Pretty Rhythm Rainbow Live – 41

prad3 41 01

It’s like I’m watching Pretty Melrose Beverly Rhythm That ’70s Live.

prad3 41 02

Right at the start the announcer says “and this concludes the performance of the Iwaki Yamada duo”. Apparently it’s a reference to the characters in Dokaben. Never heard of this manga.

prad3 41 03

Kazuki needs to stop saying stuff like “I really don’t understand women’s hearts” or he’s really going to end up gay with Hiro.

prad3 41 04 otoha parents past

Pretty awesome how we got stuff about Otoha’s parents. I should be accustomed to it by now as everyone always get their share of development in Pretty Rhythm. Otoha’s dad, Soushi is from a high class family. At first his parents didn’t want him to marry Otoha’s mom, Otogi, calling her unworthy. Otogi didn’t give up though and they ended up accepting her. Otoha respects her mom for that and thinks even women can be princes.
AND THIS IS WHY OTOHA IS GAY.It’s all her mom’s fault.

prad3 41 05 natsuko shock kouji mom

Natsuko got told by her son.

prad3 41 06

I was wondering what Otoha would do in the scene anyway. She was there to make it hilarious. I like her much more since the 3rd cour ended. She played a very important role in the Ito subplot. To repeat the words of someone I chat about the show with:”Otoha’s the one who was the prince when Ito was emotionally devastated after breaking up with Kouji.”
I still dislike her voice and her uwaawahwahwah though.

prad3 41 07prad3 41 gif 01prad3 41 otoha gif meruhen


prad3 41 08

Kouji looked up Lucky Star info on Wikipedia. Like we already know, the band member known as Joe was actually Mihama Takeyuki, his father. The band got disbanded before Kouji was born so that’s why he never knew about it.

prad3 41 09prad3 41 10

Gen used to look even cooler when he was younger.

prad3 41 11

Flashback was Shou & Yun Su 2.0. Mihama Takeyuki is voiced by Hatano Wataru, who also voiced Yun Su. Even in Rainbow Live, Shou and Yun Su ended up tied together in an ultimate bromance. The whole flashback was great and I loved how they showed both of them and their future wives Tsuru and Natsuko hanging out together. That was exactly what I wanted to see.
It’s pretty hilarious they made Yun Su voice Takeyuki. Also remember how Natsuko is Yonekawa Madoka/Serena & Jae Eun. So it’s like Yun Su married one of them. I could have seen it coming if I thought about it for a sec, considering all the seiyuu choices for the parents so far have been people who already did a role in the first two seasons.
Still planning to make that Rainbow Live parents=Aurora Dream/Dear My Future seiyuu chart for Rainbow Live when I have the time.

prad3 41 12

I really like how Ito and Kouji’s relationship mirrors the relationship between their dads.

prad3 41 13 lucky starprad3 41 14 prad3 41 15

Notice how Takeyuki and Natsuko are at the fountain where Ito and Kouji first kissed. Also Gen and Takeyuki met at the park where Kouji now does his street lives. Gen and Kouji both did lives at the same park.

prad3 41 16

Lucky Star’s bassist was voiced by Miyake Takahiro. It’s not the first time he’s voicing unnamed minor characters like this in the show. Idem with the drummer, who was voiced by Nishiyama Koutaro.

prad3 41 17

There was more and more problems with the band, Gen became unable to trust anyone anymore and he decided to go solo. They disbanded Lucky Star.

prad3 41 18 prad3 41 19 prad3 41 20 prad3 41 21

They had the accident when Gen went to meet Joe to ask him to restart Lucky Star. That’s why Gen is blaming himself so much, besides the fact that he was driving. He thinks he shouldn’t have asked Joe to reform Lucky Star. He doesn’t play the guitar anymore as atonement for it. This implies that just like Ito once said, Gen can actually still play and his hand isn’t hurt anymore.
Remember how in Aurora Dream, Kyouko was blaming herself because she’s the one who challenged Sonata one last time, making her compete against her in the Prism Queen Cup again, which lead to Sonata do the Aurora Rising and disappear. There’s tons of similarities like that between Rainbow Live and Aurora Dream & Dear My Future. Usually I deliberately don’t point them out though, especially those in DMF, in order to avoid spoiling those who haven’t seen it.

prad3 41 26 prad3 41 ito kouji

Ito and Kouji look so cute together.

prad3 41 22

Poor Akai Meganee, her sequence got skipped. Also, they could have made Ito use the stone her mother gave her. I guess this will  have to wait for the end of the show,  at the Prism Queen Cup.

prad3 41 gif 03

Wow a girl in the audience actually shouted OTOHA SAMAAAAAAA. Shows even she gets called “sama” now. Otoha is still my least favorite but just as I said, I like her much more than at the beginning now. Also her duo dress is really cute. Her Prism Live 7th Coord dress is really pretty too.

prad3 41 23 prad3 41 24 prad3 41 25

Natsuko is the one who asked Joe/Takeyuki not to play again. He promised her he wouldn’t anymore. Seems like she still have conflicted feelings, so while Ito and Kouji are pretty much back together now, it’s not completely over. She didn’t say out loud that she approves of them yet.

prad3 41 ito otoha splash


prad3 41 jump 1 gif

DAT DOUBLE JEWEL SPIN CROSS. I don’t know if I ever said it, but I really like Jewel Spin Cross. Feels like something out of Saint Seiya. It’s one of my favorite Prism Jumps by far.

prad3 41 jump 2 gif prad3 41 jump 3 gif

prad3 41 27 jump comparison prad3 41 27 jump comparison 2

The thing I was talking about last week, the additional layer on the wings at the fourth jump. You can see it much more easily there thanks to Ito’s wing design. Their wings will probably change even more when they do 5th jumps, just like Rinne and Juné.

prad3 41 27

Kinda sucks they didn’t beat Wakana and Ann. I guess it’s because they didn’t jump to space. Jewel Spin Cross is as awesome though. While I like all three duo Prism Shows so far, in regards to performance, choreography & jumps I like Oto Ito duo more than Wakana Ann duo. I’ll probably like Naru and Bell even more, and Rinne and Juné EVEN MORE though. Not a big fan of the songs. And I try to listen as less as possible to songs stuff these days for reasons.

prad3 41 28

Alive is a good song for emotional stuff like that. The staff knows this well as this time again they kept playing it for a bit when Ito and Oto’s performance was over.

The flashback episodes like this one, or Juné & hijiri’s, are one of the things I like the most about Pretty Rhythm. They just have that kind of awesome feel and impact to them. Back in Aurora Dream, I loved the flashbacks like these because back then I didn’t think Pretty Rhythm would have such a great story. Almost three years later now, even thought I got accustomed to the show’s extreme quality and consider Pretty Rhythm the best anime airing since then,  the surprise effect is still there. Can’t believe they manage to do it so well every time. Like, if you read my first posts on the show, when they first showed Ito’s father, I was thinking he’d be a good for nothing drunkard, who couldn’t play anymore because he hurt himself. I totally didn’t expect things would turn out like this now.

prad3 41 29 prad3 41 jikai 01 beru wink

Can’t wait for next week. Seems like Naru is forcing herself and is still sad about Rinne. She’ll get so emotionally unstable her Lambda Driver, I mean Prism Live, won’t activate anymore and Lovelyn will disappear. We’ll get more hints about Rinne & Juné too. I think her problem will be resolved before the end of the episode, thanks to Bell supporting her. This means there’s a good chance next week is finally the episode where we’ll get to see Naru man up. Then she’ll do five jumps with Bell. If it happens that way, Rinne & Juné may do six jumps or more. I’m sooo hyped. Also the Saint Seiya girls are coming back too.
Btw, if things happens like the two past years, they should announce the first news for the next Pretty Rhythm series soon. Maybe next week.

On twitter:

Director retweeted stuff that has been said by the sound director Nagasaki Yukio. Remember that he’s been sound director for all three seasons and he’s the one who decided to call back so many seiyuus from AD and DMF in order to play side characters and the parents in Rainbow Live.
What he said in summary:

If you read the interviews of the director and Tsubota Fumi (Series Composition assistant) in the official guide book, you’ll get a really good idea at how the 7 main characters (RAINBOW) in Rainbow Live were created. It should be a great reference too if you want to know how the information goes back and forth between the staff and the seiyuus during a one year long production like this. You’ll also get info on how they chose the seiyuus for the 7 main characters and their auditions etc. This is very important for people wanting to become seiyuus. There’s a lot of young seiyuus who may have managed to find an agency, but still have a hard time becoming more popular. Starting up is always really hard in this domain. You’ll be able to get precise advice and testimonies about what you should improve and work on. Of course your acting skills are important, but you also need to be able to get a good grasp of the script and materials you read. You need to be able to ask yourself “What kind of character do I want to play, to make?”

Director said congratulations to Asumi Kana for her marriage and also joked using Hiro’s line in episode 26 (when seeing Ito and Kouji kissing) by saying “With this, her acting will get even more polished.”

Masuda Toshiki(Kazuki’s seiyuu) tweeted about how he found a secret in the 4th OP and how you’ll never notice it unless you recorded it and watch it over and over again. I wonder what it is. EDIT: I think he meant how “Pretty Rhythm Rainbow Live” displays for a split second when the colors merge.

prad3 duo collection single limited edition cover

The special cover for the Pretty Rhythm Rainbow Live Duo Collection single was revealed. Like I already wrote in my previous posts, release date is 2/19. Remember that you’ll only get this cover if you order the limited edition on this site. (Come to think of it I never read the conditions etc of Animu-mo, in fact I didn’t know about this shop before I started reading these tweets so maybe they don’t even ship outside Japan).

Btw did I ever mention the director often retweets stuff from an account called Homobot? It’s a bot twitter account tweeting gay lines. Like, “love between two guys without sex is what we also call friendship”. He’s pretty aware of how gay Pretty Rhythm is sometimes. I’m not a supporter of homosexuality but the gay subtext in Pretty Rhythm is always hilarious.

Stuff character designer Odeco drew this week:

prad3 after ep 41 odecoprad3 after ep 41 odeco beru naruprad3 odeco jin

Stuff he retweeted:

prad3 naru artist キダニエル


Prizmmy was in India.

Lastly, CG director tweeted about how he “Still can’t imagine how 3D Kouji looks like…” Someone replied to him that Hiro would say “The one who can imagine Kouji the most, IS ME HAYAMI HIROOOO” Laughed so much.
Also he’s sad that there’s not a single theater planning to screen the Pretty Rhythm movie in Niigata Prefecture (Maybe that’s where he’s from?)

3 thoughts on “Pretty Rhythm Rainbow Live – 41

  1. Holly

    DID ANYONE NOTICE THAT LIKE IN 0:05, they show the stained glass windows, and they have MARs and the other groups in them. you have to look REALLY closely!

      1. Holly

        I think it’s pretty cool. I’m kind of upset that the real reason I look at all the pretty rhythm shows is for the romance. And the jumps. (cause the whole ‘I’m gonna do more jump chains that you can!’ is really interesting. and funny to laugh at) HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH. Not to mention the fact on ALL the drama that goes on. Honestly, I could write a series on it. It’ll start with, ‘In the first episode of Aurora Dream, Aira is… KISSED ON THE FOREHEAD BY SHOU!!! WHAT THE HECK???!!!’
        Sorry. Spazzed out there. Awkward. I’ll just leave now.

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