acting all along and already realized Ann also liked Kazuki. She did this so she would admit it.

prad3 40 06 wakana face

Yet another smug Wakana face.

prad3 40 08 prad3 40 07

Gotta admit I didn’t think of that possibility.

prad3 40 10

Been forever since they last showed the whole process.

prad3 40 09

They didn’t do new jumps but mixed each others’ jumps instead. It kinda feels like new jumps though since they’re doing it as duos. I’m looking forward to how the other performances will turn out. Especially Bell and Naru. I hope they do Mugen Prism Phoenix together. I can see them doing a 5th jump too. Cuz Juné and Rinne will do six. Did I ever say the way the stage changes during a Prism Live reminds me of the switch to Meta World in Umineko?

prad3 40 wakana ann splash

Splash jumps aren’t the most impressive but I love how each duo says their names when performing them. POPPU ANDO ESSNIKKU SUPURAAAAASHUUUU!!

prad3 40 wakana ann jump1 gif prad3 40 wakana ann jump2 gif prad3 40 wakana ann jump3 gif

Not only the trio songs’ instrumentals were made with the instruments of the Prism Lives in mind, but the duo songs too.

prad3 40 wakana ann 2nd jump prad3 40 wakana ann 4nd jump

Notice how their wings get slightly bigger when they jump the 4th jump(right). It’s like they get an additional layer or something.

prad3 40 beef or chicken or fish or chips

I feel sorry for them.

prad3 40 kazuki cousin 02 prad3 40 kazuki cousin 01

The girl is called Naomi and is actually Kazuki’s cousin. She’s studying in New York and got married with someone she met there. Since it was new years and all she decided to come back home for a bit. She was voiced by Akesaka Satomi. She was Chae Kyung and Kanon in the previous seasons. Kanon is one of my favorite characters especially thanks to her  kansai accent and her manzai with Serena, so while she didn’t sound like her a lot it’s still nice that they called her back. With Akesaka Satomi/Kanon’s appearance, I haven’t verified it yet but it seems all the seiyuus of all the heroines/main characters from the previous seasons have played a role in Rainbow Live now. I should be able to make a chart with every Aurora Dream&Dear My Future main characters and their Rainbow Live counterpart now. Well, gonna wait a bit in case someone does it first… If you see a chart tell me.

prad3 40 kazuki cousin 03prad3 40 kazuki cousin 04

She’s really cute. Knowing Pretty Rhythm she’ll show up at the ending again or maybe at Kazuki’s debut as an official Prism Star, but I don’t think she’ll stick around. Too bad.

prad3 40 05

So we’re getting a flashback on Lucky Star after all. I hope it goes all the way back to when all of them were in high school. Can’t wait to see young Tsuru and Natsuko. Will be pretty funny if Tsuru sounds exactly like Aira and Gen exactly like Shou. Don’t worry if you don’t like Ito’s family drama. This is the last episode on it probably.
Anyway nothing much happened this week if you think about it, Kazuki didn’t even accept or reject anyone, but this kind of stupid things is one of the best things about Pretty Rhythm. I’m not unhappy at all about how it turned out. It was a really great episode. Really hyped for what’s to come.

prad3 34 juné spin omedeto gif

Time to rewrite my theories basing myself on the new OP. This is probably one of the last time I write out my theories clearly like this. When a show is near it’s end some plot points tend to become really obvious fast so I don’t really see the point of guessing anymore. Seeing how much I enjoy Pretty Rhythm  I can’t guarantee I won’t end up continuing it though.

I’ve been thinking about it the past two weeks. I thought that instead of making a trio, Kazuki will go solo and be the one to make Kouji’s songs popular instead of Hiro, becoming Prism King. Because Hiro won’t make it as he’ll probably stop being an idol for Edel Rose once he rebels against Jin. I also thought that concentrating on Prism Shows would be the reason Kazuki would bring up when rejecting both Wakana and Ann in this episode. Needless to say this episode scrapped this idea, and seeing how they finally show all three of them together in the OP, they’re really going to make a trio in the end.

prad3 40 02

Hiro will definitely end up leaving Edel Rose though,  that much is obvious. Seeing how we got the scene with Jin telling Bell he’ll have her obey his orders if she looses against Juné, and now with that scene in the OP, I think Bell and Naru won’t be able to earn more Karats than Juné and Rinne and end up loosing. When everyone think all is lost, the Kazuki Hiro Kouji trio will barge in, perform a show, and beat Juné & Rinne. Then Kazuki will confess his love for Rinne. I want this to happen. One of the biggest reasons I can see this happen is Dear My Future. I didn’t say anything last week either because I don’t want to spoil those who haven’t seen DMF yet but if you’ve seen it you know what I’m trying to say. Remember episodes 38-42?

prad3 39 kappas densetsu

Back in ep39, during the scene about the Kappa Densetsu Mark of the Wolves, you can easily identify the kappas according to their hairstyle and instrument. But the one in the middle is weird. It didn’t catch my attention at first but watching the episode again made me realize it has some kind of baton, and a spoon? I guess it’s Juné’s instrument. However he doesn’t have drill hair. And he doesn’t have Rinne’s hair either. In fact in the next scene you can see his hair is brown so he’s momo/Chisato. But well since he got a baton instead of a guitar,  it seems my Juné=Rinne theory isn’t that impossible after all.

prad3 op 4 juné rinne 2

It’s been a while since I last said it but one of the things that I’m looking forward to the most in Rainbow Live is Juné vs Rinne. I always thought it would happen (see end of episode 26, or even my post on episode 1) but the whole duo talk and how they could be related made me totally forgot it. Now I wonder why would they fight anyway. While they never said it out clearly for now, I’m 100% sure Juné is from the Prism World just like Rinne. Either she’s the same person and a split happened (my good old theory), either she’s simply a messenger just like Rinne.
If they’re the same person: they’re going to fight to decide which one of them gonna stay? Once they merge back? To decide which one has to go back to the Prism World?
If they’re both messengers from the Prism World: maybe Juné thinks the Rainbow Live world is going to use Prism Radiance for evil and that it’ll lead to their ruin, but Rinne wants to believe in the MUGEN NO KANOSEI of Naru and co and think they’ll manage to avoid a bleak future? Yes both of these scenarios are from Yugioh.

Anyway, I can’t wait for the confrontation between the two of them at full power. They’ll do something like 6 chained jumps minimum. Whatever the reason they fight, there’s a good chance Juné will be the one loosing… My instinct tells me she won’t be there anymore when the shows ends. I’m not sure about Rinne. Maybe she’ll stay maybe she’ll go ride rainbows again. Of course I’d love to be proven wrong.

prad3 artist irua rinne sunglasses post

Remember how I pointed out that as of episode 38, every main girl except Wakana and Otoha got heartbroken and hugged by Rinne? Someone drew this to illustrate it.

On twitter

prad3 odeco twitter ann wakana kazukiplushiesprad3 odeco twitter hiro 21

from the character designer of the show Odeco

Someone asked the director about the genders of the penguins:
Lovelyn: ♀ Popun: ♂ Kurun: ♂ Esuni: ♂ Seshini: ♀ Femini: ♀ .
He said he just answered by instinct and it isn’t set in stone. They didn’t talk about it in the guidebook either (which is why the person asked) He said maybe they’re like some amphibians and can change their gender.

prad3 duo collection cover

The cover for the Duo Collection single got released. It’ll be out the 19th of February. Like the previous singles if you order the limited edition on this site you’ll get one with a special cover. They haven’t revealed the special cover yet. Remember that the CD doesn’t have Juné and Rinne’s upcoming duo song though. It’ll surely be in the last single, with Juné’s solo song “nth color” too.

Akesaka Satomi/Kanon tweeted about how she’s really happy to have worked on Aurora Dream and Dear My Future. She didn’t expect she’d also work on Rainbow Live too, she was really happy when she got contacted to voice Naomi. Pretty Rhythm holds a special place in her heart. Also she said it’s funny how there’s also a girl called Naomi in Gin no Saji, and she just got dumped, while the Naomi in Pretty Rhythm had a happy wedding. (Not sure about this though cuz I don’t watch/read Gin no Saji, so I asked around, but no one knows about a girl called Naomi. I think I got that wrong. She’s probably actually talking about a drama or something unrelated to the Silver Spoon manga. Googling doesn’t give me anything either. If someone figures it out tell me please)

Now for the thing that made me go OMG OMG the most:

from twitter tsubameno_su1 prad3 mecha background earth space battle

Someone made this montage and tweeted “Having a scene in the OP with two people fighting on the moon’s surface with the Earth as the background is a specialty of kids anime.”

And then OBARI himself retweeted it and said “A confrontation on the moon’s surface with the Earth as background is a fine thing indeed.”

Odeco said the person who animated the Juné vs Rinne scene is someone called Shiromae san. Then she added that someone called Yoshihara san did some of the four lasts cuts, (so I guess when Rinne shouts and the Naru cheering), someone called Sadakata san did the everyone-goes-by-the-camera-to-space cut. He’s also the one who did the scene at the beginning with Naru Ann and Ito in their winter clothes looking around while sitting on the stairs. I’m not sure if I read the names right as I can’t find anything on the 3 guys, even when googling the kanji, so I’d have to check the credits to get their first names.  I don’t feel like taking forever reading the credits for now though. So I’ll just wait for when Japanese blogs post about episode 40, and will copypasta the credits so I can directly dump them in google translate.

The director then saw the tweet with the montage of the various moon duels above, and he replied “I’m not the one who decided to put this shot in!! It’s Kawaguchi san who decided it. He did as he pleased for the OP. (Kawaguchi Keiichiro. He’s the one who did the storyboard for this Rainbow Live OP4, he already did it for OP2/EZ DO DANCE).
Director said that Rainbow Live is influenced by the works of studio 7 of Sunrise(read that link when you’ve got some free time) who worked on the Yuusha series and Mashin Eiyuuden Wataru and that he doesn’t notice it himself sometimes.

love live snowboards

(I wouldn’t mind getting the Nozomi one. The others I wouldn’t mind using them to lit a fire if I get stranded on a mountain. Yes, I’m not a fan of Love Live. Except Nozomi.)
Odeco tweeted this pic about Love Live snowboards (btw these are called itasno/itasnowboards. Like itasha).
Then, a random discussion between CG director, Murakami Momoko and Odeco started. Not sure I got everything but still gonna try. Odeco said she’d like to have one with Kazuki on it. Murakami san said it’ll be too BURNING and FREEDOM for the slopes though. CG director said if there’s one with Hiro, while snowboarding with it you’ll have to say “The only one who can shine the most on this slope IS MEEE.”
(Murakami Momoko is one of the scriptwriters of Pretty Rhythm since Aurora Dream, she’s the one who wrote this episode 40’s script)

prad3 wakana xmas photoshop from twitter gtbrgtbr

Pretty good Wakana photoshop by this person.

prad movie ad

The first pv for the movie got released. Release date is 8th of March. Watching it made me think of something, what if the Prism Shows in it from Aurora Dream and Dear My Future are remade using the CG from Rainbow Live? It would be so awesome. I don’t think it’ll happen seeing how close the release date is though. I bet they’ll rework them a bit though as they aren’t lazy.

prad3 op 4 momo akai meganee

I wish the whole Prism Shows compilation of the movie is actually Akai Meganee’s report on all the information she gathered on Prism Stars in various Pretty Rhythm worlds and how she’s actually final boss. And then the 4th season would be about another parallel universe with a new girl who likes fashion and mechas, and decides to build a skating robot that can also break dimensions. That way she also reunites with all the previous characters and they fight off Akai Meganee piloting a giant Prism Qubeley. And then they’ll add Pretty Rhythm in Super Robot Taisen Z3. I want to use Mia to Kirameki Future Star grunts and drop meteors with Rizumu. Did I ever point out that Aira’s mom was voiced by Hidaka Noriko? She also did Bearchi. And that Mion’s mom is voiced by Sakuma Rei? If they put Pretty Rhythm in SRW you’ll be able to have Aira’s mom and Mion’s mom pilot the Gunbuster. If I knew how to draw, I’d draw Aira’s mom and Mion’s mom piloting Gunbuster.

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