Pretty Rhythm Rainbow Live among the most watched cartoons two weeks ago. Also 1/14 is Kouji’s birthday

artist もっちり prad3 rinne naru


The show rated pretty higher than usual in the vicinity of Tokyo.(Aikatsu! too) It was the week when episode 39 aired. It’s the first time I see the show in this ranking. Must be cuz of the live xmas event. And since it was xmas more kids watched TV. I guess there’s also the fact that kids with strict Japanese parents who usually won’t let them watch stupid cartoons on TV exceptionally let them do so for xmas. Tons of families watched cartoons together for the occasion.
It probably dropped to the usual the week after.
I don’t really care about anime TV ratings myself, especially since it’s used in trolling, and in many stupid internet arguments over anime these days. But still felt like talking about it this once since it seems they’re unusually high.

prad3 kouji bday artist sk post


Also it’s Kouji’s birthday. One of the biggest strength of Rainbow Live is the boys. I really like Kouji. Just like Hiro, he’s pretty different from the usual love interests in girls sports shows. While he can do Prism Shows, he doesn’t perform any (I’m pretty sure he will before the end though). He only does a backstage job of writing songs. While he’s slightly older than the girls, like Kazuki and Hiro, and gives them some advice from time to time, he isn’t their coach. These two points, about not performing, and about not teaching, makes him very different from the love interests of the classic sports shows I love, like Ace Wo Nerae! or Attacker You! (I wonder how many times I brought those two in a Pretty Rhythm related argument now. If you love Pretty Rhythm you should definitely check them out someday.)

demon coach ran

Speaking of those, one of the things a typical girls sports show have that Rainbow Live lacks, is a DEMON COACH. A coach character who gives hellish training, but who’s actually nice in the inside, and does this only so his students can become the perfect athletes. Kei did the job perfectly in Aurora Dream, so it means they do know about the idea, but decided not to include the stereotype in Rainbow Live. I guess Norizuki Jin could be considered as one, except he’s genuinely evil. And instead of throwing balls at your face, he’ll only throw some rose petals and expel you from Edel Rose. There’s still one cour left though so maybe we’ll get to see one.

Now if we limit ourselves to Pretty Rhythm, I guess the character Kouji reminds me the most of is Shou. Shou used to design clothes for the girls. Kouji writes songs for the girls. Shou too had some serious issues in his romance with Aira, but in the end everything was their own faults. Sure, Yun Su complicated things in Dear My Future, but it stayed their problem and theirs only.  In Rainbow Live, Ito and Kouji’s problems are their families problems. Their love is obstructed by things independent of them.

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